WWE Announces Premiere Episode Date For First-Ever Official Podcast

For podcast fans eager to see what WWE will be offering under their official new podcast platform, the wait is almost over.

WWE announced today that their first-ever weekly podcast series, After the Bell, will be hosted by Corey Graves and launch on Wednesday, October 30. This will be the first of many upcoming podcasts on the new WWE Podcast Network. Initial word that WWE was getting into the industry came about a month ago when a partnership between WWE and Endeavor Audio was announced.

A press release from WWE Public Relations noted that this new show would offer fans "an edgy and unpredictable look at the latest in Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown and NXT." How unpredictable the shows will be because they are officially WWE produced podcasts is still to be determined. The one expected critique of these news shows is that WWE will closely monitor what is said by WWE employees.

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New episodes will drop every Wednesday and WWE has probably chosen a wise first host in Graves who isn't afraid to say what he thinks and has a ton of experience in the podcast game.

Graves took to talking about his new show on WWE.com and said, "After the Bell will deliver unprecedented access to the biggest WWE Superstars and storylines week in and week out. No other podcast can say that." He added, "As WWE's first podcast we have the responsibility to ask the burning questions and it's going to be a wild ride."

Will These Podcasts Be a Huge Hit For WWE?

The podcast game has never been bigger and it makes sense that WWE would dive into it head first. When they tend to get involved in this kind of project, they often seek to take out their competition so it will be interesting to see if they flood the market to the point where there's too many, or if hosts like Conrad Thompson or Wade Keller have trouble trying to keep listeners.

The one area these other podcasts may have an advantage is that they can actually speak their mind and offer an honest opinion of the product.

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