The 10 Best WWE Signings Of The Decade

As the decade draws to a close, it's time to reflect. During the last ten years, WWE really has built up its roster, to the point where it is now larger than it has ever been. Jam-packed with incredible talent, the company has done a terrific job at recruitment in this decade.

Whether it's amazing technical wrestlers who put on in-ring classics or huge stars that have changed the industry, WWE has signed them all.

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The company hasn't wasted any time in signing the very best, but not everyone has been able to make huge impacts. However, in this list, we are ranking the ten best WWE signings of this decade.

10 Seth Rollins

He might not be very popular amongst wrestling fans right now, but that doesn't mean he isn't one of WWE's best signing of this decade. Seth Rollins is already a Grand Slam Champion, and that is something only top stars achieve.

From being the first-ever NXT Champion to being a member of The Shield and everything he has done since Rollins will go down in history as one of WWE's best ever. From this decade, there are few that can even compete with Rollins.

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He might not be brilliant on social media, but in the ring Rollins is superb. His Money in the Bank cash-in is arguably the greatest of all time, and he is certainly one of WWE's best signings of the 2010s.

9 Brock Lesnar

Technically, Brock Lesnar first signed with WWE in the previous decade, but he was also a new signing within this decade as well. The Beast made his return to wrestling in 2012 after several years away, and he has certainly been one of the best signings.

Lesnar is a huge attraction for WWE and he brings in casual fans in a way that other current wrestlers cannot. Each time he appears it has a big fight feel and because of that he was a tremendous signing.

Having dominated the Universal and WWE Championship scenes since his return, WWE has clearly got their value from him. Headlining PPVs, and putting on some amazing matches, he has been a great signing for the company.

8 Ronda Rousey

Speaking of UFC stars who have become major hits in WWE, Ronda Rousey was also an incredible signing from this decade. In terms of sheer star power, you don't get much bigger than her in the fighting world, and WWE deserves a lot of credit for landing her signature.

While she only competed in WWE for one year, she certainly brought a lot of attention to the women's division. Rousey captured the Women's Championship and had an incredible run, wrestling more frequently than anybody anticipated.

Without Rousey's star power, it is debatable as to whether the women would have headlined WrestleMania and for that alone she was a perfect signing.

7 Kevin Owens

Without Kevin Owens, it is hard to gauge exactly what would have happened for NXT. He was the first major name from the independent scene to make a splash on the popular brand, which ended up opening the doors to others.

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Owens dominated NXT during his stint and he then went on to do the same on the main roster. Immediately feuding, and beating John Cena, it was clear that he had arrived and was going to be a big star.

While he might not always have been the main event name, KO has always been heavily featured by the company. There is very little that Owens hasn't done, and with plenty of time ahead, his legacy is only going to grow.

6 Becky Lynch

The Man has totally changed the game for women's wrestling and that makes her one of the top WWE's signings of the decade. While Becky Lynch may not have always been WWE's top female star, she has certainly earned her spot.

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Becky Lynch made women's wrestling the most talked about part of WWE ahead of WrestleMania 35 and she deserved to headline the show. Lynch has taken women's wrestling to a totally new level, which certainly makes her one of WWE's greatest signings.

5 Adam Cole

Adam Cole is one of the last major names that WWE was able to sign during this decade, and he has been superb since doing so. While it might seem high to place him here, the impact he has had cannot be undersold.

Cole has dominated NXT since joining, from being NXT Champion to leading the best faction in wrestling today. On top of that, WWE was able to prize him away from The Elite, which is something that often gets overlooked.

Cole is now the leading face of a brand in head to head competition with AEW. If WWE didn't believe in him, then Cole wouldn't be in that position, which is why he is one of WWE's best signings...bay bay.

4 Daniel Bryan

It has been quite the ride for Daniel Bryan in this decade, hasn't it? From signing with WWE in 2010 to having to retire and then getting cleared and being able to return. In the midst of all that, he also happened to become one of WWE's most popular wrestlers ever.

Bryan has been an amazing signing for WWE and he is likely someone that the company didn't have such high hopes for. However, he has become one of the all-time greats, creating some magical moments including his WrestleMania 30 victory.

The fact fans were in tears when he retired and when he returned shows just how important he is to the audience. He is a signing that just went on to connect with the audience, as a true WWE legend.

3 Charlotte Flair

It is incredible to think about how much Charlotte Flair has already achieved in wrestling. Signing a development deal in 2012, she had to be taught from the ground up, and now she is arguably the best female wrestler in the company.

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Charlotte has taken to wrestling perfectly and has gone on to be the leading lady in terms of pushing the women's revolution through. While Flair dominated in NXT, she really has come to her own on the main roster.

With 10 Women's Championship reigns, countless incredible matches and some of the best storylines, she has been an amazing signing. Whether she will go on to create a bigger legacy than her father remains to be seen, but either way, she is is a superb signing.

2 Roman Reigns

The Big Dog, Roman Reigns was signed right at the start of this decade, and although it took a few years to get on television he hasn't looked back since. Arguably now the face of the company, it is impossible to deny he's one of the best signings of this decade.

Roman Reigns has headlined four WrestleMania's within this decade alone and is certainly going to break that record in the future. Having held countless championships and feuded with the best of the business, there is nothing Reigns hasn't done in this decade.

While he might endure some negative criticism at times, Roman is a tremendous in-ring worker and only seems to be getting better. As a locker room leader, he carries the company on his back and he has still got a long career ahead of him.

1 AJ Styles

This was a signing that nobody ever thought would happen. AJ Styles was expected to be the one name that got away and never decided to work for WWE, as he was known as 'Mr. TNA.'

A company man through and through, the wrestling world was shocked to its core when it was revealed he signed with WWE. However, what was an even bigger surprise is how the company booked him right off the bat.

WWE treated AJ like the star that he is, to the point where fans often forget his past now and when he retires he will be remembered as a WWE Superstar. Putting on classic matches and having very lengthy title reigns, he has become one of the best WWE talents of this decade.

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