5 Best Announcing Teams In WWE History (& The 5 Worst)

This week, WWE has made the decision to switch up the commentary teams for both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, giving some new sounds to both shows in what is being classed as a 'premiere' week for the company.

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How the new teams will fare remains to be seen, and their judgment will no doubt come from the WWE Universe immediately on social media, however, throughout the history of the company there have been a whole lot of different teams at the announce booth.

Some have been incredible and helped the fans remain engaged consistently, yet others have been quite frankly horrendous, often leading to fans muting the show and within this article, we will look back at the five best and five worst announcing teams in WWE history.

10 Worst: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, & Booker T

Firstly, three-man announce teams are always worse than a two-man booth as there are just too many voices going on to be controlled correctly, but when you start adding Booker T just screaming about random things it becomes a whole lot worse.

Booker can be a lot of fun on commentary as he has a lot of personality, but this run at the booth was one to forget as he used to go on random tangents that had nothing to do with what was taking place in the ring.

Corey Graves' style of arguing during commentary (which has become a big problem) didn't help either, as the commentary became something you wanted to tune out rather than pay extra attention to.

9 Best: Michael Cole & Taz

Despite how frustrating Michael Cole can be at times, he is an excellent commentator, and that was proven even from his early moments at the announce booth where he had slightly less backstage power.

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His work on SmackDown really was incredible and when he was put alongside ECW legend, Taz, who is easily one of the most iconic voices in the history of the blue brand, with his energy being palpable.

The two men had fantastic chemistry together, and given that this was arguably SmackDown's hottest period with the classic 'SmackDown Six' being part of the roster, they were able to call some incredibly iconic moments.

8 Worst: Jim Cornette & Shane McMahon

This is a commentary team that a lot of fans may have forgotten about, which isn't a bad thing as Jim Cornette and Shane McMahon really weren't great together as announcers, proving to be more annoying than anything else.

Shane's lack of experience was clear to see on commentary as it isn't something just anybody can jump into and be great at, often being incredibly loud when there really was no need for it.

On top of that, this two-man booth forced Cornette to work as a play-by-play commentator, which isn't his strong suit, meaning WWE wasn't getting the best out of him either, making a team to be forgotten.

7 Best: Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson, & Mauro Ranallo

It might seem strange putting a team that was only on NXT on this list over some other legendary teams, but the fact they were able to make a three man booth, which traditionally isn't as good as a duo, work so well deserves credit.

It was a huge shame when Watson walked away from WWE, as the trio really did click perfectly. With Nigel McGuinness working the heel side of things, though not going overboard, and Watson and Ranallo being babyfaces, their chemistry was undeniable.

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All three men put over everything that happened to a perfect level, making every episode of NXT feel special, which is one of the reasons why the black and yellow brand is so popular.

6 Worst: JBL, Mauro Ranallo, & David Otunga

Anytime you can blatantly see bullying taking place on your television screen it instantly becomes incredibly awkward and upsetting to watch, and that was the big issue with this trio on SmackDown Live.

Having Mauro Ranallo should have been an amazing situation for WWE, as he is one of the greatest commentators in the world, but for some reason, he and JBL simply did not see eye to eye.

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JBL has since been called out for his bullying, but it was clear to see as he poked fun at Mauro on the regular, while David Otunga brought absolutely nothing to the table with his bland opinions, not helping matters.

5 Best: Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan

Gorilla and The Brain were an unbelievable pairing on the commentary table with the two men providing some of the most hilarious moments in the history of announcing, often making everyone who listened laugh out loud.

The duo was so quotable and managed to keep fans engaged in the product, no matter what was going on in the ring, which was a testament to their abilities as commentators and the chemistry they had.

While they would argue at times, it was always done in an entertaining manner and it never took away from the product, which is something many other teams have failed to accomplish.

4 Worst: JR & Lita

It might seem insane to see Jim Ross, who many would argue is the greatest commentator in wrestling history, be placed on the worst list, but as he has grown older JR hasn't always managed to be on top of his game.

WWE decided to give JR a shot at commentary during the original Mae Young Classic, pairing him with Lita to have a female voice as part of the show, which made sense in theory but did not work out in practice.

JR and Lita didn't really have any chemistry at the announce booth and things just sounded painfully awkward with neither seeming truly comfortable, which was a shame as it didn't enhance the tournament in the way that it should have.

3 Best: JR & Jerry Lawler

These two WWE Hall Of Famers got to call the action for the heart of the Attitude Era, being the voices of that entire period for WWE, which is why they would make pretty much any fans top five lists.

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The two men just had endless energy together and their chemistry is arguably the greatest of all time which is why they became so popular, with JR screaming some of the most well-known calls in the history of announcing.

With Lawler treading the fine line of being incredibly inappropriate, yet equally, as charismatic, the two men managed to paint the stories fans still talk about so much to this day, as their roles in the Attitude Era cannot be understated.

2 Worst: Michael Cole, JBL, Jerry Lawler

This trio was painful to listen to, despite how experienced all three men were in their respective announcing roles, with each man really trying to hog the limelight rather than focus on the task at hand.

Having them argue and complain at each other throughout a match was commonplace and while commentators arguing isn't anything new, these three would do it so much it started to become distracting.

When you added in the fact WWE was trying to push Michael Cole as a top heel at the time as well, things really started to become messy with this team and it was a welcome change when they were split up.

1 Best: Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura

While JR and The King provided some unbelievable calls during their Raw careers, it is hard to look past the unbelievable announce team of Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura, which is simply the best that WWE has ever had.

Both men had incredibly distinct personalities and voices and managed to do an amazing job of both calling the action and telling stories to keep people entertained at home, often having people bursting out laughing.

The experienced duo knew when to be comedic and when to tone it down and get serious, calling main events so well that they genuinely felt like major fights. They set an incredibly high bar when it comes to commentary, and it is going to be a tough one to top.

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