10 WWE Babyfaces Who SHOULDN’T Turn Heel In 2020

Babyfaces and heels have been around since the very beginning of pro wrestling's lineage, and they'll continue to be around long after we're all gone. While most people prefer to talk about the bad guys and admire their work, we tend to believe that the babyfaces are just as responsible for making the business a success.

As such, we want to take the time to praise those aforementioned babyfaces and let it be known that while turning heel can be an awfully appealing prospect, it isn't always the right decision - because some guys and girls know how to be the hero.

10 Kacy Catanzaro

The actual status of Kacy Catanzaro’s WWE contract isn’t officially known at this moment in time, and there’s nothing wrong with that – unless she actually is leaving the company, in which case the petitions and protests must begin imminently.

Catanzaro has a really fun style that is great to watch, and that smile alone makes her one of the most natural babyfaces WWE has had at their disposal in years. She’s not too flashy or too out there, because she doesn’t play any sort of gimmick that isn’t her. We like that.

9 Aleister Black

There’s an argument to be made that Aleister Black is actually a tweener above all else, but for the sake of this piece, we’re going to proudly stick him in the babyface category.

The Dutchman has a really fun persona that should lead him towards a massive showdown with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, but regardless of whether or not that actually happens, we don’t think turning him heel is going to be a smart tactic.

They might not even be considering it but if they are, then it’s a mistake.

8 Seth Rollins

The instinct is going to be to pull the trigger on a heel turn with Seth and we won’t pretend like we don’t understand the reasons behind that. However, we all need to think back to just a few short months ago when the world was cheering at the sight of him beating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35 – and then again at SummerSlam.

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He has the potential to make another great run with the belt if he’s given the opportunity to shine with smarter booking. He doesn’t need to be a bad guy for that.

7 Kofi Kingston

There have been subtle hints here and there ever since Kofi lost the WWE Championship that he might fly off the rails. The manner in which he lost to Brock Lesnar could make that pretty feasible, but within the context of The New Day, we just don’t buy that it’ll work.

Big E feels like the right guy to turn to the dark side, especially after everything that the group has been through. In a few years they could test the waters with this, but now isn’t the time. It’s just too risky.

6 Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan was a phenomenal heel WWE Champion at the end of 2018 and at the start of 2019, and we’d love to get another taster of that one day. However, within the context of his current story, it just makes sense for him to gradually blur the lines between babyface and tweener.

He’s a little bit crazy and we know he’s got that in him now, which should make for interesting viewing as fans continue to ponder what sort of Bryan they’re going to get from week to week.

5 Mustafa Ali

Ali has battled back against every conceivable stereotype that WWE could’ve thrown his way, and we absolutely adore that. He knows the kind of character he wants to play and while the instinct from the company would be to turn him just to see how it goes, that’s not a smart move. Not even close.

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Mustafa Ali was built up to feel like an absolute killer at the start of the year, and that’s the sort of energy we want to see him maintain. It’ll take a while to build him back up, but it’ll be worth it.

4 Kevin Owens

Everyone loves to boo the hell out of Kevin Owens because he’s just such an unbelievably good heel. However, we don’t think anyone quite expected him to be as effective of a babyface as he actually is.

We’ve got a while to go before we can sign off on it as our preferred way of seeing him compete from an alignment point of view, but the important thing is that we don’t want to see him turn into a Big Show type of figure. We don’t think that’s at all likely, but again, this is WWE we’re talking about here.

3 Rey Mysterio


For some reason, we just feel like WWE is itching to turn Rey heel once before he retires if only to work out the sort of reaction that he’s going to get. The master of the 619 has made it clear that he doesn’t have all too long left in this game, so let’s just stick to what we know, shall we?

His feud with Brock Lesnar has really helped to light a fire under his latest run with the company, and it actually makes him feel like more of a tweener – which is good enough for us.

2 Alexa Bliss

It’s controversial, but we don’t believe that Alexa Bliss should be the one to turn on Nikki Cross, even though it would be effective.

Bliss has always had a whole lot of potential as a babyface but we haven’t really been able to see it play out all too much as a direct result of her being an outstanding heel.

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If Cross turns on her as a result of her being absolutely mental, then the two could have a really fun story that potentially even runs all the way through to WrestleMania 36 and beyond.

1 Becky Lynch

We can’t imagine there’s any danger of this happening, but we all saw what they did with Stone Cold Steve Austin in the midst of his prime, so we’d say anything is possible.

Becky isn’t quite as red hot as she was when her rise to prominence first began, which is why we’re a little bit worried. Vince may want to switch things up and throw her into an entirely new style, and that just doesn’t feel smart.

“The Man” belongs at the top of the company as an anti-authority good guy.

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