WWE Behind The Scenes: 5 Good Rumors, 5 Bad Rumors & 5 Ugly Rumors!

There are new rumors hitting WWE every week with things changing at the drop of a hat. A large percentage of the wrestling rumors actually turn out to be true. Insiders somehow get the scoop on the plans going down backstage by WWE management along with the atmosphere of the locker room. The current rumor mill features a variety of stories that are either impacting the landscape of WWE right now or can go on to reveal the future of the company. Much like anything involving WWE, they're all over the place ranging from negative rumors to positive rumors to everything in between.

We'll look at them all from the WWE perspective and how it will impact the company. Some of the speculation could lead to things that would benefit the product and the fan base watching it. Others are just bad rumors that will give us horrible results. A select few are downright ugly with ramifications of them potentially leading to destruction in various ways. All of the rumors will be viewed here along with how they’ll impact the future. These are five rumors that are good, five rumors that are bad and five rumors that are ugly currently in WWE.

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15 Good: Roman Reigns Vs. John Cena at WrestleMania

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A change in the rumor surrounding the main event of WrestleMania 34 could lead to a positive. The old rumor was that Roman Reigns would defeat Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship after a yearlong reign for Brock. The change sees the potential of the biggest possible WWE match taking place on the biggest stage next year.

This rumor would give us Reigns facing John Cena for the Universal Championship on the big show. Cena and Reigns have yet to face off since Reigns split from The Shield and became the new top star in the WWE. A showdown between the two WWE golden boys is good for two reasons. First, it gives us a shortened Brock title reign instead of waiting all year for an obvious win. The other reason is we’ll get the special attraction while Cena is at the top of his game rather than waiting too long.

14 Bad: Jinder Mahal Vs. John Cena at Summerslam

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One less interesting rumor about John Cena’s future comes in the shorter term with a Summerslam showdown against Jinder Mahal. The WWE Championship reign of Mahal has been going on for a few months now and is scheduled to end his feud with Randy Orton at Battleground in a Punjabi Prison match. That means Jinder will need a new challenger for the second biggest show of the year.

Cena has always been known for his patriotism and WWE reportedly wants him to face Mahal in Brooklyn. The match could be a huge moment for Mahal in becoming the credible top heel WWE wants out of him. However, it's a huge waste of Cena. One of the all-time greats is working a part time schedule on the verge of ending his prime. The roster is full of many tremendous Superstars, but we're likely getting a rare big match out of him against a weak World Champion.

13 Ugly: Bray Wyatt Affair With Jojo

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The wrestling world was shocked when the rumor started catching on about Bray Wyatt having an affair with ring announcer Jojo. It was reported that Wyatt’s wife was seeking a divorce after finding out he was cheating on her with a co-worker. This negative news hurt the reputation of Bray and made WWE look bad as well. Bad rumors are one thing when it comes to fans disliking a wrestling character or storyline, but it's worse when it's a real life situation.

WWE likes to portray their wrestlers as ambassadors and the locker room as being a great environment. The news of one of their top stars having an affair with a co-worker is one of the uglier possible rumors to hit the internet. Neither Wyatt nor Jojo has denied the controversial rumor adding flame to the fire of it being believed by fans.

12 Good: Eva Marie Gone

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The not so legendary WWE career of Eva Marie appears to be over. WWE hired the model due to her look and viewed her as a huge asset for the future of the Women’s Division. Eva actually earned a spot on the first few season of Total Divas at the start of her career before becoming a full-time member. The lack of wrestling talent however prevented her from ever having a strong role on WWE television.

WWE gave her the biggest push last summer on SmackDown and Marie rewarded them by getting suspended for failing a drug test. Eva has not returned to television since her suspension during the week of SummerSlam 2016 almost a full year ago. Rumors are circulating that WWE has given up on her and will let her contract expire without attempting to re-sign the horrible performer.

11 Bad: Management Gives Up On American Alpha

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American Alpha was the best tag team in NXT and was viewed as one of the major call-ups to the main roster following the draft last year. The combination of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable worked perfectly in creating a must-see tag team. SmackDown used them well early on in a feud with The Usos. American Alpha defeated the big name team of Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Jordan and Gable did not have a strong reign with the titles. Following a loss to The Usos, American Alpha turned into a forgotten act on SmackDown. They have not been in any storylines and the rumor is management no longer believes in them. The talent and potential of American Alpha is still very strong. We can only hope the rumor is incorrect and Jason and Gable get to prove their worth again soon.

10 Ugly: Dean Ambrose Viewed As "Lazy"

via betwrestling.com

It is nearly impossible to believe that Dean Ambrose was the WWE World Champion this time last year and the biggest star heading into the brand split as the only champ. Ambrose witnessed a huge fall from glace losing the World Title, main event spot and credibility as a top name all in the process. WWE bumped his match with Baron Corbin from the main card of WrestleMania 33 to the pre-show.

Ambrose continues to fall as he's now a mid-carder until further notice. The reason for this is WWE has reportedly started to view Ambrose as lazy and complacent. People in high powered positions believe Ambrose lost his hunger to rise when becoming World Champion and no longer wanted it the same. This is a very harsh rumor and could negatively impact his future if true.

9 Good: Adam Cole Joining WWE Soon

via pastemagazine.com

Adam Cole is one of the top free agents on the market today following the end of his ROH contract. The decision of Cole was to not re-sign with ROH in hopes of landing a contract with WWE. Cole achieved everything possible on the independent circuit and is ready for the bigger stage in WWE or NXT. It appears to be a matter of when rather than if.

The rumors indicate Cole will be joining NXT at some point over the next few months. Many have speculated TakeOver: Brooklyn will be the perfect show for him to debut in front of a big crowd that likely already loves him. Cole coming to WWE is a great signing for the company. At the age of 27, Cole became a ROH legend and is one of the best in the world. That only means great things for WWE if they do sign him right now.

8 Bad: The Undertaker Returning For Another Match

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We all love The Undertaker and respect everything he has given to the business. However, the presumed final match of his career at WrestleMania 33 against Roman Reigns was an embarrassing way to go out. Undertaker struggled to physically keep up with Reigns and made some major errors doing his usual moves. A recent rumor suggested WWE was considering bringing him back for a rematch with Reigns.

It's best for him to just appreciate the final moment of fans appreciating him as he laid his gloves in the ring to end his career. Another match would be way too risky to look terrible once again. Fans will overlook one embarrassing performance but a second would tarnish the end of his career. Undertaker returning for another match offers nothing to him and just adds too many potential negatives.

7 Ugly: Big Show Blasts Writers On Behalf Of Locker Room

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Big Show recently took some heavy shots at the WWE creative team during a podcast appearance on Talk is Jericho. The criticism was towards the writers not knowing enough about the wrestling business to develop good ideas. Show described Mondays as being torture sitting around all day waiting for writers to hand him pieces of paper with awful ideas on it.

There’s a theory going around that Show went out of his way to trash the writers on behalf of the other wrestlers in the locker room. Most of them dislike the process of the average writer deciding what to do with them despite having no experience. Show may have made this controversial comment to speak up for the other wrestlers since he has less at stake than them. WWE having one of their more respected veterans blast their entire system of creating television is a very ugly look.

6 Good: Dolph Ziggler Leaving For Japan

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Dolph Ziggler once had the potential to be a top star in WWE but he clearly has fallen into obscurity. The star power of Ziggler has dwindled to a low and fans view him as the weakest of the stars on SmackDown today. Many better wrestlers joined the company since his best days and he failed to take advantage of his opportunities at his peak.

A rumor started by a Shinsuke Nakamura interview could see Ziggler leave WWE when his contract expires. Nakamura’s broken English made it unclear of what he was trying to say but it sounded he claimed Ziggler was going to spend time in Japan soon. It could help save his career to take some time away from WWE to work in a new promotion. WWE would also benefit from losing the stale Ziggler wasting a roster spot. If he thrives in Japan, they could always just sign him back and push him with more momentum.

5 Bad: Baron Corbin Winning WWE Championship In 2017

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The Money in the Bank win for Baron Corbin makes it very likely he's going to win the WWE Championship sooner than later. Corbin was originally scheduled to lose to Randy Orton on the first Smackown PPV following WrestleMania 33, but WWE changed plans due to not wanting him to lose a major match against the champion.

This was due to the long term plan of Corbin winning MITB and cashing in when the time is right. WWE loves Corbin as a future top star to build around. Wrestling insider Dave Meltzer claimed WWE actually had Corbin above Braun Strowman in their pecking order of future top stars and he’s only behind Roman Reigns for sure. Corbin just hasn’t shown he's ready for the title or even the main event picture. He must improve, if not, WWE will be making a huge mistake with him as the next champ.

4 Ugly: Alberto Del Rio & Paige Nearing Breakup

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The controversial relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige has been frowned upon by WWE since day one. It has led to Del Rio requesting his release from the company and Paige being in the proverbial doghouse. Paige is hoping to return to WWE as she recovers from neck surgery, but it appears they won’t take her back due to the relationship with Del Rio potentially giving them bad press.

A rumor has hit the online world that Paige and Del Rio are currently at odds. Reports started circulating that the two broke up before it was shut down. Paige didn’t exactly deny it by just saying everyone needed to calm down. The potential of the breakup could lead to a very ugly aftermath between the volatile personalities, including WWE getting involved since Paige is still their employee.

3 Good: The Shield Reunion

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WWE went out of their way to put Dean Ambrose in the Superstar Shakeup and decided to keep both Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns on the same show. The rumors at the time suggested Reigns would be sent to SmackDown but plans changed with WWE wanting to keep him on Raw. Rumors are circulating that The Shield will be reunited in time for Survivor Series 2017.

If WWE ends up going with their original plan of Reigns not facing Brock Lesnar until WrestleMania 34, they will need to find something major to do with him until then. Rollins is currently in limbo as a popular face with nothing to do. Ambrose is an absolute mess losing to Elias Samson and taking part in comedic segments with LaVar Ball. All three men would benefit and the fans would love seeing the legendary trio reunite for a few big matches.

2 Bad: Kurt Angle's Final Match Against Triple H

via thesportster.com

Kurt Angle having one more match on the big stage of WWE to end his career right would be a wonderful thing. Fans want to see him wrestle against one of the top active stars today given the excellence of Angle and the amount of dream matches on the roster. However, the rumor regarding his future implies he is set to face Triple H at WrestleMania 34.

The storyline would be set up from Stephanie McMahon returning from her hiatus to once again be the Commissioner of Raw butting heads with General Manager Angle. Triple H would eventually do the physical work on her behalf putting the two former rivals against each other again. Angle and Triple H could give us a great match, but there are so many cooler options on the table that could benefit from the spot.

1 Ugly: Daniel Bryan Already Preparing For ROH & NJPW In 2018

via youtube.com

Daniel Bryan recently sent a tweet to Cody Rhodes that set Twitter on fire regarding his future. Shortly after Rhodes won the ROH World Championship, Bryan said he may come back to prevent Cody from passing his total days as holding the same title. The tweet could have just been a harmless joke, but Bryan has flat out said in interviews that he wants to continue wrestling again.

WWE’s contract is the only thing preventing Bryan from his ending his retirement. The contract is scheduled to expire in the middle of 2018. Bryan cares more about the art and having fun than a big payday. This makes him the one top name that would prefer to leave WWE for a smaller stage. Bryan clearly still loves both ROH and NJPW. A top name leaving them for other promotions would be a terrible look for WWE and the injury risks just make the situation even uglier.

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