10 Best Matches Of Bautista's Career, Ranked

The Animal, Bautista, made the decision to hang up his boots earlier this year after facing Triple H at WrestleMania 35, leaving behind an incredible legacy. As a future Hall Of Famer, Bautista managed to achieve everything there is to do in WWE.

From title victories to memorable feuds and PPV main events, he managed to do it all. Even though Bautista was never talked about in the same breath as Shawn Michaels or a Bret Hart for his in-ring abilities, he still put on several great bouts.

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Bautista was always impressive inside the ring, using his power and strength to his advantage to put on superb matches. With that in mind, in this list, we will look back and rank the 10 greatest matches of Bautista's career.

10 Vs. Rey Mysterio (Survivor Series 2009)

We kickstart this list with an epic match from Survivor Series 2009 where Bautista took on his former friend, Rey Mysterio. The two men who had once been a tag team showed no love for each other in this match, though.

With the classic big man vs. little man storyline being at play, they showed their fantastic in-ring chemistry together. With the Animal using his power to brutal effect, he was able to dominate his smaller opponent.

Of course, Mysterio always has an answer for situations like that, and his speed and agility was his advantage. Their styles blended incredibly well, and they put on a fantastic match that is one of the best of Bautista's career.

9 Vs. Triple H (WrestleMania 35)

Sure, it might have been a little bit too long, and the live crowd was tired, but that doesn't stop this match being a lot of fun. If you go back and view it with fresh eyes, you will find that it is actually a brilliant bout between two legends.

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Everyone knew going into it that this was going to be Bautista's last match, and he certainly ensured he went out with a bang. Utilizing the stipulation at play, the two men took some brutal bumps to say they had already achieved everything in their careers.

Bautista went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure his final match was memorable, and that is something that deserves a lot of respect.

8 Vs. Eddie Guerrero (No Mercy 2005)

In what would prove to be Eddie Guerrero's final PPV match, he and Bautista put on a clinic. With Eddie going out with a bang and Bautista proving that he was a main event player that could hang with the very best.

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Two former friends colliding for the World Heavyweight Championship always creates a great story, and all they had to do was live up to it in the ring. Of course, everyone knows Eddie was a genius, but Bautista really showed his abilities here.

With Eddie bumping and selling like crazy to make the Animal look great, Bautista certainly kept up and played his part. It is just a shame the feud couldn't carry on, as future matches would only have gotten better between them.

7 Vs. The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, & CM Punk (Bragging Rights 2009)

Fatal four-way matches are not easy to get right. There are lots of different factors to consider, and it isn't always easy to get it right, but with four very experienced main event stars, this match proved it to be possible.

Four popular wrestlers, all who had different in-ring abilities mixing it up in the ring, created a very fun match. They kept the pace high and the action furious, making for an unpredictable match.

Not only was the match fantastic, but the post-match heel turn from Bautista was certainly a shock. Destroying his friend, Rey Mysterio, the Animal showed he was ready to unleash a new side of himself.

6 Vs Shawn Michaels (One Night Stand 2008)

After Shawn Michaels retired Ric Flair, WWE continued the storyline with Bautista and Chris Jericho starting to get involved. The Animal would question why Michaels got the win, and the two started a bitter feud against each other.

After HBK had faked a knee injury to beat him at Backlash, the two men competed in a stretcher match at the following PPV. Taking the brutality to the next level, the two men showed their clear distaste for each other.

Bautista always worked well in gimmick matches like this. Being able to show his aggression and anger with weapons, the Animal has always been able to work well, and going against HBK; it was always going to be fantastic.

5 Vs. Triple H (Vengeance 2005)

There is a reason that Bautista wanted to end his career against Triple H, because the Game was the man who helped him reach the main event scene. The feud between them was an intense one and was always incredibly exciting.

After the two men continued to get in each other's way, they finally met inside Hell in a Cell to settle their feud once and for all. It's fair to say that they did not hold back either as the two men beat the hell out of each other.

With chains, steel chairs wrapped in barbed wire, and of course a sledgehammer, the match had it all. In the end, it was a Bautista Bomb that got the job done, with Triple H being unable to wrestle for four months afterward due to the brutality.

4 Vs. Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan (WrestleMania 30)

While the majority of matches on this list were Bautista's crowning moments throughout his career, this match was very much Daniel Bryan's. However, the reason that the moment was so spectacular was because of the amazing work Bautista and Randy Orton put in.

The two men worked brilliantly as heels in this match, trying to do everything they possibly could to stop Bryan achieving his dream. After their singles match was hijacked by Bryan, their frustrations were clear to see in the match.

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They did a brilliant job at trying to beat Bryan down, and that only made his comeback more impressive. While Bautista and Orton did come close to winning, this was always Bryan's time to shine, but it was still a fantastic triple threat match.

3 Evolution vs. The Shield (Payback 2014)

After losing in the WrestleMania main event, Bautista didn't walk away just yet. Instead, he reunited Evolution with Randy Orton and Triple H, and the trio feuded against the current top faction in WWE, The Shield.

The six men eventually came to blows at Payback in 2014 in a bid to prove which faction was the greatest. The past meeting the present in an amazing six-man no holds barred match.

While Bautista wasn't the sole focus of this match, he certainly played his part. The Animal had really found his groove at this point in his return run, and that allowed him to really put in a fantastic performance.

2 Vs The Undertaker (WrestleMania 23)

When it comes to The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak, people are quick to jump to Shawn Michaels or CM Punk as his greatest opponent. However, the Deadman's match against Bautista is a real sleeper hit.

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It is truly underappreciated in conversations about the streak as it is one of 'Taker's greatest bouts. Undertaker challenged the Animal after winning the Royal Rumble, and because of how strong WWE booked Bautista, he felt like a genuine threat to the streak.

Hitting a spear right from the bell, fans were immediately forced to take notice. The Animal would dominate much of the match, and there were times it really seemed like he was going to get the job done, only for Undertaker to sneak on through once again.

1 Vs. John Cena (Extreme Rules 2010)

John Cena was one of Bautista's greatest ever rivals, and towards the end of Bautista's original run with the company, it came to a boiling point. Competing in a last man standing match, the two men destroyed each other in the main event.

Competing for the WWE Championship, Bautista and Cena proved just how good that they were with a terrific match. Utilizing plenty of weapons, neither man could keep each other down for the 10 count.

That was until Cena ended up duct taping Bautista's feet to the ring post, giving him no chance to get up. It was a unique finish to a very fun match that was the greatest of Bautista career.

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