10 Most Shocking Squash Matches In Wrestling History

Every pro-wrestling fans would expect a decent back & forth match from the wrestlers when they step inside the ring. But sometimes they would be in for a surprise by having to witness either a surprisingly short or one-sided match. The technical phrase for such contests is a "Squash Match."

A Squash Match can go in two different ways, either the match ends in a matter of seconds with one superstar getting a quick & decisive victory over the other, or it could go for a decent length with one superstar dominating his opponent throughout the match.

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We've seen only a handful of such contests taking place in pro-wrestling, and with that said, let's take a look at ten of the most shocking squash matches in history.

10 Sheamus Vs. Daniel Bryan - WrestleMania 28

After winning the 2012 Royal Rumble match, Sheamus earned the opportunity to face Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 28. The Celtic Warrior looked to win the big gold Championship for the first time, but little did he knew he'd do it in record time.

Daniel Bryan walked out to the ring with his on-screen girlfriend, AJ Lee at WrestleMania 28. After the referee started the match, he stopped by for a good luck kiss from Lee. But it turned out to be bad luck as Sheamus blind-sighted him with a Brogue Kick and pinned him in a record 18 seconds to win the match & the World Heavyweight Championship.

9 The Honky Tonk Man Vs. Ultimate Warrior - SummerSlam 1988

The Honky Tonk Man holds the record for the longest reign with the Intercontinental Championship to this date, with 454 days as the Champion. However, the reign did not end on a very happy note, as the Ultimate Warrior defeated the Champ in 31 seconds to win the title.

The two superstars locked horns for the title at the inaugural SummerSlam event in 1988. Ultimate Warrior was fired up right from the beginning and didn’t allow the Honky Tonk man to get to a vertical base.

Honky Tonk Man took the Warrior Splash 31 seconds into the match, and it was all over as the Ultimate Warrior lifted his first singles title in the WWE.

8 The Ultimate Warrior Vs. Triple H - WrestleMania XII

The Ultimate Warrior makes this list once again with another dominating victory over Triple H at WrestleMania 12. Warrior made his WWE return after 4-years away from the company in 1996, and his triumphant return was at the expense of a young Triple H.

Triple H tried to gain an early advantage by attacking the Warrior before the match would begin. The Ultimate Warrior gained control after no-selling a pedigree and started to land repeated attacks on his opponent.

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The Warrior finished off the match after landing his signature splash on Triple H's back to pick up the win & announce his return in style.

7 Bob Backlund Vs. Diesel- 1994

Bob Backlund's record 2135 day run with the WWE Championship ended when he lost the title to the Iron Shiek at an MSG show in December 1983. He regained the title at Survivor Series November 1994, but he didn't hold on to it for very long this time.

Backlund defended the title against Diesel at a house show only three days after he won it at Survivor Series. The match ended in only 8 seconds after Diesel delivered his signature Jackknife Power Bomb to Backlund and had him down for the pin to become the new WWE Champion.

6 The Rock Vs. Big Boss Man - Survivor Series 1998

The 1998 Survivor Series saw a tournament conducted for the vacant WWE Championship. The Rock’s original opponent for the first round match was Triple H, but the Game couldn’t make it to the event because of a knee injury, and the Big Boss Man entered as a last-minute replacement.

Big Boss Man had a match against Stone Cold Steve Austin earlier in the night, which ended in a disqualification after the former attacked Austin with a nightstick. The Boss Man got the opportunity as he was Mr. McMahon’s bodyguard at the time.

When everyone thought The Rock would get screwed out of the tournament, the People’s Champion rolled up the Big Boss Man and picked up the win in just 3 seconds.

5 Hulk Hogan Vs. Yokozuna - WrestleMania IX

Hulk Hogan's final WWE Championship reign before he went to WCW began at WrestleMania 9 when he defeated Yokozuna for the title. After defeating Bret Hart to win the title, Yokozuna's manager Mr. Fuji, challenged Hulk Hogan to face the new champion in an impromptu match.

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Hogan accepted the challenge, and when Mr. Fuji tried to throw salt at Hogan's eyes during the match, he missed and inadvertently hit Yokozuna. Hogan took advantage of the situation and knocked the big man down before landing his signature leg drop to pick up the win in just 21 seconds.

4 Brock Lesnar Vs. John Cena - SummerSlam 2014

In his first one-on-one world title match since his WWE return, Brock Lesnar took on John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam 2014. Both superstars were at the heights of their careers at the time, and while fans expected a back & forth match, they got surprised with a completely one-sided match from the Beast Incarnate.

Brock Lesnar delivered 16 suplexes to Cena during the match and never allowed the latter to gain any momentum. The Beast Incarnate also delivered two F5s to Cena during the match to pick up the win.

3 Brock Lesnar Vs. Kofi Kingston - SmackDown FOX Premiere

Kofi Kingston's road to the WWE Championship is one of the most inspiring storylines in WWE history. After floundering in the mid-card & tag team division for 11 years, Kofi Kingston got his first one-on-one WWE Championship match at WrestleMania 35. He came out victorious, becoming the first African-born WWE Champion.

Kingston had a very decent run defending the title against the likes of Samoa Joe & Randy Orton. His title reign looked very strong until he ran into a brick wall in the form of Brock Lesnar.

Kingston defended the title against Lesnar at SmackDown's premiere episode on FOX. The Beast Incarnate shocked the world by picking up the win in 7 seconds to become the new WWE Champion.

2 Brock Lesnar Vs. Goldberg - Survivor Series 2016

While Brock Lesnar had his hand's raised on the last two entries, the Beast Incarnate found an equal match in Goldberg at the 2016 Survivor Series PPV. The WCW legend returned to WWE in 2016 and accepted to face Lesnar in what they billed as a "Fantasy Warfare" at Survivor Series.

The two superstars are known for making quick work of their opponents, and when the fans expected a longer match between the two behemoths, they got surprised at the sight of Lesnar getting manhandled at the hands of Goldberg.

Goldberg landed two brutal spears on Lesnar before executing a Jackhammer to overcome the Beast Incarnate in just 16 seconds.

1 The Finger Poke Of Doom

The Finger Poke of Doom has to be the most shocking squash match in all of pro-wrestling history. The incident took place on the January 4, 1999, episode of WCW Nitro, and the wrestling pundits describe it as one of the moments which led to the death of the company.

When Kevin Nash's original opponent Goldberg couldn't make it to the arena in time for the match, Nash offered to defend his WCW World Championship against Hollywood Hogan.

During the match, Hogan teased punching Nash but instead just poked him in the chest. Nash fell to the ground theatrically and allowed Hogan to pin him to become the new WCW Champion. The segment received negative reviews and it became one of the last nails in the coffin for WCW.

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