5 Wrestlers That Mick Foley Loved (& 5 That He Strongly Disliked)

The Hardcore Legend and WWE Hall Of Famer, Mick Foley, might seem like a crazy man due to his in-ring actions throughout his career, but in reality, he is one of the nicest men in wrestling, with a very soft personality and tons of humor.

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However, even though Foley was always very well-liked behind the scenes, remaining so today with the current crop of talent, that doesn't mean he has always gotten along with everybody.

Given the high amount of personalities behind the scenes, conflict is always inevitable. Within this list, we will take a look at five wrestlers who Mick Foley didn't get along with during his career, as well as five he was very close with.

10 Likes: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Whilst many people instantly think about the two men as legendary WWE Hall Of Famers, the friendship between Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin actually dates back to their time together in WCW.

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The two men ended up following each other to ECW and then WWE, remaining incredibly close throughout their time. This was especially true in WWE, as Foley and Austin began working closely together in main event storylines.

The two men have always gone out of their ways to praise the other during podcast interviews. The wrestlers are also former road buddies.

9 Doesn't Like: Vince McMahon

Not many people like their boss and Mick Foley had that problem for a long period of time during his WWE career. The two men certainly having a love-hate relationship, going from the best of friends to bitter enemies.

There are countless stories about the Hardcore Legend and Vince McMahon having major fallouts, with Foley once screaming at the WWE Chairman after being cursed at during his time on commentary.

Even though the two men have had their difficulties, they have managed to maintain a working relationship, even when things have been tough backstage.

8 Likes: Bret Hart

The Hitman, Bret Hart, may at times come across as a little sour, but Mick Foley has always managed to see past that. The two legends get along very well behind the scenes.

During his career, Foley went above and beyond for Bret, which was something he didn't have to do. In the aftermath of the Montreal Screwjob, many wrestlers threatened to quit in a sign of respect to Bret, yet the only man to do so was Foley.

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Foley's walkout only lasted a day after many other wrestlers talked him out of it, but his actions spoke loudly, with the two men sharing a very close bond ever since.

7 Doesn't Like: Triple H

Mick Foley and Triple H may not hate each other, but the two men are not close friends, with tension backstage being common between them.

There was no doubt that they had incredible chemistry in the ring, and they clearly never let their problems affect their work inside the squared circle; however, the Game was one man that never clicked with Mick Foley.

Foley's own son, Mickey, even went out of his way during a live stream to claim that Triple H hated his father, showing there was clearly an issue between the two celebrated wrestlers.

6 Likes: The Rock

The Rock might be a major Hollywood icon at this point, having burst into the movie industry, but that doesn't mean that he has forgotten where he came from, with Dwayne Johnson always talking about his wrestling career.

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One man who the Rock spent a lot of time with during his career was Mick Foley, with the two men coming together to form the classic Rock 'N' Sock Connection.

While they might not get to spend tons of time together nowadays, Foley and the Rock have always shown respect to each other on social media and try to catch up whenever they happen to be backstage together.

5 Doesn't Like: Eric Bischoff

While Eric Bischoff may not be a wrestler himself, the former WCW boss certainly had enough encounters with the in-ring talent to qualify for a place on this list, especially since he is one of the very few people that Mick Foley doesn't like.

Whenever you are in charge of a person's career, you will run the risk of not being liked by them, and that is exactly what happened with Bischoff and many names throughout his WCW career.

Foley's major issue with Bischoff was when he allowed Tony Schiavone to mock his famous WWF Championship victory. Bischoff claimed that the stunt will "put a lot of butts in seats," which Foley unsurprisingly didn't appreciate.

4 Likes: The Undertaker

The Undertaker may have nearly killed Mick Foley during their classic Hell in a Cell match, but clearly, their friendship was forged in the fire, as the two men have remained incredibly close friends ever since.

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The Undertaker has always been known as a locker room leader, with very few people having anything bad to say about him. That said, few people become genuinely close to the Deadman, with Foley being one of them.

Their closeness was shown recently when WWE pulled The Undertaker out of an advertised UK show with Inside The Ropes, prompting Mick Foley to volunteer to step up and travel to the dates as a replacement.

3 Doesn't Like: Dean Ambrose

Despite the fact that Dean Ambrose was only a developmental talent when Mick Foley first heard of him, the Hardcore Legend put a lot of time into trying to make a match happen with him in WWE.

While Foley clearly saw something in the wrestler, who would end up becoming a huge star, the two men didn't get on straight away, with Ambrose making it clear that he felt Foley had set the bar too hard for talent to reach with his high-risks.

Things then escalated when Ambrose started bringing Foley's family into it, despite the fact that Mick had asked him not to do that. The two men patched things up over time, but they certainly didn't start off on the best terms.

2 Likes: Terry Funk

Mick Foley's closest friend in wrestling is without a doubt, Terry Funk. Foley learned a great deal from the ECW legend.

Funk was the man that Foley requested to induct him into the Hall of Fame, showing just how much he respects him, with the two men always picking each other's brains for creative ideas.

Whilst they might both appear to be totally unhinged on camera, having done some of the craziest things in the history of wrestling, there is no denying that Foley and Funk are both calm and relaxed behind the scenes.

1 Doesn't Like: Ric Flair

While Ric Flair might be a legend, the Nature Boy and Mick Foley have had a very difficult past together, with both men trading personal shots at each other throughout their careers.

The two men were never the best of friends, having very different personalities, but when Mick claimed that Flair was a bad booker in his 1999 book, Have A Nice Day!, the floodgates opened.

The Nature Boy followed back in his own book by describing Foley as a glorified stuntman, which led to a legitimate backstage confrontation between the two men. Thankfully, they managed to make up, but they are certainly not close.

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