WWE Banning Beach Balls From Live Events

If you thought that Cesaro's moment at SummerSlam was the highlight of the event, you'll be disappointed to hear that his jumping into the crowd, grabbing a beach ball from the audience and destroying it was a one-time deal. There won't be a need for wrestlers like Cesaro to take matters into their own hands when the audience brings a beach ball into the arena as WWE is officially banning all inflatable swim related materials.

During the Raw Tag Team Title match up at "The Biggest Party Of The Summer", someone from the audience started bouncing an inflatable beach ball around the crowd. It's not a new phenomenon, but it is quite distracting to the bout, and it draws the attention of the audience away from the in-ring action and onto an object that the WWE Superstars find quite annoying and insulting.


Cesaro seized an opportunity when he saw the ball missed the crowd and laid inactive near one of the bleachers. He immediately jumped the guardrail, sprinted into the audience and grabbed the ball before another fan could retrieve it. On his way back to the ring, he tore the ball up and got a huge ovation from the Barclays crowd for his impromptu decision. While it had confused many of the wrestlers in the ring, it was probably received well by all the boys in the backstage area as bouncing beach balls are a pet peeve of almost every wrestler (well maybe except John Cena, as you can see from the video below.)

The following night on Raw and then again on SmackDown Live the issue was obvious. Fans intentionally brought more beach balls after what happened during the Cesaro match and tried to steal the thunder of each show. Security at the Barclays Center was told to remove all beach balls and confiscate them.

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Rumors are now, WWE will not be permitting any fan to bring in such objects and while it will be difficult to see who originally starts a beach ball, (considering the point is to move it around the arena) if caught, fans will be removed.

The fans have clearly become part of the show at WWE events. From the night after WrestleMania to the strange chants they come up with, WWE Superstars have to get used to working around stranger and stranger conditions. A beach ball is just one of the many things on the list that drives wrestlers crazy. The talent works hard for the crowd and when overshadowed by a $1 inflatable toy, they don't take too kindly to it.

Is this the right call by the WWE? Or, are they taking it too far and spoiling what appears to be harmless fun?

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