WWE: 5 Best Win/Loss Records At Survivor Series (& The 5 Worst)

Survivor Series is once again right around the corner and for the first time in WWE history, NXT will be involved in the show as they look to prove that they're the most dominant brand in history. While the show has recently turned into a bragging-rights style event between brands, in the past the focus has been on different superstars and their rivalries, all boiling down to classic five vs five matches.

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Even though the show is now focused on the bragging rights of the brands itself, within this list, we will take a look at who has the best and worst win/loss records at the PPV and see which Superstar has the true bragging rights.

10 Best: Dolph Ziggler (7-2)

Dolph Ziggler might not be a name you expect to have a brilliant win/loss record at Survivor Series, but he certainly does, having won seven times at the PPV, recording only two defeats.

Ziggler's most famous Survivor Series moment came at the 2014 event when he was the sole survivor for his team, defeating The Authority thanks to the help of Sting, who made his WWE debut at this moment. One of his two defeats actually came back when he was in the Spirit Squad when the group was beaten by a team of WWE legends including Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair.

9 Worst: Booker T (1-5)

When it comes to the worst records at Survivor Series we kick off the list with two-time WWE Hall Of Famer, Booker T, who has only managed one victory at the PPV in his career, with five defeats to go alongside that.

Booker has been part of several historic Survivor Series moments such as the first-ever Elimination Chamber and the invasion angle, but he was never able to pick up the victory in those moments. When it comes to the biggest of the defeats, that came in 2006 when he was in the main event of the show, losing his World Heavyweight Championship against Batista.

8 Best: Randy Savage (5-0)

With an undefeated record at Survivor Series, it is hard to look past the Macho Man, Randy Savage, who has one of the best win/loss records in the history of the event, unsurprisingly. The Macho Man's most well-known Survivor Series victory came during the 1990 event where he was in the main event, teaming with Hulk Hogan and Tito Santana in what was a 3 on 5 handicap match.

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Despite the numbers advantage that the opposing team had, Savage and Hogan were able to outlast them all, earning a monumental victory.

7 Worst: Triple H (4-8)

This entry might come as a surprise considering how much people like to talk about Triple H always burying other talents, but The Game actually has quite a poor record at Survivor Series, with double the number of losses in comparison to his victories. His most recent appearance did see him get his arm raises as a member of Team Raw in 2017's show, but that is only one of four victories he has had in his Survivor Series career, picking up eight defeats during his career at the PPV.

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One of his defeats happened to be in the first-ever Elimination Chamber match back in 2002, a historic moment which saw Shawn Michaels leave as the World Champion.

6 Best: The Rock (8-2)

From one major Attitude Era star to another, except for The Rock he has eight victories, opposed to Triple H's eight defeats, with only two losses to his name during his Survivor Series career.

His most famous moment at Survivor Series came in 1998 when he was crowned the Corporate Champion, after he defeated Mick Foley to claim the WWE Championship, turning heel in the process. The Rock's most recent Survivor Series match actually saw him team up with his rival, John Cena as they defeated The Miz and R-Truth during the build to their classic WrestleMania match.

5 Worst: Matt Hardy (2-6)

Another wrestler with a poor record at Survivor Series is Matt Hardy, who has suffered six defeats at the PPV over the course of his career, with just two wins to his name, which is another surprise.

Considering how long he has been in WWE and the fact he is a top star from the Attitude Era, most people would presume he had more wins to his name. That isn't the case though and his most recent defeat came at 2017 to Elias. Another of his losses came in a brilliant Survivor Series match in 2008 when he was a member of Team Batista, who came up short against Team Orton.

4 Best: John Cena (8-2)

It shouldn't come as a surprise to see John Cena ranking highly on a list like this, after all, he is 'Big Match John,' and with Survivor Series being one of WWE's biggest PPVs, you just knew that Cena was going to have a great record.

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One of his most high profile victories came at the 2005 event when he was able to defeat Kurt Angle to retain the WWE Championship in what was a fantastic encounter, and as previously mentioned he once teamed with The Rock at this PPV as well. Cena doesn't have a perfect record though, with two losses to his name with one of them coming during his most recent appearance at Survivor Series in 2017 as a member of Team SmackDown.

3 Worst: Luke Harper (0-4)

Without a single victory to his name at Survivor Series and four defeats, Luke Harper has one of the worst win/loss records in the history of the company and considering his current status, that's unlikely to be changing in a hurry.

Harper has a lot of history with Kane at this event, having lost to him in singles action in 2016, and as part of the Wyatt Family vs Brothers Of Destruction match one year earlier in 2015. The 2013 event saw Harper have a great tag team match with Rowan against CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, and was part of Team Authority in 2014, being on the losing end both times.

2 Best: The Undertaker (13-5)

Not only does the Deadman boast the greatest WrestleMania win/loss record, but he also has the best record when it comes to Survivor Series as well, proving, once again, why he is one of the greatest of all time. Survivor Series is actually the event where The Undertaker made his debut, back in 1990, being part of Team Ted DiBiase, which is where he recorded the first of his 13 wins, as they defeated The Dream Team.

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Since then the Deadman has dominated the event, with his most recent appearance taking place in 2015 which celebrated his 25th anniversary as he and Kane teamed up to defeat the Wyatt Family.

1 Worst: Tensai/A Train (0-6)

When it comes to the worst win/loss record in the history of Survivor Series, it is WWE Performance Center head coach, Matt Bloom who takes the top prize, having never won at the event, yet been defeated six times. Whether it was as A-Train, Lord Tensai, or Prince Albert, he never had much luck at the show, despite the fact he was a dominant heavyweight throughout his WWE career.

His most high profile defeat came in 2012 when he actually captained a team against Brodus Clay's team, a man he would later go on to team up with. Let'st just hope NXT fairs better than their coach at this year's event.

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