10 Wrestling Children WWE Would Never Hire And 10 They Might

Being part of a family within any chosen profession helps get your foot in door. While that kind of nepotism is not always appreciated in normal, everyday civilian jobs, it is a welcome event in the wrestling world. When the sons and daughters of wrestling legends begin their ascent to glory, we fans are happy to tune in and cheer them on. In hopes that they can hold up to their legacies. Sure, for every Charlotte Flair there is a David Flair, but they're both trying to live up to The Nature Boy's legacy. Sure, having a famous parent in the business makes it easier for these wrestlers to get their foot in the door, but it sure makes them much more scrutinized. Just imagine having to live up to the legacy of a Ric Flair. Meanwhile, some wrestlers had parents in the business, but weren't that well known, making it easier for their offsprings to carve their own legacy in the business, without being in the shadow of their parents.

There's a new crop of legacies hopping into the ring seemingly every other day. Some are worthy of following in their parents’ footsteps, some aren't. But they always have the fans’ support and well wishes, hopeful new stars can be born. They're spread all across the world. Not just in the WWE and NXT. But they certainly all have aspirations to make it to the show. With that being said, here are ten wrestling children the WWE likely won't touch with a 10-foot pole, and ten others whom they might consider hiring.

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20 Won't Hire – Teddy Hart

via prowrestling.com

The oldest of Stu Hart’s grandkids trains his cats to wrestle and Vince thinks that felines have no integrity, so how could Teddy Hart ever be signed to a contract? While those two statements are actually true no matter how outlandish they seem, Teddy isn't going to be returning to the WWE anytime soon, if at all.

He was the youngest person to ever receive a WWE developmental contract and got way too much way too soon. Tack on the Ring Of Honor moonsault fiasco, multiple outside-the-ring issues, and general Teddy Hart craziness and you have a recipe for someone never getting hired in WWE - he's too much of a risk of having something ridiculous happening.

19 Might Hire – Brian Pillman Jr.

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Whether it is because he passed away far too soon or if it was because he was that over, Brian Pillman is heralded as one of best high-flyers and one of the shepherds of the Attitude Era all in one. People like to talk about how many transformations The Undertaker has done in his career - Pillman went from white-meat babyface to absolute crazy man.

The Loose Cannon’s only son, Brian Pillman Jr. is currently hellbent on maintaining his father’s legacy while forging his own as well. He’s part of the Hart Foundation on MLW and has had several photo shoots that indicate just how much he looks like his dad. Here’s hoping that he gets to have somewhere near the career his dad has.

18 Won't Hire – Baby Beefcake

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Thanks to the Something To Wrestle With…Bruce Prichard podcast, #BTFFB is a thing. If you know what it means, great. If not, check out their archives. Sadly, it has helped make the guy quasi-relevant again. But from all the rumor and innuendo about the Barber’s antics both during his career and after it, his daughter might not be long for the wrestling world.

While several people on this list will probably not get signed based upon their parentage, Alana “Baby Beefcake” Leslie doesn't seem to be interested in the business anymore. She was training with Jersey Pro, but aside from articles like this keeping her name around, not much has been reported about her. If she isn't interested, then the WWE wouldn't be interested in putting in any effort to sign her.

17 Might Hire – Davey Boy Smith Jr

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When the Hart Dynasty first debuted, they were three green kids. Studs to be sure, but new to the WWE style of doing things. But they persevered and got over based on nostalgia and their own skills sets. Unfortunately, creative decided to break up a good thing and release DH Smith several months later.

However, Smith has done as many gaijin performers have done, as he’s flourished in Japan. He’s also been flourishing without being part of the Bullet Club. Now he’s again part of a Hart group, the Hart Foundation, on MLW TV. At 33 years old, he can easily pull a Drew McIntyre and return to dominate the locker room.

16 Won't Hire – The Dynamite Doll

Michael N. Todaro/WireImage

One of the most influential wrestlers of the past forty years is the Dynamite Kid, Tom Billington. He and Davey Boy Smith innovated the tag team scene. Dynamite himself had amazing matches with Bret Hart in Stampede Wrestling and was one of the first wrestlers to merge various wrestling styles together. Even if wrestlers don't realize their style was influenced by Dynamite, they certainly were.

Billington’s daughter, Bronwyne, aka Dynamite Doll, probably won't be as influential when all is said done. She has been a valet for her husband, Dynamite Dan, on the UK scene for a while now. In the current WWE landscape, there isn't much room for female valets of old, Lana and Zelina Vega notwithstanding. So, unless Dynamite Dan takes off as a real prospect, the chances of seeing the Dynamite Doll in the WWE are slim.

15 Might Hire – Noelle Foley

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Noelle Foley has been the apple of plenty of fans’ eyes for years now. She has also been a part of the WWE family, being a part of several talking-head series like Top Ten and being a part of Holy Foley, where she spent an episode taking holds from Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

But that is where her career has seemingly stopped. She was banged up from her training and has taken a hiatus. But should ever want to get back in the ring, certainly, The Game and The Chairman wouldn’t mind giving Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy’s Baby Girl another shot.

14 Won't Hire – Cedric Rougeau

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If you hear Jacques Rougeau’s former trainee Kevin Owens tell it, he’s not a very nice person. If you hear others tell it, the guy walked on water in his home province of Quebec. That made it a little difficult to book the territory. Perhaps, he’s the reason that Vince doesn’t allow talents to get over in their hometown anymore. But in any event that perceived heat might be hurting his kid’s career.

The guy is the perfect physique for Vince to fall in love with and push to the moon. Unless he isn’t working on his in-ring or mic skills nearly as much as he is working on his body, or he himself rubbed people the wrong way, there can’t be much more reasons behind it. The backstage nonsense that Jacques would pull might have put the Rougeau legacy in jeopardy.

13 Might Hire – The Guerrillas Of Destiny

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Sometimes, multi-generation wrestlers choose not to ply their craft in WWE, or perhaps they simply receive better opportunities elsewhere. That's what happened for Haku's sons, Tama and Tanga, who compete as a tag team in New Japan. With the help of Haku, the Guerrillas of Destiny took out members of the Bullet Club on a G-1 special last year.

The WWE has been trying to beef up on their tag team division and with the threat of AEW luring away some of their teams, perhaps the WWE may look to pounce on a team like G.O.D before Cody comes calling.

12 Won't Hire – The Von Erich Kids

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Hulkamania was born and the wrestling boom happened. That’s how fans think of it. Old-school promoters and maybe some old-school wrestling families see it as giant purge of some sort. The WWE left the Northeast and gobbled up territory after territory. Business was down in Texas and Fritz Von Erich sold the WCCW to Bill Watts. The Von Erich dynasty, as most wrestling fans know, became a tragic tale and faded away.

Kerry’s daughter, Lacey, already came and went in the business. The sons of the only surviving Von Erich, Kevin, have been working since 2012. Perhaps one day they’ll be given a shot. While their family’s legacy is a sordid one and it shouldn’t be held against them, the company is very careful to not attract any possible bad PR. Unless Marshall and Ross are the Midnight Express reborn, don’t expect them to be appearing anytime soon.

11 Might Hire – Simone Johnson

via hollywoodlife.com

More so than any other offspring on this list, Simone Johnson sparks the most amount of interest. She sparks it because she’s the daughter of the most electrifying man in all of entertainment, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. She recently made waves when she visited the Performance Center and then fans began to speculate if the WWE might have its first fourth-generation performer on their hands.

Without a doubt, should she choose to jump in the ring someday, she will have ginormous shoes to fill. If Simone is even a mere fraction of what her dad, cousins, and ancestors have accomplished, she’ll still go down as one of the greatest.

10 Won't Hire – Amy Hennig

via twitter.com

The Women’s Revolution and Evolution are in full swing now. Just about every single Raw, SmackDown Live, and Network Special has a slew of female bouts, and in some cases, it’s the main event. There’s always room for improvement…but what about perfection? Amy Hennig, the brother of Curtis Axel and daughter of Mr. Perfect, has been hustling on the independent scene for several years now.

Trained by Harley Race, you’d think that she would have at the very least popped up on WWE’s radar during the Mae Young Classic. Alas, her big brother Joe (aka Curtis Axel) still remains the only Hennig on WWE TV. One might assume that for whatever the reason, she hasn’t even shown up in NXT yet, and at this point in her career, she likely won't.

9 Might Hire – Dominic Gutierrez

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Rey Mysterio has been trying to get back in the WWE full time for a little over a year now, but the contracts never seemed to work out. Until recently - now that the legendary luchador is back, he can cement his legacy as one of the greatest of all time. He’s already done battle with Shinsuke Nakamura in a dream match.

Meanwhile, his son Dominic “I’m your Papi!” Gutierrez has been training with Lance Storm and his father for a few years now and Rey is doing what he can to break his boy in the right way. Part of the reason he came back was to help his son get a foot in the door. He's also said his ultimate goal is to one day wrestle with his son, likely in a tag team match, in the WWE.

8 Won't Hire – Garett Bischoff

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Like it or not, Eric Bischoff completely altered the scope of professional wrestling. For that reason alone he is loved and hated by fans and peers. There can be an entire article about every move he made that saved WCW and sunk WCW. Even after attempting to put WWE out of business, he came aboard and was pretty good in his role as Raw GM.

In another case of nepotism run wild, Bischoff helped get his son, Garett, a job at TNA. Not that the guy was bad in the ring, but sometimes it’s really hard to overcome who your dad is. It would almost be expected that Easy E would be lurking in the shadows over his son’s career. Besides, the kid’s already done wrestling. WWE isn’t going to try and bring a green rookie like Garett out of retirement anytime soon.

7 Might Hire – Tessa Blanchard

via si.com

Tully Blanchard is highly respected by old-school fans as one of the smoothest ever. Just watch anything with him on the Network to find out. His daughter, Tessa, has so far opted to steer clear of the WWE and work on the indies instead.

Tessa Blanchard has a makeshift program ready to go the second she decides to step into a WWE ring (assuming she’ll get signed). As the daughter of Tully Blanchard and step-daughter of Magnum T.A., she can either come in and decimate Charlotte Flair or claim her spot with The Queen as part of the Horsewomen. One has to wonder when WWE will bring her in.

6 Won't Hire – Alberto Del Rio

via wikimedia.org

Alberto Del Rio, son of legendary luchador Dos Caras, is one of those sad wrestling stories. Probably every insider and every fan knows that El Patron could have conceivably ruled the business as the next breakout star. Since the moment he debuted in WWE, he was presented as such. But the biggest obstacle in Del Rio’s way has always been Del Rio himself.

His tumultuous attitude backstage mixed with the idea that he also knows he could own the business makes him a real chore to deal with. Considering during his last run, where his attitude got considerably worse, there’s no way WWE will want to do business with him again.

5 Might Hire – T-N-T

via youtube.com

As far as bruiser tag teams go, in the '80s, the most iconic tag team was The Road Warriors. Then it was Demolition. Finally, there was the Dudley Boyz. Bubba Ray and D-Von tore up ECW and were loved for being ultimate heels. They headed to WWE, toned down their act and still got over as the greatest tag team of the Attitude Era.

D-Von's sons have been working for a few years now as T-N-T, as in Terrence and Terrell. The duo has been honing their craft at the Team 3-D Academy and their Hall Of Famer father has their back. Seeing as how he’s an agent now, T-N-T will certainly get a look when they’re ready to attempt the jump.

4 Won't Hire – Heather Patera

via wikipedia.org

Ken Patera was once a proud Olympian. He worked in the AWA and then had a hard fall from grace. It was Vince and the WWE that helped bring him back. Then he went on a brief run as a babyface in the late 80s. You’d think a guy whose family the company kept afloat and then made a bunch of money on his own after wrestling wouldn’t try to sue. But that’s what the former strongman did.

The recent settlement between WWE and the former star was a definite road block in getting Heather Patera to the WWE. That road block might have gotten even worse in the years since. Even though the McMahons are always willing to do business, ask yourselves if you’d do business with that kind of history when it's not worth the risk. Furthermore, Heather is in her late 30s and older than most of WWE's current female talents, which makes it even less likely WWE will show interest in her.

3 Might Hire – Colt Toombs

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To plenty of fans that grew up in the '80s, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper was the greatest stock man in wrestling history. Piper’s bombastic quick wit matched his brawling style perfectly. But Piper was also able to work all kinds of styles of matches. His WrestleMania VIII match with Bret Hart still stands the test of time.

Losing the seemingly indestructible Piper was a low blow to a lot of fans. His son Colt has been training in both wrestling and MMA. Similar to another member of this list, he took has a ready-made angle if he were to even ascend to the main roster - fighting or siding with "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey over their mutual love of Hot Rod.

2 Won't Hire – David Benoit

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Any company that hires David Benoit is looking for some quick notoriety. What happened to his family was not his fault at all. But to hire the kid would drudge up all kinds of bad memories that will always mar David’s career. Wrestling isn’t like Hollywood, where his story would make for a good human interest tale. Wrestling fans never forget and neither do companies.

In today’s whip fast hyper critical world, hiring David would just incite all kinds of trolls. That wouldn’t be fair to him. Neither is not bringing him on. But when your dad committed one of the worst acts in the industry,, it might be hard for fans and employers to get past that.

1 Might Hire – David Finlay Jr.

via twitter.com

Fun fact - the Belfast Bruiser, Fit Finlay is a third generation superstar. Generally thought of as one of the toughest men to lace up boots, he almost single-handedly trained all of the women in the late-Attitude era, giving them all major credibility. All of his kids went on to be amateur wrestlers.

His son, David Jr., is currently part of New Japan. But his parentage earns him a lot of stripes in WWE. Fellow Brits like Robbie Brookside and William Regal have praised Fit for years now and would probably love to welcome Jr. into the company. With the global expansion of NXT into the UK, David definitely has a place to go if and when he wants.

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