10 Worst Trio Factions In Wrestling History

The history of trio factions in wrestling has given us some truly great teams. Fans will remember the top groups with only three members, like The Shield, The New Day and the Fabulous Freebirds. However, many of them would be lackluster factions that history forgot, due to the inability to positively stand out. All these groups had high hopes before failing to deliver the expectations.

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The trios in question received television time that showcased that they had some potential. A lack of results eventually doomed each team trying to become the next big faction. Here are our picks for some of the worst trio factions in wrestling.

10 PCB

The start of the women’s evolution didn’t catch on as strongly as WWE hoped. One major reason for that was forcing the women into ill-fitting factions. PCB stood out as the one with the least chemistry, featuring the debuting Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch with Paige.

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All three women are undeniably talented, but they just didn’t make sense together. Charlotte passed Paige in the pecking order quickly, which ended the group within a few months. PCB showed that talented wrestlers can’t just be shoehorned into a trio if there is no reason for it.

9 Blue World Order (WWE)

The Blue World Order was a fun and harmless group in ECW, parodying the New World Order from WCW. Stevie Richards, Blue Meanie and Nova played parodies of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan in comedic fashion. WWE surprisingly made the call to hire them in 2006, about a decade after their peak.

The WWE version of the trio provided one of the worst runs of any faction. None of the three wrestlers had star potential in the WWE landscape. It led to outdated and cringy segments that just hurt the overall appeal of SmackDown. The bWo was a huge failure as a trio for WWE.

8 3 Man Band

The comedic element of the 3 Man Band faction did provide some funny moments, but it hurt all three wrestlers at the time. Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal would have main event runs in the future to make up for it. However, they just fell lower down the card once embracing this gimmick.

All three wrestlers pretended to be rock stars, with their intentionally bad singing and dancing earning them easy boos from the crowd. Slater did find his calling as a comedic performer, but this prevented him from being taken seriously.

7 Hart Dynasty

WWE tried to recycle the old success of the Hart Foundation with a new generation of wrestlers. David Hart Smith joined the group as the son of Davey Boy Smith, teaming with Hart family friend Tyson Kidd with Jim Neidhart’s daughter Natalya at their side.

The three wrestlers did have chemistry, as they were lifelong friends and family growing up together. Unfortunately, fans just never connected with the act as they tried to replicate the older characters. WWE eventually split them up, with Natalya becoming the biggest single success of them all.

6 Pretty Mean Sisters

The Attitude Era created some strange gimmicks and concepts. Vince Russo’s idea for Pretty Mean Sisters was simply for a female faction to have the acronym of P.M.S. The three wrestlers selected for the group were Terri Runnels, Jacqueline and Ryan Shamrock.

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Jacqueline was the only woman of the three to spend time as an active in-ring competitor. The purpose of the group was to interrupt matches involving the men and make life tough for the male competitors. D’Lo Brown, Shawn Stasiak and a few others felt the wrath of the trio before they thankfully ended the angle.

5 Mean Street Posse

Shane McMahon’s rise as a heel character led to the Mean Street Posse being hired to play his faction. The trio of Rodney, Pete Gas and Joey Abs formed the Mean Street Posse as Shane’s friends that often helped him attack his opponents or be beaten down by those sending a message to Shane.

Pete and Rodney were legitimate friends of Shane's who got the opportunity for the role, while Abs was a wrestler in developmental at the time. The Mean Street Posse provided some funny moments, but they were never taken seriously as a group.

4 Full Blooded Italians

WWE tried using an old ECW idea in the early 2000s with the Full Blooded Italians faction. The trio of Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo and Johnny the Bull tried to wreak havoc on the SmackDown brand. Wrestlers like Chris Benoit, Rhyno and even The Undertaker were targets of the new F.B.I.

They didn't perform as well as the group in ECW, due to the lack of chemistry. WWE placed three wrestlers with little in common together with the hope of them getting on the same page. The Full Blooded Italians only lasted a few months before WWE completely quit on the idea.

3 The Beautiful People

TNA found success with The Beautiful People during the early incarnation, which featured just Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. The addition of Madison Rayne added to the group, as the original trio found success. However, the version of the group that was created after Angelina left turned out to be a disaster.

Lacey Von Erich signed to TNA and unofficially replaced Love as the third member of the trio. The problem was that Lacey and Velvet both were significantly below average in the ring. Rayne tried to carry them, but the entire run of this trio was a disaster.

2 The Mexicools

The trio of Super Crazy, Juventud Guerrerra and Psychosis should have been more successful in WWE, given their talent. All three wrestlers could deliver amazing performances every single week. The problem was that the gimmick of the Mexicools made them embarrassing to watch.

Fans often reacted with silence during their entrance and nothing mattered after that. All three wrestlers could have had solid runs for WWE, but the run crushed any chances of success for them.

1 X-Factor

WWE tried to give X-Pac his own faction in 2000 shortly after the end of D-Generation X. Justin Credble signing with WWE and Albert becoming a singles star saw them join X-Pac to form the group known as X-Factor in the mid-card.

These three wrestlers had nothing in common, as they just helped each other win matches with no explanation regarding their bond. X-Factor was viewed as a huge disappointment since the history of “X-Pac heat” started at this time. The humorous addition of an Uncle Kracker theme song just made them a punchline for a lot of wrestling fans.

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