WWE Alters An Anti-Roman Reigns Fan Sign On Their Website

The WWE is obviously aware that most fans don't really like Roman Reigns and lately it seems that they, and Reigns himself, have decided to go with it and embrace it - the announcers are even talking about all the boos now. But then we get this story about the WWE editing a photo on their website of an anti-Reigns fan sign.

At Payback during the the Reigns/Styles match there was a fan holding up a big yellow sign that said, "when it Reigns it bores." And let's just all agree that is a good one.

However, if you were to go to WWE.com, you would see that the sign reads only "when it Reigns." Yup, the WWE digitally edited out the "it bores" part (check out the above split image)

Not only does it come across as a little petty, but it also seems kind of useless in today's age of social media where fans can tweet out anti-Reigns comments all day. The WWE had to know that someone was going to notice what they did and that just makes it look worse than if they had left it the way it was. Don't you think?

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