10 Best Female Valets/Managers In WWE History

For many years, the role of women in professional wrestling was that of the valet. What this meant was the woman would accompany a male wrestler to the ring, often as a villain to run interference. Names like Precious, Baby Doll, and Missy Hyatte ruled the day in the territories.

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However, WWE never called them "valets." Mostly they were managers, such as Miss Elizabeth and Sensational Sherri, and later they just accompanied the men to the ring without an official title. However, they were almost always the same as the classical valets.  Here are the 10 best female valets/managers in WWE history.


The one that started it all and the most beloved valet/manager in WWE history is easily Miss Elizabeth. When Macho Man Randy Savage signed to come to WWE, the storyline was that all the managers wanted to represent him. Mr. Fuji, Classy Freddy Blassie, Bobby Heenan, and more were lining up for his services.

He chose an unknown woman named Elizabeth to manage him. The truth behind the scenes showed they were a couple, and Savage wanted her with him on the road. However, it was perfect because they set up a perfect story where he left her, and then when they reunited and got married on TV, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.


Before she came to WWE as a valet/manager, Sherri Martel had made her name as one of the best female wrestlers in the business. However, WWE's women's division was floundering, and she ended up working as a manager to great effect.

Sherri started out managing The Model Rick Martel and The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, and she was responsible for really helping HBK get over as a heel. However, she hit her stride when she managed Macho King Randy Savage, a truly despicable heel manager.


While WWE went a little overboard with the sexual innuendo with their women in the Attitude Era, Sunny was the original sex symbol and poster girl in WWE. Here first charges as a valet/manager in WWE was her boyfriend Chris Candido and Tom Pritchard as the Bodydonnas.

She then left them to manage the Godwinns and then betrayed them to manage the Smoking Gunns. Sunny won Manager of the Year in 1996 with Pro Wrestling Illustrated and then finished off that part of her career by managing Faarooq. She returned a few years later as the manager for the Legion of Doom.


Everyone knows Trish Stratus as one of the top women's wrestlers in WWE history. She is a WWE Hall of Fame superstar and won seven women's titles during her time on top of WWE. However, Trish did not start in WWE as a wrestler. A former fitness model, WWE signed her to work as a valet/manager.

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Trish Stratus debuted in 2000 as a heel manager and brought out her first charges in the tag team T&A, which consisted of Test and Prince Albert. She also managed porn star wrestler Val Venis. Stratus started taking more and more bumps (from the Dudleys and Rikishi) and then, after an angle with Mr. McMahon, became a full-time wrestler.


While Trish Stratus is considered one of the best women wrestlers in WWE history, she owes a lot of her success to her biggest rival in that era, Lita. However, just like Stratus, Lita got her start as a valet/manager, but unlike Trish, Lita went back to that role after she retired as a wrestler.

Lita debuted in WWE in 2000 as the valet/manager of Essa Rios. However, as time went on, it turned out the fans loved watching Lita but didn't care about Rios, so WWE moved her over to manager Team Xtreme, the Hardy Boyz. After her wrestling career, Lita reinvented herself as the valet/manager of Edge.


Marlena made her name as the valet/manager of one man — her husband, Goldust. In the WWE storyline, Goldust was androgynous, but he was also purely Hollywood and came to the ring with his leading lady, Marlena. She dressed in classic Hollywood dresses and smoked a big cigar.

While everyone connects her with Goldust, Terri Runnels also had a few other clients, including forcing the Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian to battle for her services. She ended up managing both tag teams and then signed on to manage Perry Saturn of the Radicalz.


Stacy Keibler was a good signing for WWE. She got her start in WCW, working as one of the Nitro Girls before taking on the role of Ms. Hancock and managing names like Lenny and Lodi before starting an angle as the valet/manager/girlfriend of David Flair.

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Keibler was part of the WCW Invasion angle when WWE bought the company, and she quickly became the manager of the Dudley Boyz. After leaving that role when they put her through a table, she moved on to work with Mr. McMahon and also managed Scott Steiner for a time. She officially retired in 2006.


Sable signed on with WWE in 1996 and made her first appearance as one of the man women that accompanied Hunter Hearst Helmsley to the ring. That was when Triple H fought Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania XII.

She impressed someone and ended up becoming the manager for her real-life husband, Marc Mero. However, this would only last until 2008 when Mero fired her and hired Jacqueline as his new manager.  Sable went on to become a wrestler and won the women's title. She returned in 2003 for a storyline with Mr. McMahon and then left for good. Sable is now married to Brock Lesnar.


Chyna was so much more than just a valet/manager. Triple H brought her in as a bodyguard, and she was his muscle when he needed it. This past year, DX received a WWE Hall of Fame induction, and Chyna was part of it, posthumously.

Through her amazing WWE career, Chyna worked with Triple H and Shawn Michaels and then stuck around to stand beside Degernation X after Michaels retired. She was also a one-time women's champion and amazingly won the men's Intercontinental Championship twice.


After Eddie Guerrero died, WWE decided to reach out to Vicki Guerrero. They offered her a storyline role where she would betray Rey Mysterio and team up with Edge. What was most interesting was that this might have started as a favor to Eddie's widow, but soon Vickie became one of the best on-screen villains in WWE.

She managed La Familia, consisting of Edge, Chavo Guerrero, and the Edge Heads (Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins). That was enough to land her on this list, but she also managed LayCool (Layla and Michelle McCool) and then finished her valet/manager career with Dolph Ziggler.

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