WWE Almost Added Another McMahon To Their Programming

We're all very familiar with the wife and children of Vince McMahon, but at one time we were almost introduced to the boss's brother in WWE.

The name McMahon is synonymous with the industry of professional wrestling. Vince's father was once the owner of WWE, then later he passed the company on to his son. Since then, we have become all too familiar with Mr. McMahon and the rest of his family. His wife Linda, his children Shane and Stephanie, even some of his grandchildren accompanied Shane-O Mac to the ring at WrestleMania 32.

All of the above—aside from the grandchildren up until this point—have been involved in a litany of storylines over the past 20 years or so. From affairs to betrayals to any number of gimmick matches, we've seen it all from the McMahons. What we haven't really been treated to though is a glimpse into Vince's family life outside of his wife and kids. Well, apparently that almost happened during one particular infamous storyline.


In 2007, WWE ran an angle that involved Mr. McMahon dying. His limousine blew up with him inside, and so began the investigation into who could have committed such a heinous act. Shortly after, however, the real-life passing of Chris Benoit occurred and the storyline was scrapped. Had it not been though, according to former WWE writer Court Bauer, the plan was to have Vince's real-life brother Roderick attend the kayfabe funeral of Mr. McMahon. Bauer revealed the details during an episode of The World According to Wrestling podcast, saying that Roderick and potentially his children were set to become embroiled in the angle on WWE television.


While what happened involving Chris Benoit and his family certainly warranted WWE pumping the brakes on the whole "Vince is dead" angle, it really is a shame that it resulted in us not getting to see Roderick McMahon. The McMahon family is such a unique and intriguing bunch, and to get a glimpse into Vince's life before WWE through his brother would have been fascinating.

You would have thought if WWE was intent on using Vince's brother in an angle, they would have found another way to get the other McMahon involved in the company somehow. Also, considering how professional wrestling clearly pumps through the veins of every McMahon we've ever been exposed to, it comes as a real shock that more of the extended McMahon family aren't involved in the day-to-day running of WWE.

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