WWE Artist On When Lesnar Watched Him Paint To Prep For A Match

The progression of things like social media and podcasts have enabled wrestling fans to really get inside the minds of some of their favorite Superstars, to go behind the scenes of moments we'd never get to know about otherwise. There are still some places in wrestling that remain behind locked doors and one of those places is Brock Lesnar's mind.

In a world where we know pretty much everything about everyone in wrestling The Beast Incarnate remains something of an enigma. He rarely appears on podcasts or gives interviews and by all accounts even keeps the circle of people that he talks to in person down to an absolute minimum. That's why when we find out anything about Lesnar's life outside the ring most fans find it fascinating.


A new snippet of information about Lesnar recently emerged from the most unlikely of places, a portrait artist. Rob Schamberger has been commissioned to do a lot of artwork for WWE and recently sat down with FOX 4 Kansas City to discuss his time with the company. One of the more interesting anecdotes he told was one involving the current Universal Champion watching him paint while he prepared for a match.

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'I feel this presence behind me. I don't see or hear anything. It's just like a sixth sense. I feel it. I turn around, and it's Brock Lesnar watching me paint', Schamberger explained. It happened at Battleground 2015 when Lesnar took on Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship. Schamberger said that he didn't realize Lesnar was a fan of art and simply wanted to watch him paint before going out to destroy Rollins.

Take one look at Lesnar and you likely think violence and chaos. Clearly though The Beast Incarnate prefers a lot of the quieter and calmer things in life. Not only does he enjoy art but he is also a big fan of hunting, something that requires sitting alone in silence for hours at a time. He also lives out in the middle of nowhere with his family. Perhaps the only thing Lesnar likes more than tearing someone apart in a ring or an octagon is relaxing with nothing more than his thoughts to keep him company.

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