5 Ugliest Tag Team Belts In Wrestling History ( & 5 Most Beautiful)

As they say, pictures speak louder than words, and that is the reason why designs of a championship belt play a big part in what they represent in the world of professional wrestling.

The pro-wrestling promotions make updates to their title designs whenever it's required, and while some did a great job representing the prestige & history of the championships, sometimes they make us wonder who made this abomination.

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Tag Team wrestling has a profound history with legendary performers like the Hardy Boys and Edge & Christian taking the division to main event levels. With such a profound history, the title designs have to replicate the prestige of the division.

With that said, let's take a look at five of the ugliest & 5 most beautiful tag team title designs in pro-wrestling history.

10 Beautiful - NXT UK Tag Team Titles

The NXT UK division has some of the best title designs WWE has ever made. The brand has three championships, and all of them are made to perfection.

Triple H unveiled the tag team titles along with NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint on the October 14, 2018 tapings of the show. The design portrays the UK's traditional Lion & Unicorn symbol and two globes on the background with the outlines of South America & The United Kingdom.

Three teams have held the titles since its inception, and when WWE manages to get more eyes on the brand, there's no doubt the titles will take their place as one of the most prestigious tag team championships in wrestling history.

9 Ugly - WWE Tag Team Championships (2002-2010)

After Edge & Lance Storm won the World Tag Team Championships in 2002 and took them over to Raw, then SmackDown General Manager Stephanie McMahon introduced the WWE Tag Team Championships exclusive to the blue brand.

While WWE put a lot of effort into introducing the titles, it seems they didn't do the same while choosing the design. Being brought in as the potential competition for the World Tag Team titles, the designs didn't match the looks of its Raw counterpart.

Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit became the inaugural champions, and multiple teams held on to the titles until its unification with the World Tag Team Titles in 2009.

8 Beautiful - ROH Tag Team Titles (2012-2018)

Sometimes people don’t have to put a lot of thought into designing a wrestling championship as a simple and classic design would do the trick. Ring of Honor came up with such classic design with their tag team titles in 2012.

ROH redesigned their heavyweight & tag team titles in 2012 with their updated logo, and the fans received the new titles very well. A classic template with their logo right in the center was everything they needed to make their new title belt look cool.

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Since then, we’ve seen teams like reDragon, War Machine, The Young Bucks & The Broken Hardys held on to the titles until they resigned the title to the current design in 2018.

7 Ugly - WCW World Tag Team Titles

WCW made sure they went toe to toe with WWE on all aspects during the Monday night wars. Right from the superstars to the TV ratings and the championship designs, Eric Bischoff wanted WCW to be better than Vince McMahon's company. But compared to the great job they did with the big gold World title belt, the tag team titles were a big let-down.

The choice of colors was the big disadvantage for the title design, with the side plates making it look even worse. The Dudley Boyz were the last team to hold on to the titles after WWE merged it with their tag team championships.

6 Beautiful - AEW Tag Team Titles

The young pro-wrestling fans have only heard about the Monday night wars in stories, but now they are getting to see it up close thanks to the emergence of All Elite Wrestling.

Cody Rhodes had promised the fans that their titles would have better designs than the WWE's, and while the AEW World title design received mixed reviews, their tag team titles were pretty spot on.

They followed ROH's formula and brought in a classic template to the title with their logo in the middle and with traditional side plates. They crowned their first champions on the October 30 episode of Dynamite with SoCal Uncensored beating the Lucha Brothers to win the titles.

5 Ugly - NXT Tag Team Titles (2013 - 2017)

Triple H transformed NXT from a reality-based television show to WWE’s official third brand, and it wasn’t a simple journey for the King of Kings. He had to rebuild it from the foundation and had to give a whole new look to the brand. He brought in new superstars and introduced new championships.

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The NXT Tag Team Championship debuted in 2013 among high expectations, but the design didn’t live up to the hype. Since they couldn’t change the title design very soon, they had to go with the same design for four more years.

4 Beautiful - NXT Tag Team Titles (2017 - Present)

WWE finally made up their minds to redesign the NXT tag team title design in 2017, and as a surprise, they went for a complete overhaul of all the championship designs in NXT.

WWE announced the introduction of the new title designs during the WrestleMania 33 weekend. The new titles were unveiled at NXT TakeOver: Orlando and awarded to the winners of the respective matches.

The new design came with a cool new graphic with the NXT logo up in the middle and also had removable side plates. AOP got to wear the new straps after beating DIY & The Revival at the event.

3 Ugly - WWE Women's Tag Team Titles

The fans raised their voices in unity for WWE to introduce the Women's tag team championships. The company heard their cry, and Vince McMahon announced the titles on the December 24, 2018, episode of Raw.

Alexa Bliss unveiled the titles on her talk show "A Moment of Bliss" on the January 14, 2019, episode of Raw. The title design received mixed reviews as it sort of looked like it was made for cartoon characters and not professional wrestlers.

Bayley & Sasha Banks became the inaugural champions after winning an elimination chamber match to win the titles, and it since has been held by three other teams with Asuka & Kairi Sane as the current champions.

2 Beautiful - World Tag Team Titles

The World Tag Team titles were arguably the best design WWE ever had for a tag team championship. Every old-school pro-wrestling fan would agree that this design gave the title the prestige as a singles world championship.

The fact that the title design was very similar to the WWE Undisputed Championship made it look even better. The title became exclusive to Raw in the first brand extension, and since then, the title was held by teams like Evolution, Kane & Big Show, and Rated RKO until it got deactivated in 2010.

1 Ugly - The Raw / SmackDown Tag Team Titles

Bret Hart introduced the original designs for these titles on the August 16, 2010 episode of Raw. The fans received Hart with a chorus of cheers, but soon they found out the cheers were only for the Hall of Famer and not for the new titles as the fans remained silent when Hart presented the titles to David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd.

The design had two knight helmets on both ends, and that was just it as there was nothing else captivating to look at the title. WWE continued the same design after the 2016 brand split, introducing the Raw & SmackDown Tag Team titles, and the only difference they made was to change to color pattern according to the respective brand.

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