The 10 Best WWE Championship Designs, Ranked

WWE is one of the longest-running wrestling promotions in the world. It's also the most successful. Part of that is the work the wrestlers put in, part of that is long-running captivating storytelling, and another part is some good old fashioned marketing. In reality, there is no better tool to draw an audience's attention that an important championship. That's something the WWE has in spades. In fact, throughout WWE's history, they've seen a multitude of championships come and go, and their mainstays have undergone major changes.

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Whether it's a classic design from the 1980s or a more modern-looking belt, we want to highlight the best of these straps.

10 The Million Dollar Championship

While the Million Dollar Championship has almost no real value to the title-holder, it's a fantastic looking belt. Created so the Million Dollar Man could call himself a champion, this belt is flashy, tacky, and all kinds of wonderful. With dollar symbols all around, whoever holds this belt has instant credibility, despite the belt never being won through a match.

Still, despite other superstars wearing the belt, it's mostly recognized as Ted Dibiasi's title, and that's OK. We just wish we could see this bad-boy every day.

9 The Big Silver WWE ECW Heavyweight Championship

WWE ECW was, well, not very good. But that doesn't mean everything about it was bad. Throughout its time, Rob Van Dam won both the WWE and ECW Championship, we got the rise of CM Punk, and we got this interesting title design. On its own, the silver ECW championship isn't all that special and considering its color, it instantly looks like a second-place championship, but from a design perspective, we like it.

To start, the silver-color was so different from anything else WWE did at the time, that it felt fresh. But it's also a tick title. It looks like it's heavy, and to us, that makes a good design.

8 The Fabulous Moolah's Classic Women's Championship

There's something strangely hilarious about The Fabulous Moola's Women's Championship. The classic belt design itself is fine, in fact, the red strap is a nice design choice, but the photo of the former women's champion in the middle of the main-plate is so unneeded that we can't help but laugh.

Even still, though, the design choice is a relic of a bygone era, and we've got to respect that.

7 The Brahma Bull WWE Championship

While The Rock may be known for his time in Hollywood, these days, wrestling fans will never forget his unforgettable run on top of the WWE. That era gave us memorable catchphrases, fantastic rivalries, and this WWE Championship Belt.

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This was in an era where champions, regardless of their promotion, were making their straps more unique. Hulk Hogan spray painted the NWO logo on the WCW championship, and Steve Austin had his broken skull logo plastered in the middle of the WWE's. The Rock wouldn't be outdone, however, having his Brahma Bull logo shoot out of the company's top prize, instead of just carving the design out of the gold itself.  Unfortunately, this never made it to TV, which is pretty sad.

6 Modern WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship needed a redesign after years of the chunky toy-like model John Cena debuted with a spinning scratch logo. So, when the time came, they got The Rock to reveal the new belt and it was almost the opposite of its predecessor.

The strap looks more like something a wrestler would want to compete for, and its far less loud, all while looking just as prestigious and expensive. There's a lot more subtlety to this design as the gold and diamonds almost accent the leather belt, which is a far cry from what we were used to from the decade prior. It was so successful, in fact, that WWE ensured this design worked its way down, and now, the top prize both Raw and SmackDown's men's and women's divisions are made to imitate this look.

5 NXT UK Championship

The NXT UK Championship is everything you'd want in your top title. The gold plates feature fantastic odes to British culture with the royal lions mounting either side, the crown above the WWE logo, and "Champion" written across the middle. This is a belt any wrestler would be proud to defend, and while it's one of the younger championships on this list, it's definitely one of the best designs WWE has ever put together.

It's a shame that it's hidden away on WWE's second developmental show, however, the small number of superstars who've held the title made sure that the championship feels like the biggest thing in the company. An attitude to compliment the design.

4 The Winged Eagle

There's something about the old Winged Eagle that just works. Perhaps it's the classic championship design most of us fans grew up watching, or maybe the title holders — which includes Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, and Yokozuna — made the strap feel special, but it's a design many fans hold dear to their hearts.

The design itself is rather simple — the leather strap is clad with gold plates with a larger, circular, one is featured in the middle. This particular part has an eagle underneath a little colored world. The eagle's wings span the entirety of this plate, making it a pretty nice design.

3 Current Intercontinental Championship

The current Intercontinental Championship design debuted in 2011 at the hands of Cody Rhodes, and it's probably the best redesign on this list. With a white strap, the Intercontinental Championship stands out compared to its other male belts, and that backdrop makes for a classier championship than we're used to.

In the center of the strap, there's the traditional gold plate, which has remained relatively unchanged throughout the years. The globe is featured directly in the middle with "Intercontinental" written across the top and "Heavyweight Wrestling Champion" across the bottom. In the world of sports entertainment, seeing the "W" word on a WWE belt is pretty nice to see.

2 The North American Championship

When WWE revealed the North American Championship in 2018, it looked like something out of the 1970s in the best way possible. With a thick, brown leather strap with gold and silver plates, this belt is one of the best designs WWE's ever seen — and it's on their developmental brand.

This design is timeless, and we hope WWE doesn't get too excited with NXT's move to live TV, because this belt could be what brings long-time, lapsed fans back. It harkens back to an era of Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler, and Harley Race, and it stands as one of the best quality designs WWE's ever made.

1 The Big Gold Belt

WWE's Big Gold Belt was a championship to fight over. Technically dubbed the "World Heavyweight Championship", WWE introduced this strap during the first brand split after they decided champions won't compete on both brands. With the WWE Title on SmackDown, Raw needed something, and the result was beautiful.

It's clearly a reincarnation of WCW's old World Championship design with so much gold you can barely see the belt underneath. The plates are clad with rubies, and the plates are all carved in some of the most beautiful designs imaginable. It's a shame this strap was laid to rest a few years before the second brand split, as this is the pinnacle of championship design.

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