10 Wrestling Legends That Mick Foley Never Faced

Mick Foley is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, a WWE Hall Of Famer and a firm fan favorite. Having wrestled for WWE, ECW, WCW, and TNA, you would have thought he'd have faced pretty much every legend there was to face.

While Foley's battles with the likes of The Undertaker or Stone Cold are the stuff of legend, there are many major names he actually never squared up against.

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Whether it was due to injuries, timing, or creative decisions, there were many dream Foley matches that fans never actually got to see. So, within this list, we will reveal 10 legends that the Hardcore Legend never actually faced.

10 Chris Jericho

Considering both men worked for the three major promotions of the Attitude Era, you would have thought at some stage they would have collided. However, Chris Jericho and Mick Foley have never competed.

Granted, they weren't always at a company at the same time, the two men did spend a considerable amount of time together in WWE. But when Mick Foley was winding down his career, Jericho started to ramp his up.

Foley even made a joke about this during his WWE Hall Of Fame speech. This led to them having a fake match on the stage so Mick could get a win against him.


Another wrestling legend that Mick Foley has never interacted with inside the ring is Diamond Dallas Page. The two WWE Hall Of Famers have never had a match together, despite both being WCW and WWE stars.

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It's a real shame that these two top babyfaces never collided, as it would certainly have made for a great match. Their in-ring styles would have worked nicely together and because they were so popular, fans would have loved every second

While it might have been hard to create a storyline between these two men due to their popularity, that doesn't mean it couldn't have happened.

8 Jushin Thunder Liger

It seems like nearly every top wrestler has gone one on one with Jushin Thunder Liger at some stage in their careers. Outside of wrestlers who have always been with WWE during their careers.

However, the fact that Mick Foley had spent many years of his career not working for WWE does make it a surprise that they never competed. Liger is one of the all-time greats who has the ability to put on a great match with anybody, and he and Foley would have done just that.

With Foley's popularity in the States and Liger's in Japan, this just feels like one of those dream matches that should have happened, but sadly never did.

7 AJ Styles

You would think considering the run that Mick Foley had with TNA that at some point in time he would have wrestled AJ Styles in a singles match. However, despite Styles being the face of the company, it never came to fruition.

The two men were certainly involved in different angles and storylines together during their time in the company but they didn't go one on one.

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While Foley was way past his best by this point, someone as talented as AJ Styles would have been able to bring a good match out of him. Plus, seeing the two lock-up just once would have been an amazing moment.

6 Dusty Rhodes

The American Dream and the Hardcore Legend could really have done something special against each other. Two of the greatest promo men in the history of the business could have talked anyone into the building to see them wrestle.

While Foley has guest refereed several matches of Dusty's, the two men never actually got into the ring together. With so much personality and charisma, it is a huge shame that it didn't happen.

The build-up to a match between these two legends could have been legendary. But even though their promos would have been superb, the match itself would also have been superb.

5 Goldberg

Clearly, Mick Foley wasn't next, as the Hardcore Legend and Goldberg never locked up inside a wrestling ring. The man who created an incredible undefeated streak in WCW spent the majority of his career with them, while Foley was working for Vince McMahon.

Because the two men spent their time in the opposing camps, they never really got to work against each other. While Goldberg has always been limited inside the ring, the pair could easily have had a great match.

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With Foley being a perfect underdog for any storyline, him facing Goldberg and trying to end that streak would have been an amazing one.

4 Bret Hart

Next on the list is the Hitman, Bret Hart. Another of wrestlings biggest legends who Mick Foley just never got the opportunity to wrestle against for one reason or another.

The main issue for this dream match was similar to that of Goldberg's. The two just didn't share much time together in one locker room for a company to write together a compelling storyline.

Of course, it is shocking that they were never thrown on television against each other. But, because that possible match had such PPV potential, it was likely one that nobody wanted to just give away.

3 Rey Mysterio

What a spectacle this could have been! Seeing Rey Mysterio and any version of Mick Foley go one on one would have been a very special match. Whether it be in ECW, WCW, or WWE, it's a huge shame this never happened.

Just seeing Rey's style blend against Foley's could have created something truly unique as there is nothing quite like either man. As two incredibly popular wrestlers, the fans would also have loved this one.

It makes sense that it didn't happen due to the differences in their careers. With Mysterio spending a lot of his time working cruiserweight only matches and Foley doing the same with hardcore.

2 Shawn Michaels

This one is incredibly surprising as Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and someone who spent a lot of time in the same locker room as Mick Foley.

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Both men played key roles in the Attitude Era's and were both main event stars, yet for some reason, WWE never booked them in a match. WWE could have easily created an interesting match between these two, yet they never bothered.

Michaels has the ability to put on five-star matches with everyone he shared the ring with, so this could have been something very special. Especially when you mix in Foley's storytelling abilities as well.

1 Hulk Hogan

Considering the fact that Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley were both around at the exact same time, having their best years during the same period, it's strange they didn't wrestle. However, that is the case, with this being one dream match that never happened.

However, when Foley was working as a main event star in WWE, Hogan had already jumped ships and was making waves as a heel in the NWO.

There was a high chance of the match finally happening when they were both in TNA as well. With the two men having some of their final matches in Florida, the company just never put them together.

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