The 10 Most Emotional Moments In Wrestling Of The Decade

Wrestling is full of ups and downs, it has amazing and unforgettable moments that have fans smiling and laughing, but it also has moments that will make you cry. At times, the sport can be incredibly sad, mainly because of the drama involved in the sport.

While those tear-jerking moments often come from retirements, there won't be any included in this list as we have a dedicated one just for that (Which you can read here), but there have been plenty of other moments this decade that upset fans.

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Sometimes, WWE does things knowing it will get a certain emotion, and other times, life just dictates it. So, get your tissues at the ready because it's time to relive the decades most emotional moments in wrestling.

10 Ultimate Warrior Passes Away

The death of the Ultimate Warrior is one of the most emotional moments to have taken place in wrestling this decade. One of the greatest of all time and extremely popular, his passing was a moment that left many fans heartbroken.

Anytime a legendary wrestler dies, it is an unbelievably sad moment, but the timing of Ultimate Warrior's death made it even more emotional. Having just returned to the WWE world, nobody expected this to happen.

Just a few days prior, Ultimate Warrior was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame and made his return to Raw to give an incredible emotional promo. And looking back at what he said only hits home more with his passing.

9 Daniel Bryan Returns

We didn't say every emotional moment had to be a sad one, did we? Because Daniel Bryan announcing his return to wrestling was certainly one of the most emotional moments of this decade.

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After having to retire in his prime as WWE's most popular wrestler, nobody expected to ever see him lace up the boots again. However, when Bryan headed out and revealed he would be returning, nobody could believe it.

Bryan was clearly incredibly emotional about it, and the WWE Universe felt it as well. The fans had been through the ups and downs with Bryan, and to finally see this moment happen was an unforgettable one.

8 Connor The Crusher

Speaking of Daniel Bryan, he had a large role in Connor The Crusher's introduction to WWE as well. Connor's story was so unbelievably heartbreaking that the entire WWE Universe just took him in and made him a superstar.

WWE treated Connor and his family with such kindness and warmth that it was impossible for the story not to pull on your heartstrings. But his passing was one that rocked the wrestling world.

The emotional video packages that WWE would create left fans in floods of tears as the world remembered his bravery. Thankfully, WWE went ahead and launched a charity in his honor to ensure he will never be forgotten.

7 Roman Reigns Battles Leukemia

Even though the WWE Universe liked to boo Roman Reigns because of his booking, that doesn't mean the fans don't respect him. That much was clear when the Big Dog made the heartbreaking announcement that he had Leukemia.

Breaking down his character and speaking as himself, Roman cut an unbelievable promo as he revealed his situation to the world. The bravery he showed in opening up to the world and being honest deserves huge respect, and it certainly brought the tears.

With Roman standing tall with the rest of The Shield to end the moment, as all three were emotional, the WWE Universe broke down.

6 Jake Roberts' HOF Speech

WWE Hall Of Fame speeches can be incredibly emotional as fans remember the good times from the wrestler speaking as they also recap their careers. However, the most impassioned speech of this decade came from Jake 'The Snake' Roberts.

One of the all-time greats, Roberts is someone who deserved to go in but had a lot of personal problems in years since retiring. However, he was incredibly open and honest and dived into all of his issues and spoke from the heart.

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It was impossible not to get emotional listening to him speak, as it was clear just how much the moment meant to him. It was a truly happy moment that he really worked hard to achieve, and it was amazing to see it happen.

5 Chyna's Passing/HOF Induction

Considering WWE promotes the women's evolution so heavily, it is a real shame that the company hasn't given much credit to Chyna. One of the greatest women's wrestlers of all time, she stopped being mentioned due to the decisions she made in her personal life.

It meant she never got to return or appear and wasn't mentioned until she sadly passed away. Her death came as a huge surprise, especially because she was so young when it happened.

However, this decade also provided a positive emotional moment in regards to Chyna as she was finally inducted into the Hall Of Fame. It might have come via DX, but hearing the group talk about her during the induction was an upsetting, but happy moment.

4 WWE Evolution

One PPV creating an emotional moment seems strange, but the Evolution PPV really did do just that. It was a truly defining moment for women's wrestling, and it was clear from that point that they had really made a mark.

Seeing how much women's wrestling has grown over this decade has been amazing to see, and having an exclusive PPV really was the icing on the cake. Not only was it a great moment, but the women put on a tremendous show to really make the most of it.

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Seeing the roster stand at the top of the ramp was a truly emotional moment for any wrestling fan. Knowing that they were inspiring a generation of young girls makes it even more emotional as well.

3 The Streak...Is Over

Seeing grown men cry over a wrestling result is something that is very rare in this business. It takes a special kind of talent and a special kind of story to make it happen, but at WrestleMania 30 those two combined.

When The Undertaker faced Brock Lesnar fans were expecting a solid match that would have some near falls and ultimately end in a Tombstone Piledriver. That was the routine for Undertaker at WrestleMania, but WWE had other plans.

With the Beast ending the undefeated streak, fans didn't quite know what to do. You could hear the shocked gasps of fans in the audience and the emotion was clear to see as nobody could believe what had happened.

2 Daniel Bryan Achieves The Dream

Speaking of WrestleMania 30, the show was a true rollercoaster of emotions. While fans were heartbroken about The Undertaker one moment, the next saw pure joy as Daniel Bryan achieved the ultimate dream.

Just as Chris Benoit had done a decade earlier, Bryan overcame the odds to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of the show. With confetti flying and the world chanting YES, this provided one of the most emotional moments of all time in WWE.

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Thankfully, it was a positive emotion. Fans were literally crying at seeing Bryan finally achieve his dream, and rightfully so. Seeing one of wrestlings genuine good guys get his moment in the sun was truly fantastic.

1 The American Dream

The most emotional moment involving wrestling this decade has to be the unfortunate passing of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. One of the greatest of all time and one of the most popular wrestlers ever, the world was left stunned at his passing.

There aren't enough good things to say about the Dream and the huge impact he has had on the business. But the outpouring of love that was shown following this moment clearly highlights how respected he was.

Dusty had such passion for the business and had an amazing legacy that everyone was heartbroken. Fans and those in the industry themselves were just left stunned as the world remembered one of the true greats.

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