WWE 2K16's Cover Star Has Been Announced!!

via wwe.com

After The Rock and John Cena got the cover of the WWE 2K series for the last two years, the WWE has once again put a legend on the cover to try and drive interest in their upcoming wrestling game (not that we're complaining). Austin being put on the cover coincides with the WWE promising that this year's edition would be the biggest yet, with 120 playable characters and a rumored career mode that would center around Austin and feature commentary from Good Ol' J.R.

Here's what Austin had to say about his being on the cover, according to WWE.com: "Those two were awesome guys to put on the cover of the 2K wrestling games, being in there with The Rock and John is great. But they just got trumped by ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin — and I say that with all due respect." Well put, Austin.

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