WWE Announces Their Next Hall of Fame Inductee

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

The WWE is starting to round out their Hall of Fame class of 2016. The newest name to join that list is the late Ray Traylor, who was known to WWE fans as Big Boss Man.

The Boss Man's gimmick was that of a Cobb County, Ga. corrections officer. Boss Man began as a heel managed by Slick, but would turn face after declaring to Ted DiBiase that his services couldn't be bought. His face run led him to feud with Nailz, a former convict.

After competing around the world for several years, including a stint in WCW before returning to WWE in 1998 as Vince McMahon's enforcer in his feud with Stone Cold. Boss Man would become a tag team champion and a four-time Hardcore Champion in his second WWE stint, including the infamous Kennel From Hell match against Al Snow.

Traylor passed away in 2004, but his career will be celebrated when he enters the Hall of Fame next month.

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