6 DLC Packs We NEED For WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18 is set to release soon, and the video game is boasting the largest roster in history, with close to 200 playable characters. Boasting superstars from today as well as a plethora of legends, it’s a game not to be missed. Unfortunately, despite this stacked roster of wrestlers, there are many that have been left off for various reasons, and that’s where DLC comes in. That's why we listed six packs of DLC characters to suggest to WWE and 2K.


U.K Pack

Features: Mark Andrews, Pete Dunne, Joseph Conners, Trent Seven, Wolfgang, Tyler Bate

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The WWE U.K Tournament ran over two nights in Blackpool back in January, and it was a smashing success. Even with no real a follow up, the guys WWE signed from that tournament have massive followings, and need to be added into the game. With the addition of these six suggested names, fans could replay classics like Pete Dunne vs. Mark Andrews or the Match of the Year candidate Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne, and can even match Andrews up with the 205 Live guys, you could put Dunne in with legends like Shawn Michaels or Ric Flair.  There's also the potential to team up Bate and Seven to reform ‘Moustache Mountain’. WWE and 2K might hold off on this until WWE 2K19 when they have a U.K show set in stone, but this is a pack that most wrestling fans would absolutely love to have this year.

205 Live Pack

Features: Tony Nese, Mustafa Ali, Drew Gulak, Ariya Davari, Lince Dorado


It’s safe to say that the WWE Cruiserweight Classic was one of the best things the company have run in quite some time, and despite the lack of success that 205 Live has experienced since, there is still the appeal to playing as athletic guys like Neville and Jack Gallagher. But not everyone from the cruiserweights made it into the game. This group is probably the least likely to be added into the game, as there is simply no star power here, but for hardcore WWE fans, this would be a great addition, as it would allow the fans to play with many more cross-division match ups that WWE denies us by isolating the cruiserweights.



ECW Legends Pack

Features: Sabu, The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, Taz, Rhyno, Raven


ECW is one of the most popular wrestling promotions in history, and even to this day, 17 years after they closed their doors, fans still love the nostalgia and attitude that Extreme Championship Wrestling provided. As such, this would be an incredibly popular pack for 2K to put together. With RVD as one of the only big stars from ECW already featured in the game, this star-studded lineup would go down well with older fans, and it would give us many fresh matchups of ECW vs. today’s stars, or even the WWE and WCW legends that they never got to match up with during their prime.



WCW/WWE Legends Pack

Features: William Regal, Ted DiBiase, Antonio Inoki, Jushin “Thunder” Liger, Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino


The WWE and 2K teams have done a great job of putting together a roster full of legends, and there aren’t many they missed out on, but these are six guys we’d love to see added to the active roster for the game. There are troubles with this—Hulk Hogan still hasn’t officially been brought back by WWE, and Liger is under contract with New Japan—but the addition of these characters would be great for the game, and if anything it could bring back Hulk Hogan in a good way. As we mentioned, the Legends roster is quite possibly the best in the history of WWE video games, but a cheap pack featuring some of these greats will add even more for the fans to enjoy in what may be the best game WWE ever had their name on.

Tag Team Pack

Features: New Age Outlaws, The Dudley Boyz, MNM, APA, The British Bulldogs, D-Generation-X, The World’s Greatest Tag Team


The tag team division has rarely been a strength for the WWE, but they still manage to put together some fantastic teams throughout their history, and with one of the deepest tag team divisions in the series in WWE 2K18, these legendary teams would be great additions to feud with those current teams. Pitting The British Bulldogs against The Revival, or American Alpha against The World’s Greatest Tag team would be incredibly fun, and even if the WWE still struggle to book a great tag team division, this pack would help the fans at home do it.

Current Roster Pack

Features: Aleister Black, The Hardy Boyz, James Ellsworth, Mike & Maria Kanellis, Andrade “Cien” Almas, Ruby Riot, Shelton Benjamin, Drew McIntyre

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The current roster is one of the most talented in the history of WWE, and for one reason or another, there are several stars being left off the roster (most of them because of their late arrival into the company). While we could have several more featured in this, it’s unlikely that 2K will put the work in to offer a much bigger pack than this. The notables from this group are The Hardy Boyz who returned at WrestleMania and Drew McIntyre who is the current NXT Champion, but each person on this list would be a great addition to the game. It’s likely they are working on bringing the bigger names from this group, but for fans of NXT superstars and “The Big Hog” James Ellsworth, you guys might just have to miss out on.

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