WWE has reportedly banned Hideo Itami’s GTS finisher following Brian Kendrick’s injury on Raw this week.

It’s been almost four years since most main roster-only fans last saw CM Punk make his opponents “go to sleep” with the signature finisher of the same name. Thanks to the arrival of Hideo Itami—the man who originally created the Go to Sleep—the popular finisher made its way to NXT, and just a few weeks ago, on the main roster as he joined the Cruiserweight Division. But it would now seem that WWE is putting the GTS to sleep and retiring the move for the most part, as a result of an injury Brian Kendrick suffered when he took a GTS from Itami on Monday Night Raw.

According to a report from Wrestling News, the GTS that ended up taking Kendrick out of action with a broken orbital bone and a broken nose will likely mark one of the last times, if not the last time, the move is used on WWE television. With Kendrick expected to miss about two months with his injuries, it seems that WWE has deemed the GTS too dangerous for comfort, though there’s a chance the finisher may still be used “on special occasions,” such as major pay-per-views or title matches.


Earlier this week on 205 Live, Itami defeated Jack Gallagher in a long and hard match that may have seen him teasing a heel turn, due to the use of the heel mannerisms he exhibited in his NXT days. Interestingly, Itami replaced his usual Go to Sleep finisher with another one—the Rings of Saturn—which was innovated by Perry Saturn in the ‘90s, but most recently used by Neville during his run as WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Wrestling News believes this is a sign that Neville might not be coming back to the WWE, despite initially promising talks to bring him back after he walked out of the company.

If the GTS is really banned, then it will become the latest in a number of popular moves WWE has forbidden its talents from using, due to the moves’ higher-than-normal potential of causing serious injuries. One prominent example from recent years is Seth Rollins‘ Curb Stomp, but the most infamous case of a banned move within the WWE is arguably the piledriver, which was outlawed in 2000, with only a select few wrestlers, such as The Undertaker, allowed to use the move and its variants.

via stillrealtous.com


While we can get WWE’s rumored decision to get rid of the Go to Sleep, as it can indeed cause injuries not unlike those suffered by Brian Kendrick, it’s also a sad reminder of how rough Hideo Itami has had it since signing with the WWE in 2014 with great hype and high hopes. Miscellaneous injuries, questionable booking, and now the possibility of the GTS getting outlawed just weeks into his main roster call-up – it won’t be surprising if all that misfortune makes Itami reluctant to re-sign with the WWE once his contract comes up.

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