Wrestling Fans Decide That Michael Cole is Dead!

Wikipedia has become a great tool for high school science fair projects and proving your point about which round a player was drafted in. However, it's not an overly reliable source for information as anyone and their dog can go edit the pages. This has led to a variety of hilarious instances where agitated or clever fans have altered the pages of sports personalities for humorous results. Actually, we have an entire list of those instances here at TheSportster, which you can see here.

This time, the WWE Universe has altered the Wikipedia page of Michael Cole to recognize him as deceased (it has since been fixed). They decided that after Brock Lesnar broke him in half at Raw on Monday, Michael Cole had died from the beating. In case some of you are worried, Michael Cole is fine and this was all a harmless prank.

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Wrestling Fans Decide That Michael Cole is Dead!