WWE 2K Issues Statement, Claims To Be 'Working Hard' On Fixing 2K20's Problems

WWE 2K20 has not been given a warm welcome by wrestling fans, and its developers have issued a statement regarding the game's problems.

If you haven't already heard or experienced it for yourself, WWE 2K20 was released this week and wrestling gamers are not happy. While complaints about previous WWE 2K games tend to revolve around it feeling as if very little changes from year to year, 2K20 appears to have gotten worse. A lot worse, and the list of issues is a long one.

The graphics seem to have gone back in time, glitches are so plentiful that it's genuinely laughable, and don't even try to play the game online. We understand that nowadays games are released with issues and then fixed later, but this is taking that to the absolute extreme. There have even been reports of Sony issuing refunds to players who purchased the game via the PS Store.

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Chances are many of you reading this will have seen some of the aforementioned glitches on Twitter, probably accompanied by #FixWWE2K20. There has been so much light shed on the game's problems that it has reached a point where 2K could ignore the complaining no more and this past Friday, it issued a statement.

"We're working hard to investigate these concerns and address them as necessary," part of the statement reads. It also states that 2K expects to have a patch ready to go within the next two weeks with others to follow. Most developers release a day one patch for their games but we're assuming 2K20's problems are so extensive that a patch that early would have been almost pointless.

One of the biggest complaints players have is that 2K20 would have known how poor a game it was releasing before unleashing it on the public. Not only should it have noticed the issues itself, but YouTubers and reviewers who played the game early highlighted all of these problems. Fans pointed some of them out after seeing gameplay. The good news is that fixes are coming. The bad news is that we have a wait on our hands.

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