WWE 2K18 Adds KFC's Colonel Sanders To Roster

During the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view on Sunday night, WWE announced that Colonel Sanders will be a playable character in WWE 2K18.

If you're planning on buying the deluxe edition of WWE 2K18 then you really don't have long to wait. This Friday the bumper version of this year's premier pro wrestling game will be available with the regular release following on four days later. WWE 2K18 is arguably one of the most anticipated wrestling games in years with a number of vast improvements having been made.

2K's recent attempts at WWE creations have come under criticism. With WWE 2K18 they look set to buck that trend though. Not only have the graphics and gameplay apparently been greatly improved, but there are also a number of other things to look forward to. One major selling point of the new video game is the roster it boasts. In fact, it's the biggest one in pro wrestling game history. Well, at Hell In A Cell yet another addition was made to the already mammoth amount of playable characters.


Don't get too excited about this new addition to the roster though. An hour into Hell In A Cell on Sunday night, a KFC commercial aired featuring Kurt Angle giving a press conference. Turns out the mock conference was to announce that the father of fried chicken Colonel Sanders will be available for eager players to utilize on WWE 2K18. That was then swiftly followed by Angle joining the growing list of Superstars who have had to dress up as the Colonel.

Odd and out of place characters are not a new phenomenon when it comes to pro wrestling games, although this is the first in a while. Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst was an added bonus on SmackDown: Just Bring It, plus The Terminator has also featured as an in-ring competitor in a WWE video game if players wanted to use Arnie in their matches.



WWE having a relationship with KFC is all well and good, but this really does feel like a step too far. While fans will have to wait for the likes of The Hardy Boyz and Ruby Riot to be added as DLC until possibly early 2018, and pay extra for the privilege, presumably Colonel Sanders will be available from day one. Then again, if the Colonel was a downloadable extra there would likely not be many fans opting to add him to their rosters.

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