10 Best Table Spots In WWE History

"We want tables," is a popular chant amongst the WWE Universe with the fans always desperate to see a wrestler put through the wooden structure, which often leads to some incredible pops from the crowd.

Table spots are quite often used as the climactic moment in matches, with the talents involved building up to that moment, and over the years the WWE Superstars have become incredibly creative about how to use these moments.

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Within this article, we will take a look back at the 10 greatest table spots in the history of WWE, from creative spots to pure carnage at its finest, so, in the words of Bubba Ray Dudley, "get the tables!"

10 Madison Square Garden Boom Drop

This is a moment that has been discussed a lot recently due to rivalry between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton being reignited, and it is more than worth discussing as this table spot was a huge moment in Kofi's career.

At this point in time, Kingston was a massive rising star in the company and it seemed like he was destined to be a main event star until the rug was pulled from him due to Orton's behind the scenes antics.

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However, their match inside Madison Square Garden was met with an electric atmosphere and as Kingston put the Viper through the table surrounded by the WWE Universe, it was clear this was a moment in history being made.

9 Hardy's Crash Landing

Jeff Hardy has been known for doing some ridiculous things throughout his WWE career and he has never been shy of putting his body on the line in order to entertain the WWE Universe, however, this particular spot was a huge risk.

The SummerSlam match between Hardy and CM Punk is one of the greatest in the history of the event, with both men bringing everything they had while the tension and hatred for each other boiled over.

That real-life hatred and the sheer height of this ladder made this table spot unbelievable as the Charismatic Enigma launched himself from the air with a crash landing down below through the announce table.

8 RKO-Bomb

The RKO is a devastating move, and the Batista Bomb is a devastating move, both of which have been used to put people through tables on many different occasions, but putting them together for a table spot has only happened at WrestleMania 30.

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The triple threat main event is one of the greatest matches in the history of 'Mania, and this brutal spot where Daniel Bryan was hit by a Batista Bomb, into an RKO, through the announce table was one of the highlights.

This moment was a brutal spot that had seemingly written Bryan out of the match, which made his comeback and eventual victory afterwards even more impressive and important.

7 Shield Debut

The 'Shield Bomb' is something that has happened countless times and went on to become an incredibly iconic part of the history of the trio, with fans knowing something was getting serious when they destroyed a talent through the announce table.

The Shield would hit their patented triple powerbomb through the announce table to all of their major enemies, and all of that started from their debut night in WWE when they attacked Ryback, screwing him out of the WWE Championship.

This table spot became iconic, but it was only because the first one was so good that it happened over and over again, with their debut really shaking up the landscape of the company.

6 Attitude Adjusted

Edge has been involved in an unbelievable amount of table spots over the years, possibly more than any given his vast experience in TLC matches, with his Spear finishing move being perfect for table opportunities.

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His TLC match against John Cena at Unforgiven was a perfect example of how good Edge was in this stipulation as the two men battled it out for the WWE Championship, culminating in a huge spot to finish the match.

Cena showed incredible power by lifting Edge up at the top of the ladder, with two officials having to hold the ladder (off-camera), to stop it from falling, as he hit a huge Attitude Adjustment to Edge as he crashed through two tables.

5 Taking Out The Trash

While Vince McMahon asks a lot of his WWE Superstars, you can't say that he asks them to do anything he isn't willing to do, with the WWE Chairman having put himself through some serious spots and embarrassing moments over his career.

At WrestleMania 22, Vince proved he was happy enough to take a beating and get put through a ladder during his match against Shawn Michaels, with Mr. WrestleMania standing out on top.

HBK positioned his boss on a table with his head placed inside a trash can as Michaels climbed to the top of the ladder and delivered an epic elbow drop to send Vince crashing through the wooden structure.

4 History Makers

When it was announced that Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks would be facing each other in the first-ever women's Hell in a Cell match, expectations were instantly high for what they would be able to do.

Both women wasted little time in trying to live up to those, taking the fight to the outside straight away as they scaled the outside of the cage which resulted in Sasha Banks going through the announce desk.

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This table spot was important simply because of the fact it was a first-time-ever event which cannot, and will not ever be forgotten, with this being one of the matches major moments.

3 Stack Of Four

The Undertaker has put his fair share of people through tables over his legendary career, but it isn't often that you see the Deadman himself being the victim of a table spot, but in his TLC match with Edge, that is where he found himself.

The two men put on an incredible match with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line, as well as The Undertaker's career, but after several interferences, Edge was able to get the upper hand.

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Not only did he put Undertaker through a table, but he actually sent the Deadman through four tables, pushing him off a ladder as the Phenom crashed and burned in a brutal spot to end the match, resulting in 'Taker being banished.

2 Flaming Table

Who can forget this iconic table spot from WrestleMania 22, with Edge and Mick Foley taking things to the next level by adding a flaming table to the mix in what was the perfect finish to this excellent match.

The two men had battled a brutal hardcore match up to this point with both Foley and the Rated-R Superstar pulling out all the stops, with the Spear trough the table being the perfect way to end the match.

As Foley stood on the ring apron with the fires blazing behind him, Edge flew through the ropes delivering a fantastic Spear to put the legend through the burning table which left the entire wrestling world stunned.

1 Fly, Foley, Fly

Not only is the most insane table spot of all time, but it is arguably the most memorable spot in general from WWE's history, with The Undertaker launching Mankind from the top of Hell in a Cell.

While seeing Mankind go flying off the top of the cell was an incredible visual, it was actually the crash landing that brought the wrestling world to a standstill as Foley smashed through the announce table in one of the most awkward landings of all time.

Hitting the guard rail at the same time, fans weren't sure whether Foley was actually alive or not at this point, which shows just how dangerous this table spot actually was.

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