WWE Officially Announces Two Big Time Hell In A Cell Matches

Not only will Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins compete inside Hell in a Cell, but so will Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

Since Clash of Champions is now in the rearview mirror, WWE is now in the business of booking matches for its next PPV. Hell in a Cell which is scheduled to take place on October 6, 2019. Thanks to a leak a couple of weeks ago, we already knew that's where Bray Wyatt will get his shot at the Universal Title.

That match was made official on Raw this week. The tease to an in-person appearance from The Fiend began right at the start of the show. However, as we did on Sunday night, we had to wait to the very end to get a glimpse of him. The lights went out and Wyatt stormed the ring to take out a returning Kane. He then turned his attention to Seth Rollins who was still struggling in the corner.

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The thought of The Fiend inside Hell in a Cell is enough to have us wishing our time away between now and October 6. That wasn't the only match to be booked inside of the demonic structure on Raw either. After being foiled by Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks issued a challenge to the former. A rematch for the Raw Women's Championship, but this time, it will be inside Hell in a Cell.

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Lynch did not take long to accept The Boss's challenge. Any opportunity to step inside one of wrestling's most iconic matches. However, Banks will have the upper hand over The Man in this one. Only two women in WWE history have ever stepped inside Hell in a Cell, and one of them is Banks. The Boss and Flair headlined the PPV which bears the same name as the match back in 2017.

Since Hell in a Cell matches are an annual occurrence and aren't allowed to be as violent as they were in the past, there's an added pressure to competing in them. They need a little extra in order to be entertaining. The men's match will have The Fiend, that's an easy one. The women will have the benefit of the first female Cell match being pretty awesome. If Banks and Lynch can match or even top it, it'll be a bout worthy of going on last.

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