Wrestling Stars Gone Kayfabe: 15 Pictures Of WWE Stars Doing Regular Things

WWE Superstars spend the majority of their time in the ring, the locker room, or in a gym. Those are the only places we really get the chance to see them. Sometimes we stumble across them in airports

WWE Superstars spend the majority of their time in the ring, the locker room, or in a gym. Those are the only places we really get the chance to see them. Sometimes we stumble across them in airports and of course there are plenty of pictures of them at events such as meet and greets, Make-A-Wish grantings, and even movie premieres. But outside of that, we are not as in tune with their personal lives as we are able to be with other celebrities. It's fairly rare for us to see much of them outside of WWE and this is exactly why it is so easy for fans to always see these wrestlers as the characters they portray in the ring. However, it is important to remember that these superstars are regular people as well. They all eventually break kayfabe and exist as average people who don't always look perfect, who like to let lose and party, and who try their best to enjoy some quality time with their families — just like us.

We thought it would be fun to have a look over a few images that tear down that fourth wall and allow us to get a small glimpse into the lives that we sometimes forget exist. Maybe you have seen some of them already, and maybe you haven't seen any of them at all. Either way, we wanted to take a moment to share them with you, so here are 15 pictures of WWE Stars existing as normal people and doing regular things!

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15 Fun Day in the Sun


In the picture above, we see The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels and The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin. They appear to be out on a boat and soaking up some sun as they enjoy some much needed time off. What is so great about this picture is the fact that the smiles on their faces clearly show that they are having a great time. They are able to completely ditch their gimmicks and put wrestling aside long enough for them to enjoy being regular guys, even if it's only for a couple of hours. It is not much of a surprise to see these guys hanging out together outside of the ring, but that does not mean that it is not a treat either.

14 R-Truth Meeting Tupac


Just like the rest of us, WWE Wrestlers are fans of other types of media. In the picture above, we see a much younger R-Truth meeting Tupac. In regards to the experience, Truth was quoted by as saying, "That was awesome" and "He was very humble, down to earth; a very cool guy." It's always a little weird to think about celebrities meeting other celebrities and being as excited as we are when we meet them. It's even more weird to think about the fact that some will never even meet other celebrities that they're fans of, but will have moments in their every day lives where they will say to themselves "Man, I wish I could meet them one day." That's kind of mind-blowing, right?

13 Wrestlers Like Cracker Barrel


In this picture, we see CM Punk, AJ Styles, Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne to WWE fans), and Daniel Bryan. These wrestlers were sitting outside of a Cracker Barrel when this picture was captured. Hey, just like us, wrestlers need to eat! Well of course we knew that. Not a whole lot of surprise there. What's so cool about this picture is that these guys actually look like they're just a bunch of normal friends hanging out at a Cracker Barrel, rather than a group of famous wrestlers who are together because they need to be. It shows us a sense of realism, which is something we don't get a whole lot of when we're watching them on our television sets. It's rare enough to see them without their gear on, but to see them in such casual attire is almost strange.

12 Lunatic in a Candy Store


The last place that most of us would picture Dean Ambrose in is a candy store. We are seeing someone who was once referred to as "The Titty Master" (regardless of the fact that the titties he was mastering were Big E's) and is known for being a little bit on the insane side in a place of innocence and happiness. It is, without a doubt, weird. Maybe even slightly unsettling. However, it is also a great reminder that while Dean Ambrose is a world famous superstar, Jonathan Good is just a man who has a bit of a sweet tooth. These pictures also serve to show that not all wrestlers are on outrageous diets where they can't enjoy food that is anything less than healthy.

11 Getting Married!


So here we have Bray Wyatt on the day of his wedding and if you look to the far left, you'll also see his brother Bo Dallas, who we Bo-lieve is having a great time. Talking about breaking kayfabe, this picture does it! Getting married is something that people do, no matter who they are. It's so normal, that it's more surprising when people don't want to or never do get married. However, the persona that Bray portrays in the ring is definitely not one that we would ever look at and say "I bet he has a lovely wife and is a great husband!" The Bray Wyatt we know on TV is also not one who would likely invite Bo to his wedding, if there ever was one. So seeing this picture is definitely strange, but really cool at the same time.

10 Doggie Graduation!


So we all know that Cody and Brandi Rhodes have been married for a few years. But maybe you weren't aware that the two have a dog named Pharaoh. As you can see, Pharaoh had just graduated from what we assume is a training class at PetSmart and his parents were obviously very proud of him. Seeing two former WWE wrestlers taking the time to be parents to their furry child is refreshing. We know that it isn't exactly easy for wrestlers to be around all that much when they're parents to regular children, let alone pets. So pictures like these are highly appreciated by the fans because we know that if we spent as much time on the road as they did, taking a dog to training classes on our days off would probably be very low on our list of priorities.

9 Bar Date

This picture is particularly amazing for a couple different reasons. For one, at this point we were not even sure whether or not Dean Ambrose and Renee Young were actually a couple. For two, how cool is it that the fan in the picture just so happened to be wearing a Shield shirt when he stumbled across these two! Aside from that, it's interesting to (yet again) see someone like Dean outside the ring, smiling, and enjoying some down time with his girl at the bar. The two look like a typical couple, which is far from what they look like any time the two are seen together in WWE. Obviously it is not much of a surprise that wrestlers like to enjoy a beer or two at times, but it's still pretty cool to see them going out on dates at the bar.

8 The Shield Needs Sustenance!


Again we have a picture that involves some of our favorite wrestlers and food, and again we find Dean Ambrose on this list. (We can't help it! For someone who lives such a private personal life and who refuses to use social media, he's got a lot of pictures of himself outside of the ring). We also see another case of WWE wrestlers enjoying food that most people would not think would be eaten much by people who have to keep themselves in such great shape (the picture on the left features Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns with some food from Burger King). The three do not look exactly thrilled about having their pictures taken "in the wild" like this, but we imagine that they were all very tired at the time.

7 Enjoying the Game /

Any and every CM Punk fan knows that he is a huge fan of just about every sport out there. His favorites include hockey and baseball. In the pictures above, Punk and his lovely wife (the always beautiful, former WWE Diva's Champ AJ Lee) are seen at the games of two of his favorite teams: The Blackhawks and the Cubs. It's pictures like these that we can relate to the most because of the fact that we attend sporting events and cheer on our favorite teams and members whenever we get the chance. In fact, quite a few of us have attended wrestling shows in order to cheer on both CM Punk and AJ Lee. These two became the fans in these pictures and it brings about the reminder that wrestlers aren't necessarily so different than we are.

6 Honey, Hold My Bag


There are a couple WWE wrestlers who honestly appear as if they are larger than life. John Cena (love him or hate him) is definitely one of them. Him and his girlfriend Nikki Bella can be seen in the picture above shopping together and you can even see that Cena is holding Nikki's bag. It all seems outrageously normal, especially so for someone like Cena who cannot likely go too many places without being spotted and/or swarmed for pictures and autographs. However, the couple doesn't seem too uncomfortable being in public. Cena looks slightly bored and distracted, which only adds more normalcy to this image because that's usually the look a man has on his face when accompanying his girlfriend on a shopping adventure.

5 Bar Buddies

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Wrestlers at a bar? Not all that surprising. Shane McMahon and The Undertaker at a bar together? Very surprising. There's a reason that The Undertaker is very rarely ever referred to by his actual name. That's because seeing him out of his gimmick is even more rare. When we see him, he's The Undertaker. So to see The Undertaker in normal clothes and hanging out at the bar with someone like Shane O'Mac, it's a little trippy. This picture made a lot of noise among fans when it originally surfaced because of how strange it was for everyone to see, especially since they faced off at WrestleMania 32. But again, these guys are all just normal people. We may not see it often (and WWE would obviously like to keep it that way), but it's awesome when we do.

4 Hang Ten, Dude


If you take a really good look at this picture, you might notice that it includes a few wrestlers you may not have even recognized at first glance. From left to right, the picture includes Ricky Steamboat, Kevin Sullivan, Arn Anderson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and William Regal. That's right! The blonde beaut in the middle is none other than The Texas Rattlesnake himself, looking like a real Hollywood Blonde. These five guys are spending time goofing off at the beach and having a blast with their buddies. In that moment, they weren't wrestlers. They were normal guys just trying to have a fun and relaxing day. It's always so cool to see guys like this all hanging out at places that we like to go too.

3 Roller Coaster Ride


Much like the previous entry, this picture is so cool because we get to see some of our favorite wrestlers having fun while participating in activities that we like to do. In the front you can see Matt and Jeff Hardy. The back row features Al Snow, Scotty 2 Hotty, Mick Foley, and Edge. I don't know about you, but this particular combination of wrestlers hanging out together seems a bit out there. But that just goes to show you that the lives they live outside of wrestling are very different from what we've grown accustomed to seeing on television. Before we move on, I beg you to take a moment and imagine yourself in line for a ride and these six guys are standing behind you. How entertaining would that be?

2 Fourth of July Diner Dinner


Out of everyone in the WWE, the people that we do not typically see out and about are The McMahons. We've already had a look at Shane enjoying a beer with his buddy The Undertaker, but now we see both Vince and Linda McMahon with a fan outside of a diner. You can probably tell by the decorations in the background, but this was also taken on the Fourth of July. Pretty sure that no one would have imagined Vince McMahon spending the 4th at a diner. On Reddit, the fan talked about meeting Vince and stated "He shook my hand after and I thanked him for everything. Best part is we ate two tables away and they both came to our table to say goodbye. I thanked Vince again for the picture and the years of entertainment and that's when he finally spoke and said "You're very welcome."

1 Family Time


Finally, we have one more McMahon moment that we needed to share with you. Front and center we see none other than the rest of the McMahon family. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are holding a baby (who is assumed to be one of their daughters). We also see Vince standing to the side in the background. This is one family that is very hard to imagine living a normal life, considering the fact that they own World Wrestling Entertainment. So it's really incredible to see this family who primarily act like villainous characters on a nightly basis getting together for family events and hamming it up while in their in bathing suits. So they live life a little more financially comfortable than most of us do. They're still just ordinary people who are living their lives. Sometimes they live very differently than we do, and other times... not so much.

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Wrestling Stars Gone Kayfabe: 15 Pictures Of WWE Stars Doing Regular Things