15 Wrestling Women With Unbelievable Net Worths

They say the first million is the hardest to make. Despite the WWE paying their talent well, a lot of performers never get to make it into the fabled two comma club. Careers can get cut short or folks just might not be the best at saving their money. It’s even harder for women. In an economy where females get paid 78 cents for ever one dollar a man gets, they have to work extra hard to close the gap.

This has caused a lot of female talent to venture out into other businesses like television, clothes, or books. Women in the business have been busing their butts to not just be wrestlers, but bosses and moguls as well. It’s truly an impressive accomplishment that some of the ladies on this list have been able to retire long before any of us will.

Let’s take a look at some women who have been able to increase their net worth to a staggering amount. Here are 15 female wrestlers who have bank accounts that will make you jealous.


15 Natalya - $2.2 Million

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Since she has been on WWE’s main roster for over a decade, I expected to see Natalya a good bit higher up on this list. The two-time champion has been on WWE television since 2007 and has been making Uncle Bret proud by making women tap out ever since. The main reason she is dragging behind the competition seems to be the lack of outside endeavors that could boost her bankroll. Besides being a star on Total Divas, the Queen of Harts doesn’t seem to have any interests in starting a clothing line or vineyard. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nattie is higher up on this list the next time it gets updated as it was recently announced that she is raking in $300,000 a year, and that’s without factoring in any licensing or merchandising royalties.

14 Trish Stratus - $2.5 Million

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During her time as a wrestler, there wasn’t anyone quite like Trish Stratus. After about a year in the business, her talent soon matched her beauty. Her legendary rivalry with Lita featured the first time two women main evented Raw. Within the ring, Stratus has the record for most championships held by a woman with eight. Seven reigns as women’’ champion and one as hardcore champion. Outside of the squared circle, Trish has made quite a name for herself as an eco-friendly yogi by founding the Stratusphere in the suburbs of Toronto. Despite retiring from action in 2006, WWE has been clamoring to get Stratus back in their ranks. They offered her a chance to wrestle Asuka at NXT TakeOver: Toronto. However, she was pregnant at the time meaning she was not ready for Asuka. We can only hope we’ll get some Stratusfaction during the 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble match.

13 AJ Lee - $2.5 Million

AJ Lee was one of the most beloved female wrestlers to lace up a pair of knee-high Chuck Taylors (the shoes, not the wrestler). Her “Geek Goddess” persona struck a chord with wrestling fans the world over and lead to one of the longest reigns as Divas Champion. Despite only being on WWE television for five years, the mentally unstable Diva was able to accumulate a decent amount of cash. After retiring from sports entertainment in 2015, Lee went on to write a book titled Crazy Is My Superpower which went on to become a New York Times Best Seller. A feat that without a doubt helped line her pockets. It also doesn’t hurt that her husband, CM Punk, was apparently paid over $1 million for getting squashed in the UFC in 2016, and that’s on top of his already multi-million dollar status.

12 Sasha Banks - $3 Million

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Talk about someone who has earned every penny. Sasha Banks has been absolutely on fire since her days in NXT. She has been a part of a ridiculous amount of “firsts” throughout the entire women’s division. Her match against Bayley at NXT TakeOver: Respect wasn’t just the first women’s Iron Man match, but it was the first women’s match to ever headline a WWE pay-per-view or WWE Network event. For someone who has only been under WWE contract for 5 years and is in her mid-20s, it’s great to see that Sasha Banks is capable of being a high earner in the world of wrestling. Hopefully, the Boss still has a lot of years left in the business and can keep her net worth growing and growing.

11 Paige - $3 Million

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Shortly after she started wrestling in NXT, Paige was positioned as a big deal, and rightfully so. The second generation grappler had already been wrestling for seven years before she made it over to the states. She’s the only woman to simultaneously hold the NXT and Diva’s championships. After a worrisome hiatus, it seemed like Paige had finally returned to her house. However, she recently suffering a debilitating injury at a house show in New York. With her career seemingly coming to an end, let’s hope that Paige is able to live comfortably on her $3 million net worth. Paige is seemly optimistic about a return to the ring, but it seems like the 25-year-old might be forced into an early retirement. In addition to being on WWE’s payroll as a wrestler, Paige also made money through Total Divas, a few direct to DVD movies, and her life story will be told in the upcoming Fighting with My Family.

10 Lita - $4 Million

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In 1999, If you would have told me the ECW valet known as “Miss Congeniality,” the manager of the unremarkable Danny Doring, would go on to have one of the most successful wrestling careers, I would have called you crazy. I would have wrong, you would be right, and I would owe you and your incredible precog abilities a sincere apology. When she made the jump to WWF, Lita was over from the first time she busted out her top-rope moonsault. From there, she went on to be a four-time Women’s Champion and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014. She has since made a ton of appearances for the company, acting as a trainer for the sixth season of Tough Enough, a pre-show host for WWE Network pay-per-views, and even acted as the color commentator for the Mae Young Classic.

9 Brie Bella - $4 Million

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Brie Bella has the amazing ability to constantly work on different projects at once. When she first signed to WWE in 2008, she and her sister were making $90,000 a year. Nowadays, not only does she star in the reality shows Total Divas and Total Bellas, but Brie also constantly lends her likeness to just about every type of WWE product there is. Being semi-retired places her lower on this last than her sister Brie, but she doesn’t seem to be hurting for cash. In addition to the television shows, appearances, and merchandising, Brie is also co-owner of the Birdiebee clothing line along with her sister. The company mainly focuses on lingerie, which is a little perplexing as Brie’s daughter is named Birdie. Does anyone else think its weird that her child is named after her underwear line?


8 Mickie James - $4 Million


When you’ve won gold six times in WWE, it’s good to know that they’ll pay you accordingly. Since her debut as Trish Stratus’ stalker all the way through today, Mickie James’ has always been near the top of the women’s division. In 2010, James left WWE for TNA, where she most likely wasn’t getting the same size paycheck. Had she remained with WWE, I’m sure she would be higher up on this list. Another source of income has been her country music career. James has seen a decent amount of success within the music industry. Not only did she have an album debut on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, but she was recently inducted into the Native America Music Awards Hall of Fame. Thankfully, Mickie James returned to WWE in 2016 and, after six long years, is back where she belongs.

7 Kelly Kelly - $4.5 Million

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Kelly Kelly had an interesting career in wrestling. When she first started in WWE’s ECW at the age of 19, her character was an exhibitionist, always looking for the perfect time to get naked. Eventually, she would develop into a solid wrestler and went on to win the Diva’s Championship in June of 2011. Despite retiring in 2012, she has been back under contract with WWE since 2017, cashing checks while serving as an ambassador for the company. Kelly has gone on to have success outside of the wrestling ring. She is one of the stars of the E! reality show WAGS, thanks to her marriage to hockey player Sheldon Souray. In addition to reality television, K-squared has dipped her toes into scripted content as well, recently appearing on the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

6 Stacy Keibler - $4.5 Million

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Stacy Keibler was never the best in-ring performer, but that didn’t stop her from utilizing all of her assets to the best of their abilities. The long-legged vixen was one of the few females to achieve success in both WCW and WWE where she was often seen as arm candy for wrestlers like David Flair and the Dudleyz. Keibler’s first real taste of success outside of wrestling came when she was a standout on the second season of Dancing with the Stars where she came in third. She then went on to appear on television shows like Punk’d, How I Met Your Mother, Blue Mountain State, and Chuck. She is most recognizable to non-wrestling fans as the former girlfriend of George Clooney. The couple dated from 2011 through 2013. Just about every appearance Clooney made during this time, he could be seen with Keibler by his side.

5 Nikki Bella - $5.5 Million

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The Bella Twins are without a doubt, some of the best moguls in all of sports. Like her sister Brie, Nikki’s income has greatly gone up over the past few years. That is because she is constantly working on a variety of different business ventures. She isn’t just one of the stars of Total Divas and Total Bellas, she also serves as an executive producer for both. A role that definitely pays the bills. Her appearances on the 25th season of Dancing with the Stars has boosted her notoriety and salary. Unlike her sister, Brie is still under a full-time contract with WWE. Although she has taken time off since her engagement at last year’s WrestleMania, a comeback is without a doubt in store for the fearless one. Until then, Nikki, along with fiancé John Cena can enjoy some time off with their combined net worth of an estimated $15 million.

4 Lilian Garcia - $6 Million

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WWE is the kind of place where you get paid more and more the longer you hang around. It’s the reason why Big Show, Kane, and Mark Henry are some of the highest paid men on their roster. Lilian Garcia signed to the company in 1999 and, despite a year of absence between 2009 and 2010, stayed with them through 2016. She even made an appearance in 2017, where she serves as ring announcer for the finals of the Mae Young Classic. 17 years of service is definitely enough time to rack up a few million while working for a multi-billion dollar promotion like WWE. The former ring announcer is also a best selling recording artist, with her 2007 release charting in both the United States and the United Kingdom. She is still putting her tremendous voice to good use to this very day as she currently hosts the podcast Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia.

3 Vickie Guerrero - $8 Million

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Vickie Guerrero is worth $8 million? Excuse me?! The wife of the late Eddie Guerrero was able to carve out a pretty remarkable career for herself after her husband passed in 2005. For almost a decade, the Cougar was one of the most over heels on the entire WWE roster. Just her screaming the two words, “Excuse me?!” was enough to drive an arena full of fans into a frenzy. Throughout her time in the company, Vickie managed a veritable who’s who of in-ring performers. She could be seen by the side of Edge, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler and… Eric Escobar. Well, at least the others are still as impressive as her net worth.

An alternate opening line for this entry was going to be, “Where the heck is Vickie?! Well, she’s number three on this list.” But that seemed a bit brash.

2 Torrie Wilson - $18 Million


Cards on the table, this one came as a real surprise for me. I guess dating one of the highest earning baseball players of all time can help out your bank account as well. Despite Wilson’s relationship with Alex Rodriguez ending in 2015, the winner of WWE’s prestigious Golden Thong Award has been able to maintain a hefty income. During her time in WWE, Wilson posed for Playboy twice, which brought in additional income as well as attention. Like her friend Stacy Keibler, Torrie was often positioned in a managerial role where she used her sex appeal for everyone from Tajiri to Vince McMahon. Today, she’s looking better than ever working as a fitness guru where she specializes in one-on-one coaching. She has also graced the cover of multiple fitness magazines, a little different from the covers she graced while in WWE.

1 Stephanie McMahon - $25 Million

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It doesn’t get bigger than this. I figured Stephanie McMahon would top this list, but I had no idea just how much she is worth. A quarter of a billion dollars! That’s insane. When you combine that with the bank account of her husband, Triple H, the number doubles. Not only is she an on-air authority figure, acting as the Commissioner of Monday Night Raw, but she also has a massive backstage presence as well. As the Chief Brand Officer, Steph definitely works harder than just about anyone in the company. She is in charge of all of WWE’s big partnerships like General Mills, appeasing investors, and WWE’s creativity as well. Oh, I also left out the fact that Stephanie owns about $77 million in WWE stocks. I guess she really does deserve the nickname “The Billion Dollar Princess.”


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