10 Strange Real Life Wrestling Friendships You Wouldn't Expect

A lot of the time wrestlers are portrayed to be each other's biggest enemies, and because of that many fans are surprised to learn how close they are behind the scenes, especially with the competition being so high for top spots.

Whilst some real-life wrestling friendships have become very public knowledge, with Triple H and Shawn Micheals being a fine example, there are many friendships that a lot of the wrestling fans do not know about.

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Some are totally unexpected, but all of them are very close and within this article, we will list 10 strange real-life friendships that you wouldn't have expected.

10 Braun Strowman & Drake Maverick

A classic little and large friendship, and not one that most people would expect to see, but Drake Maverick and Braun Strowman clearly hit things off as soon as they met in WWE, despite Maverick spending most of his time on Tuesday nights on 205 Live.

Maverick and Strowman are often caught hanging out on the road, with Maverick even posting an image of him wearing Strowman's huge clothes when his luggage was lost at the airport.

Braun was even one of the groomsman for Maverick's recent wedding which saw him lose his 24/7 Championship in an angle with R-Truth, showing just how close he is to Drake in real life.

9 Bayley & Carmella

Because of the way WWE promotes Bayley and Sasha Banks' friendship, most people in the WWE Universe are under the impression that the former Women's Tag Team Champions are actually best friends.

Whilst Bayley and Banks are close friends, the reality is that it is Carmella who is actually Bayley's best friend, dating all the way back to their time together in NXT, especially once the other Four Horsewomen members had left the roster.

The two women used to frequently post videos together when they were on the road doing the loops in NXT and have remained incredibly close ever since then.

8 Mike Rome & Alexa Bliss

When it comes to the women's roster in WWE, many people just presume that their closest friends are other members of the women's locker room and whilst that is true, that doesn't mean they can't hang out with the men in WWE.

A great example of that is the friendship between Alexa Bliss and Mike Rome. This is one that many people wouldn't expect, especially with Rome being a ring announcer, but the two are actually very close.

Their friendship has a lot to do with their love of all things Disney, with the two often being seen at various Disney theme parks around the world when WWE is on tour.

7 Ric Flair & Dolph Ziggler

The Nature Boy has been around the block more than a few times in his legendary wrestling career and has created some incredibly tight friendships during his lengthy time in professional wrestling.

One of those close friendships is, surprisingly, with current WWE Superstar, Dolph Ziggler. Despite the fact that they basically wrestled in different eras, the two men have always hit it off in real life.

Flair is a huge fan of Ziggler's work and has always put him over as one of WWE's top tier talents in interviews, despite the fact he hasn't always been booked like a true champion, although Ziggler isn't going to complain about being put over by one of the all-time greats.

6 Randy Orton & Kurt Angle

Two of the greatest WWE Superstars who have ever lived just so happen to also be great friends outside of the business, with Randy Orton and Kurt Angle really becoming close in recent years.

With Orton becoming a family man it seems he and the Olympic Gold Medalist have a lot in common, with their families often hanging out together, and their wives also being incredibly close friends.

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Both men are often sharing images of themselves together, eating out on Instagram, whilst their wives discussed their closeness during their recent Table For Three appearance.

5 AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair

Two of the very best wrestlers in the world today ended up becoming the best of friends, there is a real closeness to AJ Styles and Charlotte Flair that has really been showcased through social media.

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Both Styles and Charlotte have been major players for the SmackDown brand over the past few years, and even though AJ is no longer on the show, it is through being on the road together that they got to know each other so well.

From sharing images of each other sleeping all of the time to funny videos on social media, it is clear that the two simply get on really well, which is great.

4 Shinsuke Nakamura & Greg Hamilton

This is another friendship that might appear to be a very odd pairing on the surface, with Shinsuke Nakamura being an elite in-ring performer whilst Greg Hamilton is an announcer, not to mention the language barrier between them.

However, the two men hit it off right from their time in NXT and the main reason is their shared love for traveling and experiencing new cultures, with both men often going off on their own to experience a variety of different foods and facilities together.

They have created a great bond together and have been great friends ever since NXT, with the two men often sharing their adventures on social media.

3 Daniel Bryan & The Brian Kendrick

You will likely struggle to find someone who does not like Daniel Bryan, as the veteran wrestler just comes across as one of the nicest humans on the planet but one man he is very close with is The Brian Kendrick.

The two men are pure technical wrestling masters. At the start of their careers, Bryan and Kendrick spent huge chunks of time together as they were coming up in the business.

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Their friendship was showcased for everyone to see at the Cruiserweight Classic tournament when Kendrick was eliminated and Bryan hopped the ropes, with tears in his eyes to give his friend a huge hug.

2 Shelton Benjamin & Brock Lesnar

It is often hard to think about Brock Lesnar actually having friends in real life because of how private he is about himself, with very little actually being known about the Beast outside of the fighting world.

However, one wrestler he is incredibly close to is Shelton Benjamin. Whilst that might seem pretty random, it actually makes sense as their friendship dates all the way back to college where they used to share a room together.

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The two men then went through the OVW system together and have remained close ever since, with Benjamin actually being the Godfather to Lesnar's children.

1 Batista & Titus O'Neil

Because of the difference in star power between Batista and Titus O'Neil, and the fact that the Animal was gone from the company during most of Titus' time with WWE, many people would not expect the pair to be close friends.

Many might think that Batista would be closer to main event stars like Triple H or some of his Hollywood blockbuster actors, but the fact is that Batista and Titus O'Neil are incredibly close, with Batista actually helping Titus get the job with WWE.

Both men are very private, and quiet people who are family orientated rather than being all about flashing their cash, and the two men have bonded from that point onwards.

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