WTF?!: 15 Strangest Couples WWE Has Ever Created

There are many real life couples right now that the WWE Universe is somewhat confused about. But these couples have nothing on the ones that WWE creative team has managed to produce over the past few decades.

WWE TV is well-known for going above and beyond when it comes to the shock value of their programming, and  they show this on a regular basis when they decide to partner up their female talent with many mismatched male counterparts in what later become some of the most memorable WWE storylines in recent history.

Over the past few decades, there have been a number of odd couples who have been able to gain some popularity with the WWE Universe. Mostly because the female wrestler often helped the male build up their popularity and sometimes because the WWE Universe understood just how strange the pairing was and actually began to enjoy it.

The following list looks at 15 of the strangest couples that WWE has ever decided to put together. 15 couples that the WWE Universe grew to love, grew to admire, and some that WWE officials really should have left on the creative room floor and never been able to make it to TV.

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15 Vickie Guerrero And Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero were put together on WWE TV back in 2010 when it was revealed that the duo were in a romantic relationship. Vickie was the General Manager of SmackDown and used her power to push Dolph towards the World Heavyweight Championship by stacking the odds against then champion Edge.

Vickie was later found out and the couple moved over to the Raw roster where their relationship continued. Vickie led Ziggler to the United States Championship before he was forced to enter a feud with John Cena while Vickie feuded with AJ Lee. Vickie and Dolph worked well together and even had a wedding ceremony on WWE TV. It didn't seem to work between the duo throughout their time together and it was hard to believe a man who called himself a "show off" would end up with someone like Vickie.

14 AJ Lee And Kane

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AJ Lee was known to be associated with a number of male wrestlers during her time in WWE and one of the strangest men that AJ was ever seen to be in a relationship with was The Big Red Machine, Kane. Kane was in a match with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in a main event episode of Raw when AJ Lee was tagged into the match.

AJ knew that she wasn't going to be able to win the match using actual wrestling techniques so she decided to be underhanded and kiss Kane instead. This then confused Kane and saw him walk out on the match and meant that AJ helped her team to victory. AJ and Kane had an off and on romance that made no sense, but the former Divas Champion was supposed to be crazy at the time, so the WWE Universe went along with it.

13 Summer Rae And Rusev

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Rusev and Lana are an official couple outside of WWE. But when Vince McMahon found out that Rusev was punching well above his weight with Lana, he decided to do everything in his power to split them up which included aligning Lana with Dolph Ziggler. Summer Rae was then aligned with Rusev as a bootleg Lana, in one of the worst storylines WWE has ever created, which actually included a dead fish.

Summer and Lana feuded for a while until Lana and Rusev ruined the entire storyline when they revealed that they were engaged in real life so WWE had no choice but to end the story in the middle of the creative process. Summer Rae and Rusev had no chemistry and didn't seem to enjoy working together at all.

12 Dawn Marie And Al Wilson

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It was perhaps the worst storyline that any couple have been put in, but Dawn Marie was never hired for her wrestling ability. She was hired because she had sex appeal and this was then used when Dawn was put into a feud with Torrie Wilson. Dawn Marie always wanted Torrie but the feelings were not mutual so instead Dawn went after her father.

Torrie's real life father played the role of Al who later married Dawn Marie in his underwear before dying on their honeymoon when it was seen that Dawn was a bit too much for the older man. It was a great example of a storyline that WWE allowed to happen just for the lesbian interactions between Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie because they were aware that the fan base would eat it up.

11 Lita And Kane

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Lita was aligned with a number of men during her time in WWE including Edge, Matt Hardy, and Essa Rios. But the strangest person that Lita has ever been aligned with is Kane.

Lita entered a lengthy storyline with Kane back in 2004 when it was decided that Kane had fallen in love with her. Lita didn't reciprocate his feelings so he kidnapped her and later revealed that he had impregnated her so that she could continue his legacy. Lita then tried to force Kane to make her miscarry their baby and at one point the couple were even married after Kane won a "Till Death Do Us Part" match with Matt Hardy. Snitsky later fell on Lita and caused her to miscarry her child which then allowed Kane to turn face and Lita to move on a storyline with Edge.

10 Beth Phoenix And Santino Marella

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Beth Phoenix is a former Women's and Divas Champion and one of the most dominant female wrestlers that WWE has ever seen. This is why it was slightly odd that WWE decided to align her with Santino Marella, a man who was called into the WWE ring in Italy as a fan and managed to win the Intercontinental Championship on the first attempt.

Santino was a comedy wrestler and he was never seen as the man of the team with Beth and it seemed as though Beth just got annoyed with pulling Santino's weight during their time together. It was the epitome of a mismatched couple and there was no real reason why the duo were even put together other than for the comedy value, which ran out quite fast.

9 Marlena And Goldust

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Goldust and Terri Runnels were actually a real life couple for a number of years before Terri stated that Goldust's father Dusty Rhodes managed to come between them and the couple were forced to divorce. On WWE TV, however, Goldust was always one of the strangest creatures that ever crawled through the WWE curtain and Terri was seen as a beautiful Diva. Many of the WWE Universe couldn't understand why they were together.

Terri entered storylines with the likes of Brian Pillman and Val Venus before joining up with Jacquline Moore and creating PMS. Her alliance with Goldust is the one she is best remembered for, even though it was one of the strangest pairing WWE ever made that helped to define the Attitude Era up to that point.

8 Torrie Wilson And Tajiri

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Torrie Wilson is still considered to be one of the most beautiful female wrestlers to have ever stepped foot in a WWE ring. But in a strange turn of events, Torrie Wilson ended up accompanying Tajiri to the ring for his matches.

Torrie and Tajiri were reported to have been in a romantic relationship, that caused problems between Torrie and Stacy Keibler. Tajiri then became jealous of the attention that Torrie was receiving and forced her to wear a Geisha outfit to the ring with him and also began mistreating her. Torrie later became tired of this and decided to strip off her clothes while standing on the announce table during Tajiri's match against The Hurricane which caused him to lose and allowed Torrie to then align herself with her real life boyfriend Billy Kidman.

7 Chyna And Eddie Guerrero

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Chyna made her debut in WWE as a bodyguard for Triple H and later became known as a member of D Generation- X. She became the first woman to qualify for the King of the Ring tournament and then the first woman to win the Intercontinental Championship before she was aligned with Eddie Guerrero.

The couple was seen as a romantic couple and teamed together against Trish Stratus and Val Venis as Eddie referred to Chyna as his "Mamacita." Sadly their relationship didn't last long as Guerrero won the Intercontinental Championship from Chyna in a Triple Threat match and the former Women's Champion then caught him in the shower with two other women which was the final straw for their relationship. Chyna instead focused her attention on the Women's Division after this.

6 Kelly Kelly And Mike Knox

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Kelly Kelly made her debut as an exhibitionist on ECW TV back in 2005 and would often begin stripping off her clothes on live tv until her boyfriend Mike Knox would come out and prevent her from going any further. Mike Knox was obviously punching above his weight with Kelly, but throughout their relationship Kelly's attention was elsewhere.

Kelly was seemingly trying to catch fellow ECW star CM Punk's eye throughout her time with Mike, which perhaps explains why their relationship didn't last for very long. Kelly and Mike were so different that they didn't work as a couple on-screen and it was affecting the way Mike was seen by the WWE Universe so it was ended, which was perhaps the kindest thing to do for both stars.

5 Carmella And James Ellsworth

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Carmella and James Ellsworth were put together after James' storyline involving the WWE Championship finally came to an end. Carmella obviously took pity on him so she took him under her wing and helped him to dress much like Enzo Amore used to when Carmella managed him and Big Cass in NXT.

Ellsworth isn't allowed to call Carmella his girlfriend. He is instead only allowed to refer to her as his friend who is a girl. Carmella wears the trousers in their relationship and despite the fact that fans have no idea how the couple function together, he has so far helped her to win the Money in the Bank case twice. And even though he's suspended, it is easy to see him returning soon and continuing to help her climb in the Women's Division.

4 Aksana And Theodore Long

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Aksana didn't manage to achieve a lot while she was part of WWE for a number of years after competing as part of the all-female NXT roster back in 2010. Aksana later made her main roster debut and became locked in a strange relationship with Theodore Long.

The couples were seen backstage a number of times and it seemed that Aksana was using Teddy for what he could do for her on the main roster and somehow it allowed her to remain a face. A few weeks later Aksana turned heel when she began a relationship with Antonio Cesaro instead. Needless to say that Aksana and Cesaro didn't last thanks to the interference from SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long who put them in mixed tag matches that they ended up losing.

3 Vickie Guerrero And Edge

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Vickie Guerrero came to WWE as part of the Rey Mysterio storyline that began at the Royal Rumble in 2006. She later joined up with Edge, Chavo Guerrero, Zack Ryder, and Curt Hawkins who were later joined by Bam Neely to create La Familia. She helped members of her group to win the championships that they were pushing towards as General Manager.

Vickie even interfered in Edge's matches to help him retain his World Heavyweight Championship. Edge then felt that it was right to propose to Vickie, who accepted and the couple were later married. Something that the WWE Universe failed to accept given that Vickie's real life husband Eddie had only passed away two years earlier and the WWE Universe refused to accept that this was an acceptable storyline.

2 Molly Holly And Spike Dudley

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Back in 2001, The Holly family were in an ongoing feud with The Dudley Boyz. Molly's reaction to this was to form a relationship with Spike Dudley. This should have united the families, but instead, it made matters much worse.

Molly later stated that this was perhaps the best time of her career and she loved working with Spike even though they were seen as an odd pairing. Molly was later able to compete in an intergender match against her cousin Crash Holly where she pinned him to win. Molly later dumped Spike and became known as Mighty Molly aligning herself with The Hurricane. Spike and Molly were a funny pairing but they were seen as quite a fun pair. They weren't as odd as many of the couples on this list but still deserve a mention.

1 Mark Henry And Mae Young

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Mark Henry was known as Sexual Chocolate during his early years in WWE and was seen romancing a number of women who were in WWE at the time including Chyna and then Mae Young. Mae Young was later revealed to be carrying Henry's child despite her advanced age but was splashed by Viscera and thought to have lost the baby.

Mae later gave birth to a hand, in one of the most disgusting and embarrassing storylines that Mark or Mae have ever been part of. Mark Henry was even once part of a storyline that claimed that he had a sex addiction. Mark had something of a rough beginning in WWE, but thankfully he managed to work through it and later become seen as a credible wrestler.

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