WWE Analyst Says CM Punk Will Get Itch To Wrestle Again

WWE analyst and Hall of Famer Booker T discussed CM Punk’s return and predicted it won’t be long before Punk gets the itch to wrestle again.

At this stage, Punk has been hired to do nothing more than show up in the WWE Backstage studios periodically to give his input on the WWE product. He’s not been hired by WWE, he’s not scheduled to be an in-ring performer and there’s no scheduled return to a WWE-based television program. At least not yet.

New co-host Booker T said during Thursday's episode of the Hall of Fame podcast, he believes CM Punk will eventually make his in-ring return for WWE. He added, "It's inevitable and seems like he's gonna have to transition back over to the other side. Namely, Booker said the Royal Rumble might be a good place to get his feet wet.

Booker suggested that Punk being in the studio and watching wrestlers he might be as good as, better than or want to wrestle, "He's gonna have the itch. Of course he's gonna get the itch," Booker said.

Punk himself has denied wanting to get back in the ring and said he doesn’t see himself doing so. He also suggested it would take a if bag of money to get him to reconsider. But, unlike Booker T who has said he would turn down an invitation to wrestle again, Punk hasn’t completely ruled it out.

Things Moving In Right Direction

It’s likely too early to talk about Punk jumping back into a WWE ring but the connection to Fox seems to be a step in the right direction.

It wasn’t long ago Punk said he couldn’t even watch a wrestling show. Now that he’ll have to watch hours of wrestling content every week, Booker is probably correct in assuming the itch may be too strong not to scratch.

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