10 Things We Want to See In WWE’s 2019 Draft

The WWE Draft for 2019 is right around the corner, and it's time for the company to shake things up a bit. We all know that whatever happens during the draft is going to dictate the way in which WWE produces their storylines over the next few months, or at the very least, dictate what kind of product we'll see from both RAW and SmackDown.

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Before it all gets underway, we're going to take a look at some things we'd personally like to see go down. Some will come to fruition and others won't, but either way, we're choosing to remain hopeful.

10 Survivor Series Hints

Over the course of the last few years, Survivor Series has turned into a show that predominantly features RAW vs SmackDown match-ups. Presuming they’re going to do the same thing again, they should, at the very least, offer us some kind of tease –after all, the show is right around the corner.

It doesn’t have to be too ‘intense’, but a quick nod to the fact that the event is actually about to happen will suffice. One way or another, we’d quite like to hear the words Survivor Series being uttered on one of the draft shows.

9 Professional Presentation

While a lot of people may choose to criticize the National Football League for one reason or another, one aspect of the organization that we don’t feel like can be faulted is the structure of their yearly draft.

From the hype surrounding the build-up to the way in which they announce the picks themselves, it all feels really professional. That’s what WWE needs to do if they want to make the whole process feel incredibly special because if they don’t, it could descend into something that resembles a Broadway show. While that sounds fun, it really wouldn’t be.

8 NXT ‘Call-Ups’

At this moment in time, everyone is calling NXT the official third brand of WWE. While we can somewhat understand the logic behind that, given the move to USA Network, we just don’t think it’s true.

The phrase ‘call-up’ has been frowned upon in the past but we don’t think it should be frowned upon anymore. RAW and SmackDown are established, draw bigger crowds and have a much bigger platform. As such, we wouldn’t be mad to see a few more NXT stars make the transition from team yellow to team red or blue.

7 No Commentary Announcements

We’ve seen some big changes to WWE’s respective commentary teams lately, but the important thing has been that formal announcements have been few and far between. In regards to the draft, the same thing needs to happen.

The story is about the superstars themselves, whereas the commentary team is simply there to lend a helping hand in telling the story. It’s not about making it all about the people who are discussing the action, because the athletes themselves need to be recognized as the focal point. If not, what are we doing?

6 No More Championships

There are so, so many championships in WWE right now, to the point where it’s hard to keep track. Because of this, we need to look towards other forms of storytelling.

We know that there’s a good chance we aren’t going to see any more titles being added into the mix, but even if there’s a glimmer of a possibility, it needs to be eradicated. The draft is about, as we’ve already noted, shining a spotlight on the stars of today and tomorrow. That should be the primary objective here.

5 Fan Involvement

Listening to the WWE Universe should be the first thing that the company does on a week to week basis – in a dream world, that is. We understand it isn’t realistic to expect that to happen nine times out of ten and that’s fine, but increasing the fan involvement every so often definitely helps to improve the relationship between the two parties.

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In this instance, a nice way to do so would be for the fans to vote on whether or not they consider a particular draft pick to be a positive or a negative for the brand involved.

4 Quick Draft

We aren’t suggesting that they float through it as if it didn’t even happen in the first place, but organizing a relatively quick draft allows for a concise and manageable process, instead of one that is drawn out.

It’s going to be two shows long and that much is obvious, but the wrestling in-between isn’t going to really matter. It doesn’t have to be so dull that we all fall asleep and there does need to be some kind of entertainment factor to it, but it’s all about picking and choosing those moments.

3 A Fairly Split Roster

A lot of fans are speculating that SmackDown could soon become the number one brand, mainly due to the amount of investment that has been put into team blue by FOX. However, even if that’s the case, we still want to see relatively even (split) rosters that allow both to shine.

Fans can decide amongst themselves which product they enjoy above the other, but in order to do that, they need to be given a reason to care not only for one but for both. That’s the key to a successful draft.

2 Limited McMahon Involvement

Vince, Shane, Stephanie. Three names that mean oh so much in the landscape of World Wrestling Entertainment and have done for an awfully long time now.

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While we can appreciate the history behind the family name and everything that comes with it, there is also some trepidation. The McMahons have been booked so strongly and have featured so often on WWE television that we're just kind of done with them for now. They can take a bit of time off, but they shouldn't be pictured at the figureheads. They can pop up somewhere down the line, but not right now.

1 Surprise Returns

We don’t know who and we don’t know where or how, but a surprise return in the form of an unannounced draft pick would certainly shake things up (pun not intended). Being unique and taking a punt is always an enjoyable tactic, especially when nobody is expecting it.

If WWE wants to catch people off guard in a big way, then they’ll bring someone back that nobody is anticipating to see. Or, alternatively, they could tease the idea before unveiling the person in question somewhere down the line. There are options.

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