WWE 2K18 Will Feature Intergender Matches, 8-Man Fights, Better Commentary

The changes in the works for WWE 2K18 look to be some of the biggest yet, with certain aspects of the game being completely overhauled in comparison to 2K17.

A few years ago 2K took the reigns from THQ when it came to creating WWE’s annual games. Despite the franchise bringing fans of WWE games a lot of hope, there have still been problems with the 2K editions that seem to not get resolved regardless of complaints by the players. As 2K have quite rightly pointed out, when you have to create an updated edition every year the pressure really is on to address everything about the games that isn’t perfect. It seems like fans are in for a treat with the upcoming version being released later this year though.

While no footage of the game has been released yet, and 2K are attempting to keep quiet about what’s to come, they have spoken out about a few things that we can expect from WWE 2K18. Creators of the game explained some of the updates that are coming and said that they’ve been working on a few of the new features for up to five years, and now they’re finally ready to go.

In an exclusive interview with Gamespot 2K spoke about a few of the things that will be ready to go for WWE 2K18. A few things discussed were the ability to have eight-man matches as opposed to maxing out at six, the addition of intergender match-ups, a reworked graphics engine and perhaps most exciting of all, better commentary. The team at 2K admitted that was one of the main pitfalls on 2K17, and this year Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton worked together in the same room in order to create more free flowing announcing.

Like any sports games, many of which 2K are the driving force behind, producing and releasing a game every single year means the finished product is normally far from polished. What’s good to hear though is that the company do have long term plans in place, and even though we can’t expect it every year some years we will see our favourite sports games over hauled to drastically improve the game. WWE 2K games often come under a lot of criticism, but early indications point towards this year being slightly different.


It’s not as if we aren’t promised this kind of thing every year though. These are early days with the game’s release still over three months away. Around this time every year 2K leak out some things that have been improved to give us something to look forward to, but it’s not always as great as it seems. With the drastic changes like the draft that WWE has undergone in the past twelve months however, it’s almost nailed on that 2K will have to make drastic changes also in order to keep the game play as close to the real product as possible.

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