Wrestling Homewreckers: 10 Mistresses We REALLY Don't Like (And 5 We Can Forgive)

The wrestling industry may be packed with wrestlers portraying unique gimmicks to entertaining the fans, but these larger-than-life characters are actually very normal people in real life, who usually settle down to live a normal life with their family when the curtains are closed. WWE wrestlers may be especially lavished with fame and fortune because of the magnitude of the company, but most of them love to enjoy some peace with their wives and children in the little personal time they get.

While most of the wrestlers live a quiet, personal life when they are not having to perform in the squared circle, there have been some wrestling relationships which have been rocked due to wrestlers cheating on their spouses. Many wrestlers can't contain themselves from being seduced by WWE divas despite being committed to someone else and many relationships have broken because of this.

There are some wrestling mistresses which fans absolutely hate because how terribly they destroyed the happy lives of a family, but there are certain ones people can sympathize with. Wrestling mistresses are quite rightly frowned upon by the public, considering their role in destroying happy couples, but there are certain ones we can forgive.

15 Hate: Karen Jarrett

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Karen Jarrett will probably be remembered by TNA fans because of how much she played a role in the big Jeff Jarrett-Kurt Angle feud a few years ago and sided with Jeff. She was originally Karen Angle and the wife of Kurt Angle prior to her tying the knot with Jeff Jarrett. The way she left the Olympic Gold Medalist after 10 years of marriage is nothing short of cruel. She apparently started having an affair with Jeff behind Kurt's back after Jarrett's first wife passed away because of cancer, with rumors even stating that she kissed him during the funeral. While we can't confirm that, Karen did leave Angle in a very vulnerable state when he was struggling with his addiction problems and surgeries and made herself a much-hated person in general by choosing Jeff over Kurt.

14 Hate: Terri Runnels

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Terri Runnels was quite the looker in the WWE during the Attitude Era as she gained popularity as the valet of Goldust, with the two making quite the bizarre couple during the 90s. She was also the wife of Dustin Runnels who portrayed Goldust in the ring, but they broke up in WWE a few years after their angle started. Runnels became a part of Pretty Mean Sisters with Jacqueline and had Meat (aka Shawn Stasiak) as their "slave". But what began as a kayfabe angle soon turned real, as Terri cheated on Goldust by having an affair with Stasiak. This would even spark allegations from Dusty Rhodes blaming Terri for being a "gold-digger". She also allegedly cheated on him with two doctors, showing how much of a promiscuous woman she was at the time.


13 Forgive: Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis may have returned as a happily married woman to SmackDown with husband Mike Kanellis, but she wasn't committed to anyone during her initial stint in the WWE. Maria was also quite the hottie back then and this was obviously noticed not only by the fans, but also by the wrestlers as well. A certain John Cena found a liking to her back then and the two apparently had a fling at the end of Maria's WWE stint, when John was married to his first wife Elizabeth. While having a fling with a married man is never good, one can sympathize with Maria because it was probably John (who is quite the known ladies man) who pressed her to fool around with him. Maria seems to be a very family-oriented woman in real life who wouldn't want to break up any relationships, so one can forgive her for it.

12 Hate: Victoria

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Victoria may have been a rather crazy wrestler in the WWE, but when the curtain was closed, she was an adventurous woman in real life. Before she arrived at the WWE and became a force to be reckoned with in their Women's Division, Victoria had a fling with a very young John Cena when she was still married! Victoria herself admitted having dated Cena for a few months when she was married to husband Lee for almost a decade! Although Lee would give a blind eye to this and would keep their marriage stable until they finally broke it off in 2015, Victoria was quite the cruel woman to be cheating on her husband at the time and attained quite the bad reputation for herself by doing so.

11 Hate: Melina

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Melina may have been a stunning diva back in the Ruthless Aggression Era, but she was a very controversial wrestler in the back because of her arrogant personality. Melina was the real-life girlfriend of John Morrison at the time when she started to have an affair with Batista, who was married to his second wife at the time. Her fling with Batista was apparently a well-known one in WWE as the company even created an angle because of it. Melina is quite the terrible person for actually having the affair with Batista who was still married to a woman battling cancer. She also cruelly cheated on John Morrison who helped her gain popularity in the WWE with their stint as part of MNM, as this affair proves why Melina was such a hated figure in the locker room a few years ago.

10 Forgive: Beth Phoenix

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Beth Phoenix rightfully earned the nickname of "Glamazon" back in the day, as she not only looked really beautiful but was a dominating wrestler as well. Beth would plow through most of her opposition and made quite the impact in WWE. But while she was doing amazingly well in the ring, she made certain mistakes outside it as there are rumors that Beth had a short fling with the married John Cena back in the day. She was probably herself married to her first husband Joey at the time, but they were almost close to confirming their divorce and were separated. Beth was probably seduced into the fling by the womanizer Cena himself, as it was a rather short one before she started settling down with Edge. Beth seems like a really nice woman and can be forgiven for that mistake with Cena.

9 Hate: Jojo

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Jojo may be the sweet voice who has been the main ring announcer for the WWE for the past few years, but she doesn't seem like the most innocent of ladies in real life. Jojo seemed like a nice girl to everyone before shocking news came out this year that she and Bray Wyatt were having an affair, which was discovered by Wyatt's wife Samantha. Nobody really expected this from family-man Bray and many were stunned by it, with their divorce being especially ugly. Jojo may have seemed like an innocent lady to many, but this affair proved otherwise as she seduced Bray (who is much older than her) and destroyed his happy family with the affair. She actually turned out to be a wicked lady whose reputation was ruined by this revelation and one can never forgive her for this heinous act.

8 Hate: Dawn Marie

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Dawn Marie was brought in by the WWE to be this exotic, raunchy character who had a rather controversial feud with Torrie Wilson, where she married her dad and killed him in the honeymoon after rigorous bedroom activity (kayfabe). But Marie had the looks to woo anyone and was used by WWE as such, but it seems she was also naughty like her character in real life as well. Marie had an affair with Kurt Angle during the time when she was on Smackdown reprising her raunchy role, as Kurt was already a married guy back then. Not only this, but she also cheated on her boyfriend Simon Diamond during the time. Marie herself admitted to this affair in an interview, as she has no shame for cheating, and will be disliked by many fans because of that.

7 Forgive: Paige

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Paige has been in the middle of much controversy this year with her private photos being leaked on the internet to a possible fight with Alberto Del Rio also being reported and despite all this, she's still quite obsessed with him. Paige fell madly in love with Del Rio last year when both were in WWE and has been with him ever since, as this love is something not many fans have been able to figure out. Paige seems like a fun woman who never intended any harm when she started to date Del Rio, who was technically still married to another woman. The Mexican Superstar had dated Charlotte before Paige also, so one can sympathize with Paige who was probably aroused by Del Rio himself. She didn't look like she wanted to intentionally harm Del Rio's already broken marriage, so one can probably forgive her for her actions.

6 Hate: Sunny

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Sunny was probably the hottest thing about the pre-Attitude Era WWE and it wasn't always for the right reasons! Sunny initially started to gain attention as the manager of The Bodydonnas, later also managing The Godwinns and Farooq as well. But while she was pretty popular for her looks amongst the fans, she was a controversial figure backstage because of her arrogance and promiscuous behavior. She was the long-time girlfriend of Chris Candido when she decided to cheat on him with Shawn Michaels. This was at a time when both were working for WWE together and everyone, including Candido, knew about the affair! Candido was a very good person and his love for Sunny didn't allow him break up with her and by cheating on the poor man to get more backstage influence, Sunny proved why she was hated by so many people back then.

5 Hate: Zahra Schreiber

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Zahra Schreiber was a name which almost destroyed Seth Rollins back in 2014 when the shocking revelations of him having an affair with the NXT trainee made the rounds on social media. Rollins' fiancee at the time, Leighla Schultz, posted private pictures of Zahra and Rollins on The Man's social media accounts to embarrass him. But if we think realistically, Schultz was definitely the victim in this case as her relationship with Rollins was screwed over by Schreiber. Zahra even looked like an evil lady with her tattoos and dark past which got her fired from the WWE, as she almost ruined Rollins' reputation at the time. Thankfully he has moved on from her and is more cautious in his choice of dates after that disaster, as Zahra will remain a hated individual because of how she terribly broke off a happy relationship.

4 Forgive: Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool was a terrific diva for the WWE as she not only played her gimmicks really well but also produced amazing matches and held her position as one of the top divas in WWE during her stint. While McCool may have been an arrogant heel for a major portion of her time in WWE, she seemed like a very good woman in real life and stunned many when it was known that she was having a fling with The Undertaker. Apparently, she was having an affair with The Undertaker when he was still legally married, but one can sympathize with her knowing the situation. She only dated the Undertaker once he started finalizing the divorce with his ex-wife Sara and the two dated for almost three years before marrying in 2010. So McCool didn't have any part in breaking his already broken marriage, enabling one to forgive her for it.

3 Hate: Lita

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Lita will always be remembered as one of the major ladies responsible for the rise of Women's Wrestling in the WWE during the early 2000s, with her amazing work in the ring inspiring many divas to step foot in the squared circle. Lita was a superb wrestler who started out as part of Team Extreme with Matt and Jeff Hardy, as she and Matt also became very close soon. They were a couple for a long time before it was discovered that Lita was cheating on Matt(who was injured at the time) with Edge. This may have sparked a "real" feud and sky-rocketed herself and Edge to the top, but one can never forgive Lita for what she did to Matt. She betrayed him by cruelly cheating on him with another friend in Edge and fans still hate her for that heinous action of her past.


2 Hate: Mickie James

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Mickie James is adored by many wrestling fans because of her amazing wrestling skills and how good she has been in the squared circle for the past decade or so. The multiple-time Women's Champion is an inspiration for many because of her in-ring skills, but outside of that, she's not much of an idol. Mickie was dating Kenny Dykstra of the Spirit Squad in 2007 when she suddenly fell in love with John Cena and started dating him. She cheated on Kenny with Cena for some-time before breaking up with him and was nonchalant about it as well. Kenny spoke about how complaining about it eventually got him fired from WWE, while James was having fun with the "Face of the WWE". What she did to Kenny was absolutely terrible and will always be hated for that, as Karma would bite Mickie back later on when Cena dumped her.

1 Forgive: AJ Lee

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AJ Lee proved herself to be one of the best female wrestlers in the WWE during her final years in the company where she was rightfully pushed as a top star in the WWE. While she may have left quite the legacy, AJ was at first only involved in romantic angles with many superstars because of her kinky gimmick. One of those superstars included CM Punk, with whom she had a romantic angle as well. But this turned special as AJ and Punk would start dating in real life, as it started when Punk was still in a relationship with Lita! But Lee has implied that Punk was really into her and started the relationship, so one can forgive AJ for cheating with a committed man, as Lita got a dose of karma for her terrible cheating in the past.

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