WWE Adds Classic Volume To Network Library

WWE has added even more content to the WWE Network in the form of some classic home videos that were originally released 30 years ago.

When you really put it into perspective fans are getting an incredible deal when it comes to the WWE Network. All of the promotion's pay-per-views are broadcast live, there is a whole host of original programming, plus not to mention a library of matches and events from not only WWE's past but also archives from other companies.

What makes the already staggering amount of content that is readily available on the network even more amazing is that WWE still has plenty more to add. Just when you think you've re-watched and relived everything that there is to see and that the network has to offer, they'll go and add 50 more classic episodes of Raw or some classic matches from Mid-Atlantic.


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Well, they have only gone and done that again. One of the best features on the WWE Network is the collections. Matches from a certain period or featuring a certain Superstar all in one place for you to enjoy. Well, that latest collection is one of some classic home videos that were originally released by WWE between the years of 1985 and 1993 and were distributed at the time by Coliseum Home Video.

During that time WWE didn't have anywhere near as much programming on television as they do today and a lot of what they taped was for the sole intention of releasing on these home videos. In fact, most of what is included in these "new" collections will likely have never been seen on TV before now. Some of the titles included are Mega Matches and Crunch Classic, and stars such as Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker all make multiple appearances.


Like so many things Vince McMahon has done since taking WWE over from his father, the launch of the network was a big risk. Although it hasn't garnered the worldwide numbers that McMahon had perhaps envisioned it's still hard to argue that since its inception a few years ago it hasn't been an unmitigated success. This latest addition just compounds that it is the greatest pro wrestling library in existence and likely always will be.


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