8 Alexa Bliss Rumors We Hope Aren’t True (And 7 We Do)

At the age of 26, Alexa Bliss already has a Hall Of Fame worthy resume. She was the first woman to win both the Raw and SmackDown Live Women’s Championships and in fact, she won both of the titles twice. She’s still got so much left to give, it’s hard to believe she just joined the main roster back in 2016. With such a brief run at the top, it’s surreal to think how many rumors have circulated pertaining to her life in and out of the ring. Like they say, no press is bad press, right?

In this article, we take a look at the rumored innuendo and divide them up into two sections. We’ll featured the rumors we hope aren’t true; we include stories of her sketchy backstage reputation and the struggle she underwent amongst her peers during the earlier days. We also discuss a recent injury rumor that's floating around following her Backlash match against Nia Jax. On the flip side, we’ll take a look at some of the positive rumors like her close relationship to certain talent you wouldn’t expect, along with other rumors die-hard Alexa fans would hope is true.

Enjoy folks and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Without further ado, here are eight Alexa Bliss rumors we hope aren't true and seven we do.

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15 Hope Is Untrue - Almost Quit The WWE

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Alexa Bliss took an odd road to the WWE. Unlike most of her peers that have a background in the field, Alexa was totally fresh to the business. Instead of sending a tape of her past work, Bliss applied online via the WWE website. She didn’t make much of it and just hoped for the best. In a shocking turn of events, Bliss would get a call back from the company and got herself an interview. Pretty good for someone with no experience huh?

The interview alone was enough to get her at the Performance Center. Normally, inexperienced talent get a 30-day trial deal but Bliss was given the benefit of the doubt and was instantly signed. There was a rumor that Bliss actually contemplated quitting the company at several points. Although die-hard Bliss fans don’t want this rumor to be true, there is in fact some validity to it.

During the Lilian Garcia podcast, Bliss opened up about her struggles early on. Not only was she an outcast with her peers but she also struggled in the ring, not having a clue on how to perform. As early as day two, Alexa thought about quitting the company but thanks to her mother, she pursued the career nonetheless despite the early speed bumps.

14 Hope Is True – Special Bond With Charlotte Flair

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We know all about some of Alexa’s friendships, of course, it is well documented that her best friend is current Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax. However, a rumor circulated that she has a very special bond with another wrestler most wouldn’t expect and that’s Charlotte Flair. It is said that the two grew close to one another during their time in NXT. Alexa opened up about the matter and pretty much confirmed are hopes that this rumor is in fact true.

Bliss discussed the struggle early on not only in the ring but outside of it as well. The other performers looked down on Alexa due to her inexperience inside of the squared circle. She was looked at as nothing more than a model, this infuriated Alexa as she has quite the background in multiple sports along with cheerleading.

She claims that Charlotte Flair was monumental in helping her get back on track when nobody else was willing to extend a hand. Knowing the struggle and how you’re viewed with a lack of experience, Flair knew all about what Alexa was going through. She took her under her wing and it all changed for the future Women’s Champion. Alexa also credits Shaul Guerrero, the daughter of Eddie and wife of Aiden English for helping her out as well.

13 Hope Is Untrue – Didn’t Know The Difference Between Matt & Jeff Hardy

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One of the best rivalries in all of the WWE is Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks. The two have exchanged lots of shots in the past but Sasha took things to another level during Raw Talk questioning Alexa’s integrity. Here’s the bomb she dropped;

“You know, she came in, so cute, so humbled—she came in so fake. With her fake little stories, her fake little “I loved wrestling growing up, I loved Matt Hardy”—you know what, you can’t even tell the difference between Jeff and Matt, you idiot. Yeah, we call you on all your lies sweetheart, you’re just here to be another girl, another heel—you just want to be here for a Hollywood act. You’re on Total Divas now, you’re getting what you want, and you can talk your way into everything. But you know what, you can’t run away from me. You can talk this, but you can’t walk the walk because you’ll never be me...”

It’s a statement that had the WWE Universe a buzz. Could it be, does Alexa seriously not know the difference between the two? Well, we hope this was just Banks trying to get under her skin cause that’s pretty brutal, especially for die-hard fans to digest. Bliss commented on the matter making the claim that Sasha’s statement was absolutely false.

12 Hope Is True – The Total Opposite In Real-Life

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On-screen, Alexa is one of the top heels in the women’s division and you can even argue she’s among the best in the entire company. However, much like some of the greatest heels in the business, she’s actually nothing like her persona and in fact, the exact opposite. We’ve seen lots of examples of this in the past, take Stephanie McMahon. She’s the most hated heel but the biggest sweetheart outside of the ring.

Like Stephanie, Alexa is also a big time sweetheart and surprisingly shy when it comes to interactions with her fans. She also likes the simple things during her time off like lying at home and watching some Netflix. Now that’s our kind of gal!

So you might ask, how in the heck does she tap into such a gimmick if she is such a sweetheart. Well, Bliss opened up about the matter claiming she takes bits and pieces of things that annoy her from others and adds it to the gimmick. She also referenced copying what the popular girls from her high school used to do and act like. Whatever she’s tapping into it seems to be working as she continues on as one of the top villainous women’s wrestlers in the world.

11 Hope Is Untrue – Recently Injured At Backlash

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WWE.com issued a statement most recently following the lackluster Backlash PPV. According to the report, Alexa had suffered a left shoulder injury and was expected to be out until further evaluation. The news was a major talking point on social media and die-hard fans of Alexa even took shots at Nia calling her unsafe to work with. It was big time news, however, it might be totally untrue and just a case of the WWE working the fans.

The company is now performing overseas and Alexa was already featured in a match, meaning the injury sustained at Backlash was either totally false or possibly, not as bad as initially feared by the company. In any event, it’s more than likely that this was done as a part of the story to keep Bliss out of the ring.

She even took some time off after WrestleMania 34 which once again sparked a heated debate online that Alexa sustained an injury at the show during her championship bout against Nia. However, this was later revealed to be totally untrue. Instead, Bliss was kept out of in-ring action due to a certain enhancement surgery. Nonetheless, she remained on television serving a role in backstage vignettes and working as Mickie’s manager in a couple of matches.

10 Hope Is True - Turmoil In Her Relationship With Buddy Murphy

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Sadly, we put this in the "hope is true" section due to the fact that most fans want to see these two split. For whatever reason, lots of fans have made the claim that the two just don’t belong together. Even Nia Jax claimed such a sentiment during a Total Divas segment featuring the two. According to Jax, she’s not entirely sure if Alexa wants to be in the relationship. There might be some truth to that as the couple has remained engaged for quite some time with no wedding planned for the future. Does Alexa have cold feet or is she doubting her partner of choice?

Although most hope this is true, Alexa recently issued an emotional statement that might have you thinking otherwise. Here’s what she had to say discussing her fiancée’s 205 Live call up;

“He has worked so hard. He has been in NXT now for around five years. We were signed around the same time. I was signed a couple of months before him.

To see the struggles he has gone through with the process, to know I wouldn’t be the Alexa Bliss I am without him and [Wesley] Blake, it’s nice to see him get the recognition he deserves and the opportunity, because he is very talented. He is one of the most talented guys I know. This place is almost like a lottery. They always describe it to us like this upside-down funnel. A lot of people come in, but very few make it to the top. It’s nice to see him make that transition to 205 Live.”

9 Hope Is Untrue - Sasha Purposely Broke Her Nose

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We discussed earlier in the article that Alexa wasn’t necessarily welcomed by the other talent early on and one of her main adversaries became Sasha Banks. Both have discussed the fact that real heat exists between the two – even their peers have confirmed the real-life beef.

This rumored story might have taken things too far and die-hard Alexa fans hope it is untrue. Rumors made the claim that heat between the two started down in NXT when Sasha got way too stiff with Alexa during a bout between the two. It resulted in the up-and-comer Bliss breaking her nose. In a shocking twist, Alexa confirmed the story and here’s what she had to say;

“Maybe if I wouldn’t have missed months of time because you kept “accidentally” breaking my nose down in Florida, I would have made all those TakeOver cards....”

Now some can say this is just Alexa and Sasha adding fuel to the fire, however, you can see the actual stiffness between the two. It persisted on the main roster when a fan caught footage of Sasha getting a little too real once again during a Survivor Series buildup. We love the genuine hate but hope that these two keep things civil in the ring. It’s all about keeping your opponent safe at the end of the day.

8 Hope Is True – Unlikely Source Helped Her With Promo Work

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Before she made her debut as the valet of Blake and Murphy, Alexa worked hard behind the scenes trying to perfect her craft. Again, things started off poorly for Alexa as she even contemplated quitting. However, she reverted back to her successful cheerleading days and knew that with proper coaching she can master the craft as she’s done in the past. She made the wise decision to open up with Sara Amato about her struggles in the ring and it changed everything for the future WWE Superstar.

However, when it came to her promo work, Alexa credits an unlikely source. There was a rumor going around that the two were actually an item, however, that was all a work as they got paired up during promo class. Her partner was main roster talent Scott Dawson. The two had tremendous chemistry together and it gave Alexa a great amount of confidence to thrive in her role on the microphone and during backstage vignettes.

Once she was repackaged into the heel manager of Blake and Murphy, not only did she elevate herself but she added more credibility to the tag team as well. We can all agree her promo has worked out just fine on the main roster, aside from that terrible Bayley "this is your life" segment.

7 Hope Is Untrue - Spoiled As A Child

Another shot Sasha likes to take at Alexa is pointing out the fact that she had no struggle on the road to getting to the WWE. Clearly, that’s totally false. Bliss struggled a lot during her younger days but we’ll have more on that a little later in the article.

There might be some legitimacy to a certain claim. It is said that Alexa was a spoiled child and came from rich parents. We have reason to believe that might be true. During a special WWE documentary Alexa’s parents spoke about Bliss outside of her childhood home and let’s just say the house was pretty darn nice looking. Also given the fact that Alexa’s the only child, it’s quite obvious the family does have money living in such a massive house.

Bliss might have added to the speculation opening up about her father’s successful past. According to Alexa, her dad was a hard worker who was featured in Forbes Magazine for his role in starting an internet company alongside a couple of his buddies. What that site is isn’t clear, however, getting featured with the likes of Forbes, we can safely say Alexa’s dad made a couple of bucks. Whether or not she was spoiled remains a mystery and one die-hard Bliss fans hope is untrue.

6 Hope Is True –Vince McMahon Is High On Her Abilities

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We’ve seen it time and time again with Vince McMahon, he truly doesn’t give a damn what a wrestler has done outside of the company or with NXT. If he likes you, you’re in line for a push, if he doesn’t, it’ll be a tough road. We’ve seen numerous examples of that, just take Jinder Mahal and his recent push or the current SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Carmella. If Vince likes you, that’s nothing but a positive.

According to backstage rumblings, both Vince and Triple H are quite high on Alexa’s talent. Heck, some even reference Alexa as being the female version of Triple H. Bliss discussed her first time meeting McMahon and the story was a cute tale;

“The first time I met Vince, I had my hair extensions and was painting them pink with hair dye. I’m sitting there in makeup, painting my hair extensions and Vince walks by and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh.

"Hi.’ And he was like, ‘Hello’ and looks at my hair and asks me what I’m doing and I said, ‘I’m painting my hair extensions’ and he was really funny about it and said, ‘You think I need pink in my hair? I was like, ‘Yeah, that would be awesome.'”

5 Hope Is Untrue - Bullied By Other NXT Talents

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We discussed this rumor a little bit during the earlier entries, however we can all agree this is a rumor we hope isn’t true whether you like Alexa or not. You should always be treated like an equal even if you didn’t come from the same background as everyone else.

Bliss opened up about the matter and did point out that the speculation is in fact true to an extent. She was viewed differently because of her past and it led to isolation behind the scenes. It wasn’t an easy time for Bliss and she became the female nobody wanting to hang out with. She opened about her time with NXT and again, Bliss discussed that nothing was ever a guarantee;

"There's nobody there to hold your hand like there is in NXT and guide you, so you have to really make the most of everything and take it upon yourself to put in the extra work and make sure that you're striving to get better every single day," Bliss said. "Everything's about evolving and making the most of every opportunity. I try to make the most out of every one, because with anything if you don't make the most out of an opportunity a lot of times those opportunities don't come back. So, I've been very fortunate with WWE to have the opportunity to hold both titles and have been successful, so far. It's just up to me to keep evolving and keep going.”

4 Hope Is True - Good Friends With Bayley Behind The Scenes

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This is an odd friendship we hope is true, especially given the fact that Sasha and Alexa are quite the adversaries. It’s pretty hilarious that they share such a mutual friend. Again, all signs point to this being true. The two have lots of pictures together from their earlier NXT days and as if that wasn’t enough, Alexa even credited Bayley as a major help in getting her onto the main roster;

“Bayley helped me a lot in my career, especially in NXT. I had some of my best NXT matches with her, and she definitely helped me develop as a talent, because you’re just as good as the person you’re in there with. She definitely helped me so much with all of that, and I’m really excited to see what happens if we can have some kind of match or feud on Raw. I think it’d awesome.”

Of course, that feud did take place and although the intent was nothing but good from Alexa, it sunk the career of Bayley who never recovered following the loss. We haven’t heard much about the friendship since, however most die-hard Alexa fans would hope that the two are still as close to this day.

3 Hope Is Untrue - Another Eating Disorder Can Cause Her To Retire

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We spoke about Alexa’s struggles before making it to the WWE and the biggest one was a terrible eating disorder. In fact, things got so bad that Alexa was 24 hours away from losing her life due to a slow heart rate. She was eating nothing for months and it almost ended terribly. At that point, Bliss had lost 40 pounds in six weeks! She was less than 90 pounds at that point and had a heart rate of 28.

A reefed almost made things worse as her body wasn’t used to the dense calories. She finally made it out of the hospital after six weeks, though problems would persist in cheerleading when she was encouraged to lose more weight by her coach. Enough was enough for Alexa and she got the proper help. It was more of a mental game she would go on to learn.

Bliss admitted that one more eating disorder can not only cause to her step out of the ring but it could even be life threatening. The last thing fans want is Alexa gone from the company. With that being said, we hope she continues on in the proper path balancing a nutritious diet with the right amount of calories.

2 Hope Is True - Romance With Braun Strowman

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During the Mixed Match Challenge there wasn’t a team more over than Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss. The dynamic was truly hilarious and things became even greater when the story teased Strowman and Alexa being involved romantically. Of course, as the WWE Universe often does, they linked the two in a real-life relationship. It would make sense for Strowman who’s single and ready to mingle, heck the guy even has a Tinder account! As for Bliss, she’s engaged, so yea, the rumors are likely to be completely false, even with the real-life selfie photos of the two.

Alexa discussed the matter and it seems like this rumor is untrue and that Braun is basically friend zoned, here’s what she had to say:

“It was a lot of fun working with Braun Strowman. It was fun to show a different side of him. It was about time that the world saw a softer side of the monster. One fun thing is, he likes to sing. He has a good singing voice. I did not know this. He can really belt out a country tune.”

Maybe in the future WWE fans, but for now the love story seems to be nothing more than a work. Fans are still nonetheless crossing their fingers for the future.

1 Hope Is Untrue – Cruel NXT Backstage Speculation

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Back in 2015, a disturbing unanimous report was made on an Orlando based gossip website. According to the innuendo, Bliss was regarded as “Ring Rat” behind the scenes. Of course, such a claim is preposterous and even the likes of Road Dogg commented on the matter;

"Hell no! She is adored by EVERYONE. She's a star dude and everyone knows it. This is what's wrong w/the internet lol"

Bliss also took to social media and briefly addressed the ludicrous rumors, she was brief in her response on Twitter;

“One Thing my mother always taught me... "Your reputation is something you will NEVER out grow, so make sure it's one you're proud of"

In all likelihood, the rumors are totally false, especially when you assess the fact that Alexa was in a relationship for most of her stint with NXT and is still with the same partner, Buddy Murphy. Also, no other such claims have been made by anyone else which is truly bizarre. Had this rumor been true, you would think another wrestler would have confirmed the story or at least discussed it.

In truth, the rumor has done nothing to Alexa’s career. She’s a four-time Women’s Champion and enjoying the prime run of her career at the age of 26.

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