Wrestling Legend Vader To Face Nemesis Will Osperay Aug 12th

On Friday August 12th, after tweets and outrage swept over the internet wrestling community, it was announced that Vader would do battle with Will Osperay in a match pretty much no one would have predicted would ever happen for the UK’s Revolution Pro Wrestling.

Following Osperay’s match with Ricochet in the Best Of The Super Juniors, hosted by New Japan Pro Wrestling, which earned a 4 ½ star rating in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, controversy arose when Vader stated his distaste for the contest on Twitter, and proclaimed Osperay vs Ricochet to be gymnastics, and was a choreographed routine that was essentially killing the pro wrestling business. Fans have been split on the issue as some people rushed to defend Vader, while others sent him back GIFs of himself doing a moonsault, asking if that killed the business also?

This led to sniping back and forth between Osperay and Vader, and Osperay began doing Vader Bombs in his matches, while opponents kicked out at 1.

Numerous other wrestlers weighed in on the issue, from William Regal to Ricochet to Chris Jericho and others. It seems to be a battle of those who care to preserve the way wrestling was and those who are looking to push the genre forward to places it hasn’t been. What’s ironic is, each subsequent generation tends to experience push back from the one that came before it. This isn’t limited to pro wrestling either, as I could point to how NBA players from the 1990s claimed they would destroy the 2016 Golden State Warriors.

Regardless of what side of the debate you may fall on, welcome to the world of Wrestling in 2016, where tweets turn into matches that people will pay for. What started as a debate, turned into something someone will eventually make money from. Are we being worked? Of course we are, unless Vader shoots on him. Then all bets are off.

Vader can be found hyping the match on his Twitter account @itsvadertime

Scott Hall had the most interesting take on this match thus far.

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Wrestling Legend Vader To Face Nemesis Will Osperay Aug 12th