WWE & AEW Talent Clash Over CM Punk's "No One Is Safe" Tweet

Comments between CM Punk and Tony Khan on Twitter appear to have sparked a social media war between certain talent from WWE and AEW.

The wrestling world has been shaken up quite a few times so far in 2019. The latest occasion happened last week during the final moments of WWE Backstage. CM Punk was welcomed onto the set and it was revealed the former WWE Champion will appear on the show periodically. Yep, hell has frozen over folks, Punk is once again affiliated with WWE.

The most exciting part of all this is the chance to hear what Punk thinks of the wrestling landscape today. The Second City Saint has been away from the business for more than five years and acknowledged as much on Twitter this week. Punk tweeted that no one is safe from his judgemental eye, even tagging AEW's Tony Khan.

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Khan made a snarky reply about WWE's troubles in Saudi Arabia and that appears to have started an all-out war between talents from both sides. Randy Orton was the next wrestler to chip in, posting an article detailing a time when Khan's father, Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, was investigated for corruption. Khan has since hit back, citing Orton's controversial use of a certain word recently during a live stream on Twitch.

That prompted AEW's Brandi Rhodes to weigh in. The fledgling promotion's Chief Brand Officer replied with a GIF of a boxer being knocked out. In came another WWE Superstar in the form of Charlotte Flair. The Queen replied to Rhodes with an eye-roll emoji and wrote "Please..." For two companies that aren't supposed to be acknowledging each other, all of the above have certainly been reacting with one another quite a bit.

The root of this entire Twitter altercation? Punk. Seems as if the Straight Edge Superstar is just as controversial as he ever was, even if he isn't intending to be. No doubt Punk wanted to get people talking by tagging Khan in the initial tweet, but chances are he wasn't expecting this sort of reaction. The landscape of the wrestling business has changed since he went away, and that'll be something Punk is quickly wising up to right about now.

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