WWE Bizarrely Advertised The Rock vs DX For Next Week's SmackDown

WWE sent out info this week implying that the main event of next week's SmackDown will feature The Rock, DX, Kane, and Shane McMahon.

From time to time, WWE will do something that makes fans wonder if anyone backstage is even paying attention. Io Shirai's Twitter handle being thrown up on screen during Asuka's entrance, for example. Or the security footage showing Roman Reigns' attacker still not being clear enough to determine whether it's Erick Rowan or his lookalike was the real culprit.

The latest mistake is one we can't quite get our heads around, although it is also one that will have been seen by far fewer people. Only if you read the TV guide description for next week's SmackDown will you have seen it. If you did happen to do that, you might well have rushed to your calendar to check what year it is.

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That's because the main event for Tuesday's show was being advertised as The Rock, Shane McMahon, and Kane teaming up to take on D-Generation X, reports Wrestle Talk. The description also questioned whether Stone Cold will show up, and also that Edge will take on Hardcore Holly. As great a show as that sounds, we get the feeling that someone has made a mistake here.

We're not sure whether this extra information makes the situation weirder or not, but this match actually did happen on SmackDown. Almost 20 years ago back in November 1999. What's more, as you can see from the clip above, Arnold Schwarzeneggar was a guest on commentary. This whole thing was a reminder of exactly how good SmackDown was during its early days. Here's hoping it's as good again once it moves to FOX in a few weeks.

As for what you can really expect to see on next week's SmackDown, the only name from the ones above in attendance will be Shane McMahon. It'll also include fallout from Sunday's Clash Of Champions, and we may even get the odd cameo from an NXT star or two. The black and gold brand will be debuting on USA 24 hours later. That six-man tag will need to be saved for the FOX debut. We should be so lucky.

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