Wrestling Photos Made To Look Dirty With One Small Change

Before we even begin, this post is definitely NSFW! We don't want your coworkers to think you're into strange things...

Reddit truly is a wonderful place of endless possibilities. This was never more evident than when members of this Subreddit decided to make some of the funniest images on the internet. The actual Brazzers Reddit page challenged the subscribers of that Subreddit to make wrestling photos look dirty by simply adding the Brazzers logo. Naturally, within hours, users flooded the page with ridiculously hilarious images and we've compiled our favorites here.

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We would attempt to describe why most of these are funny, but they should be pretty self-explanatory.

Again, self explanatory.

Good ol' pyros.

It's really getting difficult to describe these appropriately, so we'll just upload the pictures from this point.

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I think that's the limit here... maybe one more...

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