Wrestling's Women of the '90s: Top 15 "Where Are They Now?" Stories

The term 'Diva' has never been more aptly used than when describing the women who descended upon the WWE in the 1990s.

While these women are often said to have been the ones who 'paved the way' for the stars of today, many were really just eye candy for the WWE Universe because it was a male dominated demographic back then.

These women were rarely given the chance to shine like the women of today. Bikini contests, Bra and Panties matches, and titles being deciding in pudding were the norm in the company back then, which made it quite easy for the women of today to push the company much further forward than it had ever been.

In WCW and ECW, the female talent were made to dance as Nitro Girls or were placed into misogynistic threesome storylines. The women were definitely regarded as sex symbols and nothing more during this time period.

Of course, we are no longer living in the 1990s, all of these women have since moved on to new pastures. They have left the bright lights of the business, but where have they ended up? Where do they ply their trade now? Here are the top 15 'Where are they now' stories from the wrestling women of the 1990s.

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15 Jacqueline

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The 2015 WWE Hall of Famer Jacqueline was one of the most hard hitting WWE Women's Wrestlers of the '90s. She is mostly remembered for having her top removed in a tag match that also involved Sable, something that found it's way back online during her induction last year.

Jacqueline was ahead of her game with the women at that time. She was much more talented than she was given credit for. Since she left WWE in 2004 Jacqueline has remained around wrestling and even made the switch over to TNA, where she remained until 2013. Jacqueline became the first ever African-American women to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last year.

14 Terri Runnels

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The mysterious wife of Goldust was definitely that. She oozed sex appeal and was always the focus when she was on-screen but she rarely wrestled.

Terri played a fantastic character. She was a cigar smoking, gold dress wearing beauty that was always by the side of her man when she was needed. She wasn't even a woman who came into the business through her husband either because she had a career with WCW before she met the golden Superstar. A strained relationship with Goldust's father 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes caused problems for the couple who eventually divorced in 1999 after six years of marriage.

Since being released by WWE in 2004, Terri spent her time travelling the world before she began working for various charities. She even began her own contest in 2008 called "Make The World Write" where contestants write about how they would make the world a better place.

13 Alundra Blayze

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Without a doubt one of the biggest wrestling stars of the 1990s and now shockingly a WWE Hall of Famer, despite the fact that she made the switch to WCW and took the Women's Championship over with her before famously putting it in the bin on live TV.

Alundra Blayze was a go-getter and a trail blazer. She was one of the women of the time that was there to wrestle. She didn't care what she looked like, she had a point to prove and she proved it over and over again. She is considered one of the benchmarks for women of the time and now rightly has her place amongst wrestling's elite.

Alundra left the world of wrestling in 2001 when she realized that it was becoming less about wrestling and more about looks, something she was completely against. Since then she has been involved in many Monster Truck Jam events and was even injured at one in 2008. She was also made the commissioner of Japanese Women's promotion World Wonder Ring Stardom in September 2015. Blayze appeared on WWE Network show Table for 3 earlier this year along with Ivory and Molly Holly.

12 Debra

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Debra was one of the most attractive women to ever set foot in a WWE ring and she definitely knew it. She used her beauty as a distraction to help her when she was the valet of Jeff Jarrett in the late 1990s. Her signature move was to unbutton her shirt to distract his opponent and help him to the victory.

She became very good at reading the crowd and knowing how to get a reaction, and she managed to help Jarrett to Intercontinental and European Championship during her time at his side, but they eventually broke apart. Debra then had a brief run with her real life husband Stone Cold Steve Austin, leading up to her departure from the company in 2002. Debra has since become an actress and an outspoken member of the 'My Life My Power' campaign as a way to help promote how much studying can help children from harsh backgrounds to become successful.

11 Ivory

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The former two-time WWE Women's Champion is perhaps best remembered for her time as a part of the villainous group 'Right to Censor.' The group had some unique views on sociopolitical things and were easily one of the best things that WWE came up with at the time.

Ivory was an incredible wrestler as well as a talented character. She was one of the women that joined WWE in 1999 (just allowing her to make this list) and opened an new era for women's wrestling. Sadly her career only lasted until 2005 when it was reported that she had opted out of signing a new contract with the company. Since her departure she has opened her own animal shelter called Downtown Dog and has even managed to expand the business in recent years.

10 Stacy Carter

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Known under many different names during her WWE career, Stacy Carter is best remembered for her many intentional displays of nudity at various WWE events that were caught on live TV. Carter was married to Commentator Jerry Lawler during her short tenure with the company, which allowed her much more freedom than many other talents. Lawler quit WWE in 2001 to stand by his wife, when she was surprisingly released but returned to the company after their divorce a few months later.

Carter was released from her WWE contract after just two years with the company, with the rumours being that her negative backstage attitude was the reason for her release. Since then, she headed to the Independent Circuit for a few years before marrying Chikara wrestler Sinn Bodhi in 2010. Recently Stacy has returned to the Independent Circuit as more of a valet or a wrestling personality than as an in-ring wrestler.

9 April Hunter

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The Playboy cover girl was hired by WCW in 1999 and began accompanying nWo to the ring for their matches. She was accompanied by many other female talent as WCW began adding many more females to their product.

April Hunter didn't last long with the company because she had ambition beyond being a valet. Hunter wanted to be a female wrestler. She then trained up and joined the TNA roster in 2002. She then headed back to the Independent Circuit after she turned down a new contract offer from the company. April has also competed as a fitness model and has written many comic books since she left WCW in 2000.

8 Kimberly Page

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Kimberly Page became known as Miss WCW throughout her career because of her long-time involvement with the company. This began in 1991 before she made her first televised appearance for the company in 1994. She was the valet of her real life husband Diamond Dallas Page for a while until he lost her in a match to Johnny B. Badd.

Kimberly went on to form The Nitro Girls and reached the height of her fame around that same time, as the girls were given their own website and filmed a Pay-Per-View s[ecial. Kimberly left the Nitro Girls in 1999 and returned to valet her husband before her departure from the company the following year.

Kimberly is currently living in Utah where she is holding down a job as a marketing executive. She attended Northwestern University and has a masters in advertising. She attended the 2014 Hall of Fame ceremony to watch her ex-husband induct Jake 'The Snake' Roberts into the class.

Kimberly also made a memorable appearance in the film The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

7 Daffney

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Daffney was one of the best female characters in WCW as she was shown as the besotted, mentally deranged girlfriend of David Flair. Her trademark scream when she was lurking at ringside gave her the nickname 'Scream Queen.'

Daffney's trademark Gothic character gained her many loyal fans throughout her career but she was released by the company in 2001 due to company cutbacks when WCW was falling behind WWE and WWE actually brought WCW a month later.

Following her departure, Daffney headed to TNA where she had a successful run until 2011 when she sued the company for sustained injuries that meant that she was unable to wrestle again. The lawsuit was settled out of court in 2013. Daffney has recently been seen on Social Media talking about how much she would love to be WWE's Sister Abigail.

While Daffney's first appearance in WCW came in late 1999, we enjoy her character enough to include her on this list.

6 Torrie Wilson

Guillermo Proano / PR Photos

Still considered to have been one of the most beautiful women in WWE history, Torrie Wilson joined WCW in 1999. Torrie had a simple route into WCW after she attended an event with her boyfriend and was asked to valet Scott Steiner.

Kevin Nash then suggested that he would like to create a storyline with her and she made her debut as Samantha. Torrie then made the switch over to WWE during The Invasion and this is where she was at the height of her fame.

Torrie was released from her WWE contract in 2008 when she failed to return from an injury. She then played a part in the 2011 version of I'm a Celebrity.....Get Me Out of Here where she was named as runner up to winner Lou Diamond Phillips.

Since her wrestling career finished, Torrie has continued modeling and looks to be in the best shape of our her life.

5 Beulah McGillicutty

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The first lady of Extreme Championship Wrestling, Beulah was well known in ECW during the 1990s after she entered a feud with Tommy Dreamer as she valeted for Raven.

She was thrown straight into ECW's main event picture as the two fierce rivals faced off, but it seemed Beulah took it in stride and became one of the best known female competitors in the company, even taking many pile drivers from Dreamer over the course of the feud.

Perhaps the best part of this story is that fact that Beulah has gone from wrestling for one of the most hardcore companies in the world to a children's book author. She self-published her first book before Mick Foley helped her find a publishing company and she began work on a second story.

4 Stacy Keibler

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The woman that was dubbed to have had the longest legs in the business began her career in the 1990s with WCW. She entered a competition that was held by the company to find a new member of the Nitro Girls.

Stacy beat out 300 other girls to gain the spot with the company and then went on to perform routines at almost every Monday Nitro event. Keibler then went on to take a bigger role within the company and was given the stage name Miss Hancock.

Stacy left the company after a shocking pregnancy storyline and decided to jump ship to WWE in 2001 when they bought WCW. She then became 'The Duchess of Dudleyville' and a star within the company. Since she left her wrestling career behind Stacy has had a run on Dancing with the Stars and is a successful model and actress. Stacy had her first child in August 2014.

3 Molly Holly

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Molly Holly debuted in the world of wrestling in WCW in 1999 under the ring name Miss Madness. She became known as one of Randy Savage's valets who would interfere in his matches to help him again his advantage.

Molly, like many other female wrestlers, made the switch over to WWE when WCW released her from her contract in 2000. She then went on to become a much bigger star in WWE and held the Women's Championship twice, along with the Hardcore Championship as well.

Molly was most recently seen by the WWE Universe as part of an episode of Table for 3 on the WWE Network along with Ivory and Alundra Blayze.

2 Sable

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Perhaps one of the best known female wrestlers of the 1990s, Sable took the WWE world by storm. She was on the cover of Playboy magazine three times, with her 1999 issue being one of the highest selling copies in the history of the magazine. Sable was also able to capture the Women's Championship despite the fact that she lacked in-ring talent or skill.

Sable's most famous moment was thought to have been when she revealed her chest during a bikini contest as a way to show that she was no longer playing by Vince McMahon's rules. She left the company for the second and final time in 2004 and stated that she wanted to spend more time with her family.

Sable is married to 'The Beast Incarnate,' Brock Lesnar, and the couple have two sons.

1 Sunny

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Sunny was considered to be the first ever Diva in WWE. She was the woman that every man dreamed of and was even given the honour of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. Something that has been rumoured to be up in the air right now, after Sunny has indulged in less than flattering job opportunities after she left WWE.

Sunny has had a few run ins with the law in recent years. She was arrested in 2012 five times within a four week span and served 114 days in prison where she stated that she had been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, but underwent a hysterectomy to help rid her of the disease.

More recently she pleaded guilty to driving whilst suspended from three separate arrests from 2014-2015. She then released her autobiography in February this year entitled A Star Shattered: The Rise and Fall of Wrestling Diva Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch. Lastly, she's been involved with the adult entertainment industry. It's been an interesting few years for The Original Diva.

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