WWE Announcer Caught Sexting With A Woman - Not His Fiancee

via 411mania.com

WWE Announcer Tom Phillips sent some very sexually explicit messages to a woman on Instagram. The problem is though, that Phillips is engaged to be married and the woman he sent the messages to, isn't his fiancee. Ooooops!

The woman, who goes by missythetattooedgirl on social media, didn't know that Phillips was engaged but when her friends informed her of that fact, she decided to publicly post the messages that he had sent her along with this message of disappointment:

"This is why I don't trust people. Without my friends I never would've known that a high profile WWE commentator who was talking to me and wanted to get together, is engaged. I had zero idea and I couldn't be more sorry to the girl involved. You deserve better than this. Apparently nobody is faithful anymore."

And here are some of the graphic-language/NSFW messages she made public:

Since the messages were made public, both the woman and Phillips have set their social media accounts to private and neither Phillips nor the WWE have released a statement.

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