10 Wrestling Jobbers Who Actually Won A Big Match

Wrestling jobbers are some of the most memorable characters in WWE history, often failing to pick up victories and being booked to look as ridiculous as possible, they quickly become beloved by fans.

90% of the time, a wrestling jobber is simply booked to take a beating and make whoever they face look great, yet every now and then WWE grants a jobber a big victory which ends up becoming iconic.

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It is never expected for a jobber to actually win a wrestling match, so when it does happen it instantly becomes a memorable moment and helps the jobber become established a little more, and within this article, we will look at 10 times a jobber scored a major victory.

10 PJ Walker

PJ Walker was a WWE enhancement talent who debuted in 1993 and did the job on an almost weekly basis for other wrestlers, helping to establish the top stars in the company by making them look great.

Walker would take one hell of a beating and made everyone he faced look great as he bumped well and sold everything to perfection, but eventually, enough was enough and he managed to score an upset victory.

Walker actually beat I.R.S, despite the fact that the taxman had been dominating the entire match, PJ Walker made the most of a Razor Ramon distraction and earned a win with a schoolboy.

9 Rico

There is a reason that when you think of Rico your mind instantly goes to him being part of Chuck & Billy, and that's because his in-ring career wasn't very successful, with Rico mainly being used as a jobber.

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Rico developed a strong character and he was very good at gimmick work and talking on the microphone, which is why WWE mainly kept him to do just that, with Rico suffering countless defeats inside the ring.

However, Rico did manage to score one major victory in his career, where he managed to defeat the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer, Ric Flair clean in the middle of the ring.

8 Gillberg

Gillberg is a jobber that you are likely very familiar with for his character which WWE used to mock WCWs Goldberg, however, he actually started his WWE career as Duane Gill, where he was a major jobber.

Gill very rarely picked up any victories and was actually a part of the J.O.B Squad, which should tell you everything you need to know about him, yet out of nowhere he actually ended up beating Christian to become the WWE Light Heavyweight Champion.

Gill would then evolve into his Gillberg character which, just like before, resulted in him never picking up any wins, yet at least he had a purpose and became incredibly memorable.

7 The Genius

The Genius may have been the real-life brother of Macho Man Randy Savage, but he certainly wasn't on the same level when it came to the match card, with The Genius at the bottom while Savage was in the main event.

He may have believed he was intellectually greater than everyone, but in the ring, he certainly wasn't, and WWE opted to have him work as a jobber throughout the majority of his career.

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However, every jobber has their day and The Genius' came against the legendary, Hulk Hogan, with The Genius defeating the Hulkster by count-out after Mr.Perfect nailed him with the WWF Championship on the outside.

6 Maven

Coming out of Tough Enough, people weren't exactly sure what to expect from Maven in WWE, but it quickly became clear he was going to be an underdog and it's fair to say he didn't achieve much in the end.

However, he did manage to score an incredible victory against The Undertaker where he not only beat the WWE legend but he also managed to become the Hardcore Champion in the process.

His victory was a major deal, but people likely remember Maven eliminating Undertaker from the Royal Rumble even more so, making that his crowning achievement.

5 Santino Marella

Sure, Santino Marella would go on to become an established WWE Superstar who had an incredibly long tenure with the company, even if the vast majority of that run saw him fill in comedic spots, losing most matches.

However, for this particular entry, he certainly fits the bill, as Santino was someone who was actually picked from the crowd to compete in an Intercontinental Championship match against the deadly, Umaga.

Of course, Santino was a plant and the whole thing was planned, but the crowd wasn't aware of that which made this upset victory, via an assist from Bobby Lashley, even more impressive.

4 Barry Horowitz

Barry Horowitz is one of the most memorable jobbers of all time, creating a dreadful losing record which was allegedly in the area of 0-300, which certainly earns you a jobber status.

Horowitz, who proudly displayed his Jewish heritage on his ring gear each week, eventually scored a big win against Skip of the Bodydonnas and even went on a little streak of wins until he was taken back down to a jobber level.

Eventually, Horowitz moved on from WWE and joined WCW, however, his luck didn't change as he just transitioned to becoming a jobber for Eric Bischoff's company instead.

3 1-2-3 Kid

The 1-2-3 Kid wasn't really a jobber per-say, after all, he ended up becoming WWE Hall Of Famer, X-Pac, but when he first arrived in WWE, the 1-2-3 Kid wasn't exactly presented as someone who would achieve that honor.

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However, scoring a major victory against an established talent like Razor Ramon helped establish him as a legitimate star, with the Monday Night Raw crowd erupting at the surprise victory.

This is a perfect example of how a win can change things for a jobber, turning them into a legitimate star, which is what happened for Sean Waltman here.

2 Brooklyn Brawler

The Brooklyn Brawler is another name who managed to become incredibly successful through purely just being a jobber, with the New Yorker being someone who everyone still remembers today.

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However trying to remember the Brawler actually winning any matches is quite a difficult thing to do, yet he did manage to score one massive victory as he pinned the WWE Champion, Triple H.

The pinfall came in a handicap match with fellow jobbers Taka Michinoku and Funaki by his side, and clearly his dedication to being a jobber worked as he ended up being a road agent for the company after retiring.

1 James Ellsworth

In the history of WWE, James Ellsworth will likely be known as the most successful jobber of all time, going from a one-off squash defeat at the hands of Braun Strowman to earning an actual WWE contract.

Nobody expected Ellsworth to become anything memorable in WWE, yet he went on to prove everyone wrong and actually scored several victories over AJ Styles, who was the WWE Champion at the time.

As well as that, Ellsworth controversially won the first-ever Women's Money in the Bank ladder match, etching his place in history as he won the match on behalf of Carmella.

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