Sons Of The Squared Circle: 10 Wrestling Kids Who Look Like Their Dads (And 10 Who Don't)

Some might assume that a family member in the business might be a first class ticket to WWE. That’s an outdated mindset and one that no longer holds true. Take Noelle Foley as a recent example. Although she has the look to thrive and enough fanfare to be a popular hit among WWE audiences, she was brushed aside because of her lack of experience. In the current era, the company might be even harder on a talent with family in the business. Nonetheless, we still see examples of wrestling children thriving. Charlotte Flair is the most obvious current example. Although Ric Flair also had a child that ends up on the other end of the pendulum; David Flair.

In this article, we aren’t talking about success and failures. Instead, we’re looking at wrestlers that resemble their parents and those that do not. In some cases, you won’t even need a name plate to realize who their dad is. The opposite holds true for the other ten that look real different. We will feature wrestling children that are both in and out of the business. Given the way some resemble their parents, fans hope they will decide to join the business just to give us that nostalgia feel.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 10 wrestling kids who look like their dads and 10 who don’t. We will specially look at sons in this article. Let’s get started!

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20 Lookalike: Blade Hart – Bret Hart

via Instagram

The great Bret Hart has four children. However, none resemble Hart more than his son Blade. Given the posts to his Instagram account, he definitely values his father’s past in the wrestling business. For the time being, there are no signs of Blade joining the business but just imagine the stir it what cause if he decided to switch fields?

Nonetheless, for now, he isn’t taking that route and isntead he's paying homage to his dad’s career via the likes of Twitter. Given all his Hart family tributes, maybe he will be inspired enough to join the business.

19 Doesn't Look Like Dad: David Flair – Ric Flair

via Twitter

Back in David Flair's WCW days, you could have compared these two, especially given David’s blonde head of hair similar to his father. However, nowadays, the opposite holds true as the two don’t look very much alike.

A lot of that has to do with David leaving the business completely. Although he enjoyed some success with WCW, his talent was nowhere near the accolades his father accomplished with WCW. After a brief indie run, David left the business for good to run his own business producing copper and steal (for other companies).

18 Lookalike: Ajay Jones – AJ Styles

via Instagram

When he’s off the road, AJ Styles is a busy family man, taking care of four children. One of them goes by the name of Ajay Covell Jones. Believe it or not, his middle name is actually a tribute to Christopher Daniels, AJ’s former partner and real-life best buddy.

He even has his dad’s first name – not to mention they share a similar head of hair. Like Styles, Ajay is quite the athlete, winning a performance award in softball. Maybe one day he will convert those skills inside of the squared circle but in truth, he will have big shoes to fill given his dad’s tremendous legacy that’s still ongoing.

17 Doesn't Look Like Dad: Bray Wyatt – IRS

via Instagram

The Rotunda family is all about the wrestling business. Mike Rotunda made a name for himself under the gimmick of IRS back in the day. His father-in-law also thrived in the earlier generations. Of course, we’re talking about the great Blackjack Mulligan.

The family history only expanded with both Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas joining WWE. Bray and Bo’s sister Mika also works behind the scenes. They all resemble one another except for Bray Wyatt, who looks like his own person given the bearded look. We can associate Wyatt more as Duck Dynasty-like character than a member of the Rotunda family.

16 Lookalike: Brian Pillman Jr. - Brian Pillman

via Instagram

The wrestling world lost Brian Pillman far too early. There’s a reason he earned the first guaranteed contract in the business. McMahon himself saw the value in Pillman both as an in-ring performer and class promo artist.

Given such a legacy, his son Brian Pillman Jr. plans on walking in the same footsteps as his dad. The surreal part is not only does he have the same name, but he also rocks the same mullet as his father. Trained by Lance Storm, the 25 year old continues to earn his stripes out on the indie scene with the likes of Major League Wrestling. Maybe in a couple of years down the road, he will join NXT or AEW.

15 Doesn't Look Like Dad: Dominic Gutierrez – Rey Mysterio

via Instagram

Oh, how time goes by so quickly. It seems like yesterday that Rey Mysterio’s son was sitting ringside barely making it over the barricade. These days, not only does he tower over that same barricade but he’s also stepping in the ring as a talent. According to Last Word On Pro Wrestling, Dominic started his training with Lance Storm in the fall.

He has a different skill-set compared to his dad and that’s obvious given the size difference between these two. Rey’s son already towers over him and we can expect that trend to continue in the next couple of years.

14 Lookalike: Randy Orton – Bob Orton

via WWE

At a young age, Randy Orton was heavily discouraged from join the wrestling business. Given the travel aspect, Bob Orton wanted his son to find work elsewhere. However, it’s a good thing Bob reconsidered as Randy would become a mammoth star in the business. He was made for pro wrestling. Everything he does in that ring seems so easy and flawless, and the same holds true today as he inches towards his 40s.

Clearly, Randy resembles his father Bob. Although they look similar, they endured different careers with Randy getting the major success while Bob served as a prominent mid-card heel act.

13 Doesn't Look Like Dad: Nick Hogan Hulk Hogan

via Page Six

Nearing his 30s, we would expect Nick Hogan to rock a similar bandana or at least goatee like his father. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth as Nick sports a totally different look. His interests also aren’t wrestling related. Hogan has a passion for cars along with electronic music, serving as a DJ these days.

Hulk Hogan knows a thing or two about music himself. Prior to his pro wrestling career, Hogan was a prominent band member of Ruckus, a local group in the Tampa area.

12 Lookalike: Bronson Rechsteiner – Rick Steiner

via Instagram

During the early '90s, it was hard to find a tag team better than The Steiner Brothers. Both Rick and Scott used an innovative style, one well advanced for back in the day. Scott in particular would enjoy even more success years later with World Championship Wrestling.

Given their superior genetics, maybe Rick's son Bronson joins the family business stepping in the ring. He definitely has the look, resembling both his dad and uncle. However for the time being, he’s enjoying playing football at the university level with Kennesaw State.

11 Doesn't Look Like Dad: Mick Foley – Dewey Foley

via YouTube

Unlike his dad, Dewey Foley doesn’t really look like someone that plans on jumping of a cell or landing on thumb tacks. Instead, he looks pretty clean cut and someone that might work in an office. Again, unlike his dad who travelled the world as a hardcore wrestler for years.

The look certainly backs up his current role. Dewey is a part of WWE, working at the head office as a writer’s assistant. His goal is to make it as an actual writer with the company, one of the most stressful positions in truth. Nonetheless, Mick is nothing but proud of his son as evidenced by Holy Foley.

10 Lookalike: Steve Borden Jr. – Sting

via Instagram

Surely, both WWE and Sting’s greatest regret is not forming a relationship earlier. Sting joined in the twilight of his career. WWE fans didn’t get to witness Sting during his prime which is a darn shame. Just think of the dream matches we could have witnessed.

His son, Steven Borden Jr. can definitely continue to pass the torch and heck, even thrive with WWE. We’re only saying this based off his look. Borden Jr. looks eerily similar to his dad and that might be even truer with some face paint. Given his background in football, he already has some of the athletic requirements.

9 Doesn't Look Like Dad: Curtis Axel – Mr. Perfect

via Wikipedia

It is such a hard task to replicate the success of a family member, let alone when it’s your dad. This can lead to unfair comparisons, something Curtis Axel dealt with at the beginning of his career.

Not only did Axel look different from his dad but he also has a different skill-set. Curt Hennig, was polished in the ring while Axel maintained a brawler style, which really isn’t bad either. If you’re looking for a similar looking sibling, Amy Hennig resembles her late father a lot more.

8 Lookalike: Terrell and Terrence Hughes – D-Von Dudley

via Wrestling Inc

Together they are known as TNT. However, wrestling fans might associate these two as the second coming of The Dudley Boyz. Although D-Von is done with the ring and Bubba Ray won’t wrestle in a WWE ring again, these two might carry the torch in the future.

Both D-Von’s kids resemble their dad and they also move in a similar manner inside of the squared circle. With the Tag Team Division booming in both NXT and NXT:UK, it is a great time to make a push at the division.

7 Doesn't Look Like Dad: David Finlay - Fit Finlay

via Instagram

Fit Finlay has to be one of the most underrated talents of all-time. Had he been with WWE nowadays, perhaps he might be holding the UK Championship. His style seems to be a trend nowadays with UK performers like Pete Dunne emulating that skill-set. No doubt, he’s smiling from ear-to-ear looking at the success of brawling, no nonsense talents these days.

He’s also proud for another reason, his son David Finlay. Although they look nothing alike visually, David is honoring the family legacy as a wrestler with New Japan. No doubt he will join AEW or NXT in the next couple of years (although staying in New Japan isn’t a bad gig).

6 Lookalike: David Benoit - Chris Benoit

via Twitter

Without even knowing his name most would be able to recognize David Benoit as that son of Chris Benoit, that’s how similar he looks to his late dad. Now David isn’t in the business but he is a major fan. Just most recently, he was re-tweeting out of excitement for Chris Jericho’s signing with AEW. Jericho also gave David a few shout outs in the past.

Under different circumstances, maybe David would have entered the business as a talent given his love and passion for the industry.

5 Doesn't Look Like Dad: Garett Bischoff – Eric Bischoff

via Instagram

TNA was in a weird place back in 2012. Aces & Eights dominated the airwaves while the likes of Garett Bischoff also took part in the faction’s antics. It was a peculiar decision to include Garett especially given his green experience in the business at the time.

Visually, Garett looked a lot different compared to his father, especially in terms of a larger physique. Despite the poor run with TNA, Bischoff continues to keep the dream alive working with lower tier indie promotions.

4 Lookalike: Oje Hart - Owen Hart

via Instagram

During the Hall of Fame, Mark Henry made mention of Oje Hart and his family. Since Own Hart's passing, Martha and her kids have steered clear of WWE. Because of that, Owen hasn’t been remembered as well as he should be. In his HOF speech, Mark pleaded for this to be resolved, wanting Owen to enter the Hall of Fame while Oje can also develop a relationship with the company.

Given his look alone, he could become a WWE star if he wanted to. Let’s hope there’s a light at the end of the tunnel in this situation.

3 Doesn't Look Like Dad: Jake Carter – Vader

via Twitter

In 2018, the wrestling world lost a great talent. Vader was one of the first men to use an innovative style. It wasn’t common back then for a man his size to use the top rope, and in that sense, he is a trailblazer.

His son Jake gave the business a try. He had the look to thrive and one that was the polar opposite to his father. He resembled a pretty boy teaming up with Corey Graves during his developmental run. In 2013, his contract came to an end and so too did his pro wrestling career.

2 Lookalike: Gunner Calaway – The Undertaker

via Instagram

Not only did The Undertaker endure a lengthy career but he also has a lengthy personal life spanning three marriages and four children total. The Undertaker first married in 1989, resulting in a divorce a decade later. The same took place with Sara Frank as the two divorced in 2007.

His son Gunner looks really similar to The Undertaker, especially given his fiery colored hair reminiscent to old school Undertaker back in WCW under a different gimmick. Despite the resemblance, it doesn’t look as though they have much in common. Given his Instagram account, Gunner doesn’t have much interest in the world of wrestling.

1 Doesn't Look Like Dad: Cody Hall – Scott Hall

via Instagram

Cody Hall is blessed with similar genetics as his dad, standing in at a towering 6’10. However, he doesn’t have his dad’s look with the long locks. Cody has his own unique look and feel in that regard.

He has plenty of experience, working the indies since 2012. These days, Hall continues on with Pro Wrestling Noah, still improving on his skills. At the age of 27, we assume he will make a career changing move at some point. ROH, New Japan, AEW and NXT all seem like viable options for the future.

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