WWE Already Looking Ahead To Survivor Series 2018

We may still be getting over this year's Survivor Series, but WWE was already looking ahead to next year's event before Sunday had even arrived.

Vince McMahon is not a man who tends to dwell on the past. In fact a lot of the time he apparently doesn't even take the time to drink in the present. As soon as WrestleMania comes to a close each year, Mr. McMahon's creation and the biggest night in his company's calendar, Vince is already looking ahead. While many of his Superstars are marveling at what they've just done, Vince is already mapping out the following night's Raw and the year ahead.

WrestleMania isn't the only big night in WWE's calendar of course. Vince and co have done their level best to make it so that four times a year his company sets up shop in a city and puts on a whole weekend's worth of shows, and then some. They do it with the Royal Rumble, they do it with SummerSlam, and they of course are right in the middle of a four day stretch in Houston that revolves around Survivor Series.

Booking an arena as well as various other events in one town for four straight days is no simple task. It's something that naturally has to have its wheels set in motion long before the weekend arrives. In fact the announcements normally begin over a year in advance. That was the case on Thursday when WWE revealed details about where next year's Survivor Series would take place before they had even arrived in Houston for this year's show.

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As announced on WWE.com, Survivor Series 2018 will take place in Los Angeles, California. LA is no stranger to hosting big WWE pay per views. In fact for seven years in a row LA was the home of SummerSlam before it moved to New York where the event is enjoying a new residency. As well as Survivor Series, LA will also host an NXT Takeover event the night before along with Raw and SmackDown Live the days after. It will be the weekend of November 18th.


While SummerSlam tends to set up shop in the same city for a number of years, as detailed above, the other three of the big four are constantly on the move. Houston may have Survivor Series this year but next year Los Angeles will be its home. One thing is for certain, it will have a hard job on its hands when it comes to beating how stacked with the talent the event was this year.

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