10 Most Controversial Things The Rock Has Done In Wrestling

The Rock may very well be one of the most well-liked and charismatic wrestlers of all time, but that does not mean his entire career was smooth sailing, with no problems, as even The Rock had a few issues during his time in wrestling.

Even though he has gone down as one of the all-time greats, having incredible feuds with the likes of Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin, there were moments when he wasn't everyone's cup of tea.

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There were certainly moments when the People's Champion said and did things that pushed people the wrong way, creating a little bit of controversy, and within this article, we will be taking a look at 10 examples of that.

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10 Smoking Skull

The Smoking Skull Title was something that the WWE Universe loved during the Attitude Era. Brought in by Stone Cold Steve Austin, the title perfectly suited his character and the fans ate it up.

So when The Rock ended up getting his hands on the title, refusing to give it back to the Texas Rattlesnake, it instantly became a controversial moment, as Austin searched around the arena for him.

Eventually, The Rock ended up launching the title off a bridge and into the water below, frustrating many fans in the process.

9 Ringing CM Punk

This is something that fans absolutely loved, and even though it was certainly controversial it was a brave move that the WWE Universe enjoyed and was a video that quickly became viral on Twitter.

The Rock hit the ring to talk to the crowd before his movie, Fighting With My Family, filmed its final scenes, and for some reason the WWE Universe decided to just chant, "CM Punk" at him.

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The Rock, brilliant as ever, took the moment and attempted to ring Punk in the middle of the ring, but the former WWE Champion who had been fired from the company didn't answer, but that doesn't take away from the controversy.

8 Caught Scripted

It is pretty common knowledge that wrestlers are given certain bullet point, or full blow scripts before they head to the ring to cut a promo, and that even includes the top main event stars.

However, some wrestlers have an ability to take things and make them work, and The Rock was always considered to be one of the best talkers in the company, with this being arguably his greatest skill.

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But when John Cena pointed out he had bullet points written on his hand during the middle of a promo against each other, it was certainly a controversial moment that left many a little disappointed with him.

7 Lana Jokes

The Rock can get away with a lot of things in wrestling in terms of his promos and things he does because Vince McMahon allows it due to the star power that he brings to the company, but he certainly walked a tight line with his return to Raw with Rusev and Lana.

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The whole backstage situation was done as a joke with The Rock throwing it back to the comments he used to make about ladies, teasing about love, which was something that was loved in the Attitude Era.

However, when The Rock made jokes about sleeping with Lana, in front of her real-life husband, some fans weren't overly pleased with it, thinking it wasn't quite in tone.

6 The Sweats

Remember when The Rock went through a stage of wrestling in a dreadful, oversized baggy brown sweatshirt that looked absolutely ridiculous? Well, there was an actual reason for him to do that.

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At the time, The Rock had some work done on his pectoral muscles, with some tissues being removed from him, The Rock had some scar tissues from that situation and opted to put a top on to cover himself up.

The decision to do so was quite a strange one as it was never really explained and just simply happened out of the blue, making him look anything but a main event star.

5 Twice In A Lifetime

While it is Vince McMahon who books the matches for WrestleMania, when you are The Rock and you're the biggest movie star in the world, the chances are you have a little bit of pull about who you do and do not face.

When The Rock and John Cena spent a year hyping up their first WrestleMania match, it was dubbed 'Once In A Lifetime,' yet the year after WWE fans were treated to the same main event match, just so Cena could get his win back.

This cost CM Punk his deserved WrestleMania main event and provided fans with a match they simply didn't want to see, having been lied to the year before, which is something that The Rock was very much a part of.

4 Bullying Michael Cole

Throughout his main run with WWE, The Rock was well known for saying and doing whatever he wanted to do, with his cockiness being something that the fans adored about him.

One man who was on the receiving end of that more so than anybody else was Michael Cole, who at the time, worked as a backstage interviewer for the company, and often ended up getting made fun of by the People's Champion.

Occasionally, some of Rock's comments and actions to Cole would go too far and WWE could never get away with what they did today, but back in the Attitude Era, it was widely accepted.

3 Leaving

While this wasn't something that he did in wrestling itself, but the fact that The Rock walked away from wrestling and left it for so long certainly became a controversial point for many people.

Of course, people aren't expected to wrestle forever and eventually, they will walk away, but the fact that Rocky left and didn't return for so long, seemingly giving up on wrestling was something that soured a lot of wrestling fans.

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People wanted him to be like Stone Cold Steve Austin, making appearances, and when that eventually happened all was quickly forgiven, but for a while, fans were frustrated with him.

2 Vickie Guerrero Jokes

Vickie Guerrero was always a team player during her WWE run, knowing she was a top heel she was always going to be subjected to a few moments where the fans would get to laugh at her instead of hating her all the time.

One of those came during a classic 'Rock concert' on Monday Night Raw when The Rock took it upon himself to serenade her to an Eric Clapton tune, making plenty of jokes at her expense along the way.

However, some of the jokes did walk a very fine line of going a little too far, even for The Rock, with some fans winding up feeling a little sorry for Vickie in the situation.

1 Chairshots

The Rock and Mankind had an incredible history together, both as partners and as rivals, and the two men have huge respect for one another, but their match at the 1999 Royal Rumble certainly tested that.

While the match was always designed to be a brutally violent affair, The Rock would end up hitting Mick Foley with 10 horrendous chair shots to the head, which was made worse by the fact Mankind was handcuffed and had zero protection.

Unfortunately, Foley's young children were ringside and watch on horrified as even the older fans became concerned for Foley's welfare. The match has aged incredibly poorly due to what we now know about concussions, which makes this very hard to go back and watch.

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