WWE Ring Announcer Hilariously Forgets Lince Dorado's Name [Video]

Some of the Superstars from 205 Live are a little forgettable, but at the very least you'd expect the ring announcers to remember their names.

The re-introduction of a cruiserweight division into WWE and the creation of 205 Live hasn't exactly been the most successful venture in the company's history. Despite the success and the popularity of 2016's Cruiserweight Classic what has come out of it has not been afforded the same success.

Despite having their own show for the most part the cruiserweights are being treated in the same way that the women were just a few years ago. All thrown together in one segment on Raw each week and given a few minutes at best. With that kind of advertisement on Monday nights, it's hardly surprising that the division isn't so hot right now and not many fans are tuning in for 205 Live the next day.

There was supposed to be a better advert for the division at the Royal Rumble this past weekend in the form of a title match between Enzo Amore and Cedric Alexander. That, of course, had to be scrapped due to Amore's release and instead, all the cruiserweights got was a six-man tag match on the kickoff show. Recently, 205 Live's luchadors have been teaming together and that made up one side of the cruiserweight affair on Sunday night.


While not many fans watch 205 Live, it also appears that a lot of WWE's staff aren't regular viewers of the show either. As the team of luchadors were on their way to the ring on Sunday night ring announcer Greg Hamilton appeared to not know one of the competitor's names. He introduces Gran Metalik and Kalisto and has to pause and ask the referee to remind him of the third man's name, Lince Dorado. Check out the video above if you've not yet seen the embarrassing slip up.


To be fair to Hamilton, in the heat of the moment with three men wearing very similar masks in front of you on live television, it must feel like a little bit of a high-pressure situation. Thank goodness the referee remembered Dorado's name or the moment could have proved to be exponentially more embarrassing than it was.


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